Avyakt Bapdada 30th November 2007

Bring the powers of truth and purity into your form and keep the balance of being a child and a master.

Today, the true Father, the true Teacher and the Satguru is seeing His children everywhere who are embodiments of truth and embodiments of power, because the power of truth is the most elevated. The basis of the power of truth is complete purity. Let there be no name or trace of impurity in your thoughts, words, deeds, relationships, connections or even in your dreams. What is the practical form of such purity that is visible? Divinity is clearly visible on the face and in the behavior of such pure souls. In their eyes, they have a spiritual sparkle, on their face there is always cheerfulness and in their behavior, in their every step, they are karma yogis like the Father. All of you are following the path of truth (satyavadi) through the true Father at this time. Many people in the world say that they are following the path of truth, and they also speak the truth, but only complete purity is the true power of truth, and all of you are becoming that at this time, in this Confluence Age. The elevated attainment of this Confluence Age is the power of truth and the power of purity, and the attainment of this is that all of you Brahmins will be deities in the Golden Age and be pure in terms of both the soul and the body. Throughout the whole world cycle, no other souls become pure in terms of both the soul and the body. They become pure in terms of the soul, but they don’t receive a pure body. So at this time, all of you are imbibing such complete purity. You say with spiritual intoxication – do you remember what you say with that spiritual intoxication? Remember that. All of you say from your heart, and from your experience, that purity is your birthright. A birthright is attained easily, because in order to attain purity and truth, all of you have first of all recognized your true form of a soul. You have recognized your true Father, Teacher and the Satguru. You have recognized Him and attained Him. Until someone recognizes his true form and the true Father, they cannot attain complete purity or the power of truth.

All of you are experienced in the powers of truth and purity, are you not? Are you experienced? Are you experienced? Those people try to experience it, but they are neither able know their own accurate form nor the form of the true Father accurately. However, through the experience of this time, all of you have imbibed purity so easily that the reward of the attainment of this time is that the purity of the deities is natural and it is there nature. Only you receive the experience of such a natural nature! Only you receive the experience of such a natural nature! What do you think? Those who believe that purity is your birthright, raise your hands! Is it your birthright or do you have to make effort for it, do you? It is easy, is it not? A birthright is attained easily. You don’t have to make effort for it. People of the world think it is impossible, whereas you have made the impossible possible and easy.

New children who have come here for the first time, raise your hands. Achcha, those who are new children, congratulations to the new ones who have come here for the first time because BapDada says: Although you have come late, you have not come here too late. And the new children have received the blessing from BapDada that those who have come last can make fast effort and come in the first division; not the first number, but you can come in the first division. So, do the new children have that much courage? Those who will come first, raise your hands. Be careful, your hands are being shown on the TV. Achcha. You have courage. Congratulations for your courage, because it is when you have courage that you definitely have the Father’s help; and the good wishes and pure feelings of the whole Brahmin family are also with all of you. Therefore, all the new ones who have come here for the first time, accept multimillion times congratulations, congratulations, congratulations for the second time from BapDada and the family. All of you are also happy seeing those who have come here for the first time, are you not? Souls who had become separated have once again become part of their family. BapDada is happy and all of you are also happy.

In the Subtle Region, BapDada along with Dadi saw a result. What result did they see? All of you know and accept that you are masters and children, do you not? You are masters and also children. Are all of you this? Raise your hands! Consider it carefully before you raise it, not just like that. Baba will take account of it, will He not? Achcha, put your hands down! BapDada saw that you easily have the faith and

