Many Fronts

Despite numbering its members in the 100s of 1,000s, the Brahma Kumaris so called University has little or no external or internal review procedures and is not recognized as a university by any nation. Indeed, it regards any external influences as impure, unenlightened and dangerous.

Operating from behind a shifting number of front organizations or campaigns, in which recruiting members often play various undisclosed roles, and calling heavily upon the credibility of its limited relationship with minor offices within the United Nations, the BKWSU has neither any obvious formal nor transparent structures of accountability.

At public events, Brahma Kumari leaders will regularly present themselves not as Brahma Kumaris but representing some other element of their movement, or under the disguise of their day to day professional roles. They will use gullible non-BKs, especial those they consider to be VIPs and who are quite unaware of their actual agenda, as covers or spokespeople for their campaigns. BK adherents call such individuals “microphone souls” and they are encourage by their spirit guides to seek them out.

This site respects and defends the need for places in society where individuals might “retreat”, whether temporarily during periods of need or permanently and to offer others that facility, “ashrams” in the true meaning of the word. It does not even dismiss any positive benefits some individuals might experience, especially during the “Honeymoon Period” of Raja Yoga and through following a more disciplined or religious life.

However, a number of concerns arise on the grounds of;

    the experience of those leaving,
    the treatment of the families and friends of those that chose to join such a cult, and
    the exploitation of individuals who become dependent on or are manipulated by the cult’s leadership, especially those encourage to hand over properties and large sums of money in the belief that they are ensuring a “high status” in their next heavenly life.

We express this concern through our desire to document the religion in accurate and objective detail, part of which includes the many fronts it and its followers use to attract new members and influence established organizations.

For an recently update list of such titles, see: Front Organizations and Alternative Names.

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