Avyakt BapDada 7th March 1995

Today, BapDada was seeing, in the children from all four directions, two special authorities – the authority of religion and the authority of self sovereignty. Each one of you has received these two authorities, the speciality of Brahmin life.

The authority of religion means truth, and to be the embodiment of the inculcation of purity.

The authority of self sovereignty means to be one who has all rights, and to make your sense organs work under your control. Someone with self sovereignty will not be subservient in any situation, to matter, or to any of the forms of Maya, but will have all rights over them.

Baba has enables every Brahmin soul to attain both these authorities. Do you have both of them fully? Only those who attain both these authorities at the present time can claim all rights, to both the authority of religion, and the authority of ruling, in the future. The sign of the authority of religion is the crown of light. The sign of the authority of ruling a kingdom is the crown studded with jewels. You imbibe both these authorities at this time, and because of this, both the authorities are in your hands for half the kalpa. If you look at it from the copper age, the authority of religion became separated from the authority to rule. This is why the religious founding fathers had to come. This is why the founding fathers have been different from the kings. However they are not different in your kingdom – everyone has both authorities at the same time – this is why the kingdom continues constant and free from any obstacles.

So Baba was seeing to what extent each of you have developed all rights. Do you sometimes become subservient? The Father is giving – all you have to do is take. It is easier to take or to give? Take as much as you can. In Brahmin life, what you take is more elevated than what you give – and yet you become heavy when you have to give – you first receive and then you do not give anything. Do you have anything good to give? Is your body good? Is your mind good? Is your wealth good? It is all useless. You are making the body continue by pushing it along with medicine – is a car that needs a push good? So in Brahmin life you do nothing but take. Baba smiles that you are more clever than the Father – first you take and then you think about giving. It is good – Baba likes it when the children are clever. He does not like it when the children become dull – sometimes on the faces of the children there is weakness – there is a lack of happiness and the powers. So, constantly remember that you are a Brahmin soul, with the right to the authority of ruling, and a right to the authority of religion. Let there be the faith and intoxication of this awareness.

Do you constantly remain set on your seat of all rights, or do you very quickly become upset. You have now become knowledge-full and powerful – don’t get upset over trivial matters, so that your face changes, or your mood changes. Give the Father the gift of you never becoming upset. BapDada does not like that face. BapDada wants to see a constantly blooming spiritual rose, not a wilted flower. You have love for the Father do you not? Do you always do whatever the one you love likes? You also like that which the Father likes, do you not? When you swing in a swing, it comes down very low, and then it goes high up very fast, and so it upsets your body. However, because you consider it a game you don’t become upset, do you? Instead of becoming upset, you consider it to be entertainment. It is a game. So when any situation that upsets comes in front of you – and they will definitely come – consider them to be a game. Do not become afraid. Achcha. If it swings you, then let it swing you. Become knowledge-full. Become powerful. Do not let go of that seat, and then see what happens. When Maya sees that you are not going to get upset, then she herself becomes upset – she will not upset you. You may have an exchange about the situation with others, in the form of a conversation, but not whilst getting upset. On the one hand you would speak about it, but on the other hand, the Ganges would be flowing. Whether you let the flow in your mind or through your eyes, neither is good. So, are you ready to give your gift?

BapDada is giving you in words an easy method to deal with any situation, or any of the elements, which comes to make you fluctuate. Remember two words – use “not” or apply a “dot”. Do not speak of it – just apply a dot. You must be knowledge-full, in knowing that you should not do something – that it is not right. And you should be powerful, in applying a dot, and finishing it. Those who know how to apply a dot will not forget the Father. The Father is a dot, and you are a dot. So you will remember everything. Full stop! Do not apply a question mark, an exclamation mark, or a comma, but a full stop. The sign of a full stop is easy – the rest are difficult. The most difficult one is the question mark. However you know how to apply that very quickly. When the word “why” comes up, you should fly. Not “why” but “fly”.

Many good jewels have emerged. BapDada is happy to see such jewels. But even the slightest flaw does not seem right in such invaluable jewels. Why do you keep even a little flaw? There should not be even the slightest weakness. The reason for the flaw is body consciousness – the form of this is becoming more and more subtle. Body consciousness does not come in gross forms now, but in subtle and royal forms. You use your intellect very well – BapDada is happy when you think of these good things – but when someone else adds a little addition or correction, you then have the consciousness of “I”. You give your ideas with a lot of happiness, so accept the ideas of others with happiness also. Give just as much regard and respect to the ideas and advice of others as you do to your own ideas. Think of the ideas of others as your own, and do not think too much about your own ideas.

The sign of complete success in service is that no souls anywhere should complain that they did not receive the message. If they hear the message and do not create their fortune, then that is their responsibility, but there should be no complaint against you – the message should reach all four directions of the world. The majority of you have passed in both love for the Father, and in service.

Are you able to apply a dot in one second? To come into action one moment, and to be detached from performing action the next? Can you detach from the relationship of karma? When you receive a direction to apply a full stop, can you merge the expansion, and become the embodiment of the essence? Practice this whenever you get a chance – the final certificate will be based on being able to apply a full stop in one second. It should not be that you think you will be able to do it when you sit down for yoga. You should be able to apply a full stop when there is upheaval. Do you have such a powerful brake? Or will you apply the brake somewhere, and come to a stop somewhere else? Only those who practice this will pass with honour. You should not have to think “I am a soul” or “I have to apply a full stop” – it takes time to even think about this much. Practice by yourself. There is no need for anyone to make you do it. Everyone knows the method. You need to practice this over a long period of time – practice throughout the day, whenever you get a chance. The more you practice, the greater your attainment will be. Nothing will be spoilt in one second. Continue with your work after that.

Whilst performing actions, there is a difference between performing actions in relationship with or in bondage of karma. If you come into the bondage of karma, the karma will pull you and you not allow you to apply a full stop. But if your are loving and detached, and in relationship with the karma, then, because you do not have any bondage, you will be able to apply a full stop in one second. Bondage pulls you. Relationship also pulls you, but come into relationship while being detached.
This is the last, karmateet stage. Come into action whilst being completely detached, as one who has all rights, not under the influence of any bondage. So check that you do not come into the bondage of karma whilst performing actions. You need to be very loving and detached, masters of the physical senses, Raja Yogis, kings of the senses.

You are being sustained by blessings. You must use these blessings. The power of a blessing changes a situation from fire into water, from hot to cool – you simply have to know the method to use the blessing, and then use it at the right time. So don’t just be happy to hear the blessings. Your diaries have been filled with many blessings. You keep a book in your cupboard. Use it at the right time. The more you use them, the more your blessings will increase, and you will experience the unlimited form of the blessings. Achcha.

To the souls in all four directions who have a right to the authorities of religion and of self sovereignty – to the elevated souls who constantly have the double authority and double crown – to the powerful souls who embody all powers in a practical form, by using them – to the powerful, unshakeable, and immovable mahavir souls who constantly reveal their aim through their qualifications, and give this experience to others – BapDada’s love, remembrances and namaste.

All of you are close. All of you are with Baba. You always go around the cycle with the Father anyway. Do you wish to go home or do you wish to go straight to your kingdom? You wish to go home, do you not, so you are constantly with the Father? BapDada does not like being alone.

Constantly remain smiling. Achcha. Because you become instruments, you constantly remain happy – you never wilt.

The more you do everything according to the right method, the more success you attain. To be a Brahmin means to be accurate in every task, and to perform it with great cleanliness and purity. Achcha.

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