intoxication of being a child, because all of you are called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris. It is because you are the children that you are called Brahma Kumars and Kumaris, and you have the awareness throughout the day of only “My Baba, my Baba!”, but you then also forget Him. However, you remember Him again and again. In service too, the words “Baba, Baba” emerge through your lips naturally. If the word “Baba” does not emerge through your lips, then the knowledge doesn’t have any impact at all. The impact of whatever service you do, lectures you give, courses you give on the different topics, the practical form and the practical proof of that true service is that those who listen to you have the experience that they too belong to Baba. The words “Baba, Baba” should emerge from their lips too. They should not say, “There is some power”, or “This is good.”, but they should experience “My Baba”. This is said to be the practical fruit of service. You have very good intoxication and faith of being a child. However, the intoxication and faith of being a master is numberwise. The intoxication visible in your practical behavior and on your face of being a master is less than that of being a child; sometimes it is visible and at other times, it is less visible. In fact, you are double masters: 1) You are masters of the Father’s treasures.
All of you are masters of the treasures, are you not? And the Father has given all of you the same treasures. It is not that He has given a hundred thousand to some and a thousand to others. He has given everyone all the treasures in an unlimited way because the Father has unlimited treasures. He doesn’t have anything less. Therefore, BapDada has given everyone all the treasures and He has given everyone the same amount of treasures. 2) You are the masters of self-sovereignty. This is why BapDada says with intoxication that each of His children are king-children (raja bachcha). So, you are the children, are you not? You are not subjects, are you? Are you Raja Yogis or praja (subject) yogis? You are Raja Yogis, are you not? So, you are the masters of self-sovereignty. However, along with Dadi, BapDada saw the result: The extent of the intoxication of being a master is less than the intoxication of being a child. Why? If you always have the intoxication of the authority of being a master, then the problems and obstacles that you have now and again would not be able to come. It has been seen that the particular cause of problems and obstacles is the mind. It is the mind that comes into upheaval, and this is why the great mantra from BapDada is ‘Manmanabhav’ (to focus on Baba with your mind). It is not ‘tanmanabhav’ (focusing with the body) or ‘dhanmanabhav’ (focusing with your r wealth); it is `Manmanabhav’. If you have the authority of self-sovereignty, then the mind is not the master; the mind is your servant, not the king. A king means one who has authority. Those who are dependent are not said to be kings. So what result did Baba see? That I, the master, the one who has a right to the kingdom, am the master of the mind. Having this awareness and this constant stage of soul consciousness is lacking. It is the first lesson. What was the first lesson that all of you had? I am a soul,. The lesson of God is the second lesson. However the first lesson is I, the master, the king, am a soul who has authority over these physical organs. I am a powerful soul. All the powers are the original qualities of the soul. To maintain the awareness in a natural way of whatever I am and however I am in my way of walking, moving and to experience that through the face, to step away from my problems – BapDada saw that more attention needs to be paid to all of this. I am not just a soul, but what type of soul am I? If you keep this in your awareness, then in front of a soul who is a master almighty authority, no problem or obstacle has any power to come in front of such a soul. Even now, in the result, Baba saw that one or another problem or obstacle is visible. You know it, but the practical form of faith in the form of spiritual intoxication in your behavior and on your face has to be revealed even more. For this, repeatedly check the intoxication of being a master. To check is a matter of a second. When performing actions, before you begin to perform any action, check: Am I a soul who has the authority of being a master, who makes the physical organs perform. actions with controlling power and ruling power? Or, did I just begin to perform ordinary actions? There is a lot of difference between beginning to perform any action while being an embodiment of remembrance and beginning to perform any action while having an ordinary stage. When those with a limited position carry out their tasks, they begin those tasks after sitting down on their seat for carrying out that task. In the same way, remain seated on your seat of having the authority of being a master and then perform every action. Increase the checking of the authority of being a master. The sign of that – the sign of having the authority of being a master – is that you will be double-light and experience happiness in every task, and you will experience success easily as a result. In some cases, even now, instead of being an authority, you become dependent. What is the sign of dependence that is visible? Again and again you say, “My sanskars”. “I don’t want it to happen, but these are my sanskars; this is my nature.” BapDada asked you earlier, too, whether when you say, “My sanskars, my nature”, whether those sanskars of weakness are your sanskars. Are they yours? They are the sanskars of Ravan of the middle period, They are Ravan’s gift. To say “It is mine” for that is wrong. Whatever are the Father’s sanskars are your sanskars. Think: At

that time when you say, “Mine, mine”, they become an authority and you become dependent. If you want to become equal to the Father, then you cannot say, “My sanskars”. “Whatever are the Father’s sanskars are my sanskars”. What are the Father’s sanskars? A world benefactor, One who has good wishes and pure feelings. So, at that time, bring the Father’s sanskars in front of you. Your aim is to become equal to the Father and the qualifications that remain are Ravan’s. So, it becomes mixed – some good sanskars of the Father and some of your sanskars of the past. Therefore, when both remain mixed, there continues to be conflict. How are sanskars created? All of you know that, do you not? Sanskars are created with the thoughts and activity of the mind and the intellect. First the mind creates the thoughts and then the intellect co-operates and then good or bad sanskars are created.

