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God in Person According to the Brahma Kumaris

On the internet, the BKWSU choses to limit access to channelled, spiritualistic messages it believes is “God” speaking to them by a system of password protection, extensive PGP encryption and other systems.

New Avyakt Murlis are broadcast live via secure private channels to BKs worldwide and are heard live by up to 20,000 people in person at the gatherings in Rajasthan, India.

Emailing Murlis to others where they can be easily copied, especially to non-BK, the media or governmental organizations such as the United Nations is considered very bad form and new technologies are being brought in within the BKWSU to increase security.

“The Christians are very clever at science as well. Everyone else learnt those things from them. Science has grown so much through the Christians. Science is also intended for happiness. You understand that the old world has to be destroyed. Then we will go to the land of peace and the Land of Happiness.

“Destruction will take place through science. It should be understood that this war is an instrument to make souls return to the Land of Liberation. So many bombs etc. have been prepared through science, and so it has to be understood that Destruction is to take place. You rule a kingdom that is stable, unshakeable and steady. The Father is making you into the masters of the Kingdom of the world.”

“The Father sits here and explains, you have called out to Me to come and do family-planning, that is, to take back the impure families and establish pure families. All of you used to say, “Baba, come and destroy the impure world and create a pure new world”. This planning is only the Father’s! Your heart becomes happy as soon as you see it.”

“The Highest-on-High Father is now teaching you. There is no need for any books etc here. These books are not going to continue so that you could study in your next birth … the Father says, do not listen to or study anything of this world. Don’t even keep their company. You should only keep the company of other BKs.

” Human beings are so ignorant that they don’t even know the Father. They just say that you will find God by doing this and that. However, they don’t find anything. After they have beaten their heads and become orphaned and unhappy, I, the Lord and Master, come.

Sannyasis etc. cannot give you this knowledge. They cannot tell anyone to continue living at home and become pure. Only the one Father explains this. The path of devotion has been nothing but a waste of time. There have been so many mistakes! While making mistakes, they have become completely ignorant.”

Baba explains that this world in general is hell and that the cinema in particular is like hell. By going there your attitude becomes completely spoilt. By looking at beautiful pictures of women in the newspapers, the intellect is pulled towards them. Thoughts arise in the mind that a particular one is very beautiful; she should get a prize. Why do you look at such pictures? Your intellect understands that the whole world is to end. Simply continue to remember Me. Do not think about or look at such things. All of those dirty bodies belong to the old world. What is there to see in them? Only see the Father.

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