So, along with Dadiji, BapDada saw the result of how in comparison with being a child, the intoxication of having that nature and naturally being a master is lacking. BapDada sees that that is why you begin to battle in order to find a solution. You are Brahmins but every now and then you become warriors. So, do not become warriors. You have to become Brahmins who are to become deities. There are many who are to come who will become warriors; they will come later, but you are souls who have authority. So, did you hear the result? This is why you repeatedly have to bring into your awareness, “Who am I?” Do not think, “I am that anyway”, but become an embodiment of that awareness. Is that all right? Achcha. You have been told the result. Now finish and make others finish even mentioning problems, obstacles, upheavals, wasteful thoughts, wasteful actions, wasteful relationships and wasteful awareness. Is that all right? Will you do this? Will you? Those of you who raise your hands do so with determination; this raising of hands has also become common, therefore Baba is not asking you to raise your hands. Baba has seen a lot of that. Only when everyone’s hand of the mind is raised with the determined thought, will everyone’s hand of happiness be raised in every corner of the world and they will say, “Our Father, the Bestower of Happiness, the Bestower of Peace, has come!â€?

You have taken the responsibility of revealing the Father, have you not? Have you taken this responsibility? Firmly? Have you teachers taken this responsibility? Achcha. Have the Pandavas taken this responsibility? Firmly? Achcha, have you fixed a date? Have you not fixed your date? How much time do you need? One year? Two years? How many years do you need? BapDada told you earlier that each one of you, with your own effort and according to your capacity, according to your natural method of walking or flying, should fix a date yourself for becoming complete. BapDada would only say: You must do it now, but fix your date for becoming complete according to your capacity and according to your effort. And, from time to time, check whether progress is taking place in the stage of your mind, in your stage of speaking and in the stage of your relationships and connections because when you fix a date, you attention is automatically drawn to that.

Baba has received messages from everywhere and from everyone. Baba has also received emails. Baba receives your e-mail even before the physical mail reaches Him. The e-mail of the thoughts in the heart is very fast; that reaches here first. Those who have sent their love and remembrance and news of their stage and their service, BapDada has accepted all of that. All of you have sent love and remembrance with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. So, whether from abroad or from this land, BapDada is giving all of you in return love and remembrance and also giving the sakaash of love and power together with blessings from the heart. Achcha.

The Rajasthan and Indore Zone were in charge of service:
It is good. Both zones have taken the chance of serving the Yagya. This is also being a golden chancellor for taking a golden chance. BapDada has seen that everyone waits in anticipation for their turn to come to receive the power of service and the fruit of service. The chance for both these zones to reap the practical fruit has come. BapDada has seen that every zone that becomes an instrument serves with great interest because at the Confluence Age, you receive the immediate it of service and of every action. You do service from your heart one moment and you instantly dance with happiness in your heart the next moment. So, for however many days you had a chance to be in Madhuban, all of that time, did all of you experience dancing with happiness in your mind? The other dance (physical dancing) is common. But you experienced this dance of the mind, the mind dance, not the foot dance, did you not? Did you experience the dance of happiness of the mind? Those of you who experienced this, raise your hands! You were not tired, were you? You experienced tirelessness, did you not? And how much charity did you accumulate? When people feed a Brahmin priest, when they serve him, they think that they have accumulated a lot of charity. And how many Brahmins did you feed, look after, conduct classes for and refresh? So, how much did you accumulate in your account of charity? It is a matter of great happiness that you saw your Brahmin family at one time, at the same time; you saw such a big family! It is only in Madhuban that you get a chance to see your Brothers and Sisters from all over the world, to get a chance to see your divine family. They come from abroad as well as from this land. The meeting of such a big family is also a matter of special happiness. You have the enthusiasm in your heart, “Wah Baba! wah my Brahmin family!”, do you not? You did very well. When you have courage, you receive help from the Madhuban residents and from the Father. It is only because the Madhuban residents also become your companions that you are able to carry out this task. So, you have claimed a lottery. Congratulations for the lottery. It is good. The teachers receive a chance and those from families also receive a chance. The junior and senior companions, teachers, also get a chance, Look how many teachers have come! How many teachers have come from both zones? (350 teachers have come from both zones.) It is good. Congratulations, and continue to take this chance in the future too. One of you from each of the two zones should tell Baba how many heirs you have created in one year. Who are the heads of the zones? Raise your hands. How many heirs and how many mikes have emerged from the whole zone? Have you made a list? You have become quiet. Why? There should be heir-quality souls that emerge in one year, should there not? Every zone receives a chance to serve each year. Is that all right? In one year, there should be some heirs or mikes that emerge, should there not? Say, “ha jiâ€?. Do not say “Ha jiâ€? just like that. Baba wants a list. Achcha, next year, bring it with you. You must be preparing it now, then bring that list. Whichever zone’s turn it is, BapDada is telling you in advance that He will see both these results of each zone. Make preparations for this before you come. How many heirs and how many mikes have emerged. Those who came some tome ago are lucky and lovely, How many have emerged now? Is that all right? There should be some result, should there not? Until now, BapDada has not yet seen a list of heirs or mikes from each wing. Those from the wings meet every year, and BapDada is pleased, but until now, BapDada has not received any result. For how many years have these programmes of the different wings been continuing? How many years has it been? (22 years.) In 22 years, there should be one heir or mike that emerges every year. Baba has not yet received a list. Not a single wing has sent a list. It is good that all of you have served from your heat, and this is why many, many blessings from the heart of the Father, the Comforter of Hearts. Achcha. Next year, make these preparations before coming.

Double foreigners: Double foreigners are very clever; they claim a very good right in each turn. BapDada and the whole Brahmin family is happy that BapDada’s gathering is an international gathering. You come with great courage. Where is the largest group from?(61 Brothers and Sisters have come from Malaysia.) It is good. Many, many congratulations – as many congratulations as the group is big. It is specially said of people abroad that they have a fast life there. So, do you double foreigners who have now become part of the Brahmin family make fast effort? Since the life in that country is a fast life, then is your life of the Brahmin family that of fast effort? Is it fast or slow? Is it fast? Say, “yes” or “no”. Those who have fast effort, raise your hand! Half of them are “yes” and half are “no”. Now, when you come next year, and you have to come, then keep the aim this year that you are an effort-maker and add the word “fast” in front of the word “effort”. It is common to be an effort-maker, but special to be a fast effort-maker. So, all of you are special souls. You are not ordinary, you are special. The first sign of special souls is that they are fast effort-makers. You think of something and you instantly do it. It is not that you say, “I will do it. It will happen. It has to happen.” No. “I must do this. I must fly. I definitely have to become equal to the Father.” This is called being a fast effort-maker. So what will you do? You are making fast effort, are you not? Now, the time is corning close very fast. Time has become fast, but those who are to finish the period of sorrow and peacelessness have to become faster than time. Even so, you are good, you have deep love and so you have arrived here. Congratulations for that. Achcha: Are you fast effort-makers? Is that all right? Those who are saying, “yes”, raise your hands. Not ordinary effort, but fast effort. Or, will you make ordinary effort every now and again? Not ordinary, but constantly make intense effort. The intoxication of being a master should be visible on your face at every moment. Your face speaks more than your lips do. So, very good. Baba will see the result next year. OK, you may sit down. Many, many congratulations.

Religious wing, social service wing and transport wing have come for meetings: In Social Service, people give people one or another facility. They serve theme in one way or another. So, those from the Social Service should keep the aim that you have to give all the souls who come into contact with you one or another virtue, one or another point of knowledge or one or another treasure that you have received from the Father. You have to serve everyone with this social service. No one should go away empty-handed. They should go back with something because you are the children of the Bestower. In whatever way, whether though the facilities or through direct connection, you definitely have to give them something or other. This social service and spiritual service has to be spread in all directions, using whatever method, so that it emerges from each one’s lips that they have found a very good means of service, that they have received a very good attainment. Nowadays, souls are very thirsty, and so definitely give them one or another attainment and make them full. Achcha.

One thing that BapDada says again is that He should be given a list. Baba has not received a list from any of the wings. The list that you make should also have the experience of their attainment received in short. When they go from here, they say that they attained a lot and received a lot too. However, did they keep with them what they attained? Did they increase it? BapDada saw that whenever all the wings have programmes – whether transport or religious — they do not keep constant connection with those who come into contact. A letter is sent to them when another programme is sent to them when another programme is to take place. You send them an invitation for them to come again. BapDada has heard some news from abroad in the Call of the Time programme – whoever comes for that programme likes it and their interest is awakened, they are kept in connection and they receive an e-mail every week to keep them in relationship, Here, you don’t follow up in the same way. If you remember them after six months or after a year, that is fine, you remember them. If it happens and you make a connection, that is fine. However you should, definitely send something or other to their address every week through which they are kept sustained. Even a tree cannot grow without sustenance. You should do this. Each wing should not just have programmes, but you must also make them progress. They should continue to come closer, and you should continue to keep the result with you. This year, how many people came into close relationship? Do you understand? Did you hear? It is good. The result from abroad is good. You must be doing that there too, but BapDada has not received that result. It is good that from the time you started serving through the wings, many people have come into connection, and transformation has also taken place. Previously, you used to have to call them and now they want to come without your asking them to. So there is difference, is there not? However, the whole family should know this result. Seeing the result of another, everyone receives enthusiasm. Hearing this from one, others will feel that they can also do the same and they receive courage. BapDada is pleased that since the wings have been created, many different types of service of the different wings is continuing to increase. This is why congratulations for service to those from all the wings and if you use other methods to move forward, you will see the practical fruit of that. Ultimately, those of all the wings together should say: All of us belong to the one Father and we are one. We are one on this world stage, we follow one direction and we belong to One. This sound should spread, Religious people should also say: We are one and we belong to One. Congratulations for the service you have done. Achcha.

CAD Group: There are Brahmins, too, in this group. Have you taken benefit? Those with a heart have recognised the Comforter of Hearts. Because you have recognised the Comforter of Hearts your heart has become happy. It is good that the more you share your experiences with those who come to you, the more this service will continue to spread because you have practical examples. You yourselves are the practical examples and so anyone who sees a practical example becomes happy very quickly; they receive courage. So, continue to share your experience with those who come into contact with you or make contact with them, because there is a need. Poverty is increasing and if they receive facilities easily at a time of poverty, they all become very happy. So, it is good. From time to time you do do this, so continue to do it in the future too. Achcha. Congratulations. Achcha.

Teachers who have come for training: You did the training and you had very good training. However, after taking the training, how firmly have you applied the stamp on your heart? Will you remain constantly free from obstacles and continue to make others free from obstacles? Have you promised this? Will you remain free from obstacles? Or will there be obstacles in between every now and again? OK, if obstacles

do come, do you experience yourself to have the power to transform the obstacles or problems into a solution? Those who feel that they will use the power of transformation and show the proof to BapDada and the teachers who served them, those who have such courage, raise your hands. You have raised the hand of the heart, have you not? No matter what happens, see the Father. See the specialities of others, but follow the Father. Achcha. How many are there in this group? (70 Sisters) So all of you should continue to write your result to Madhuban through your teacher. Do not write again and again. Write an “OK’ through your teacher every 15 days, that is all. Send a small card; do not send a long letter. You were told that if you have any weakness, then simply put a line through the OK. From here, you will continue to be reminded. Now, 70 souls have become free from obstacles and you will also make others free from obstacles. Wherever you go, you will remain free from obstacles and make others free from obstacles. You have this courage, do you not? Do you have this courage? Achcha, let us see the result. As Baba receives the report, He will know about it. Achcha.

You heard everything. You find it easy to hear everything. In the same way, go into sweet silence, beyond hearing anything. Whenever you want, for as long as you want, become a master and, in particular, first is being a master of the mind. This is why it is said that those who conquer the mind conquer the world. Now that you heard and saw, can you, the soul, become a king and control your mind, intellect and sanskars? Become a master of your mind, intellect and sanskars and order them to be in sweet silence. So, do you experience that, by ordering them and having authority over them, the three are able to remain under your orders? Now become stable in the stage of being the authority. Achcha.

To all the children from everywhere who always maintain their self-respect, to those who are embodiments o f the power of truth, to those who are embodiments of success through purity, to those who are experienced in always being unshakeable and having an immovable stage, self-transformers and world-transformers, to those who through their stage of having authority enable all souls to claim their rights from the Father, to all BapDada’s lucky and lovely souls from everywhere, please accept God’s love, remembrance and blessings from the heart and namaste to BapDada’s sweetest children.

To the Dadis: It is good that BapDada saw the result. It is good. To remain busy in the stage of both having good wishes for the self and having pure and positive thoughts for others, and to spread that atmosphere is good. You are doing well. You are doing well and will continue to do so. In the majority, it has been seen that where there are instruments – all of you are instruments. All of you who are instruments have to pay special attention at this time to this and remain content; not just to remain content but have that contentment in the atmosphere. For that, continue to make one or another plan among yourselves. The three Pandavas should also come (the senior Brothers were called onto the stage.)

According to the atmosphere nowadays, those who have become instruments definitely have to keep themselves content, and also make others content. There should be no influence of discontentment in the atmosphere because nowadays everyone wants contentment, but they don’t have courage. This is why, every now and again, being under an external influence, when they do something wrong, they need some correction, some forgiveness, some mercy and some soul-conscious love. It has been seen that in the environment nowadays, the majority of people don’t know how to keep a balance. With balance, give them correction and together with that also give them courage. By just giving correction – everyone has now become a teacher – therefore, together with giving correction, give them courage and love from the heart, not superficially, but love from the heart. Give this to them, keeping a balance of the two. And make such plans that these plans can continue in all directions. Just as from time to time you have bhatthis, so continue with those, but also continue to have small or big programmes all the time. Find such a method through which the atmosphere everywhere can become powerful. People have that desire but they have less courage. So, get together among yourselves and, every month, find something to do in which everyone can become busy; let this result continue to emerge. Also check: If you are not doing this, then why? If there is carelessness, then you will have to give them co-operation with love because time is coming close at a fast speed. So create such a plan. Find one or another type of interesting work to keep everyone busy in that. Is that all right?

It is good that all of you have courage, is it not? Your courage does not decrease, does it? When you don’t have so much courage, you don’t experience the Father’s help either. The Father helps, but you are not able to catch it. You are unable to take the benefit of it. Therefore, always look at yourself and increase your courage. Keep one or another such thing in your intellect through which your courage continues to increase. The more your courage increases, in front of that courage, other things conning in front of you will also reduce. It is good. Think about this.

Sandeshi Dadi left her body and a group came from Bhuvneshwar to offer Bhog for her: Call her BapDada’s very entertaining child or friend, Sandeshi left her body and went into the Advance Party. In the corporeal form, in her life, she took a lot of benefit from BapDada. She also played the part of being a friend. She was one who used to play games with Baba, and with her remembrance she created her future. All her companions who have come, stand up. All of those who have come, it is good. You gave the proof of love, did you not? Now, even more proof of love is for all of you to remain content and make everyone content, to give courage to those who lack courage. It is of course numberwise. So, continue to give courage. Continue to increase their zeal and enthusiasm.. Do not just remember her, but also give the practical proof of the sustenance received from her. She played a good part. All of you also continue to play the best part of all and you will play it. Are all of you OK? Wave your hands. Achcha.

Dadi Janki offered Bhog to BapDada and BapDada said: Look, you have found good Dadis, have you not? There are their companions too. There axe the companions of Dadis and the Dadis too. So, always see the speciality of every Dadi and every companion, and use those specialities because BapDada has given one special speciality or another to each child. All of you also have specialities; it is not that only the Dadis that have specialities. You also have specialities but some of you are using those specialities and so you become well known and others who are not your specialities remain incognito. But everyone does have a speciality. Even the youngest of all, the foot-soldiers, also have a speciality. They too remind you that you are a maharati: You are great and we are foot soldiers. Therefore, strengthen the gathering in all places. Whether there are two, four or twelve, even the gathering of two should be so strong that both are united in one direction . Make the nature of one another elevated and try to be in harmony. You all remember Dadi, do you not? Why do you remember her? Her speciality was that she gave everyone a feeling of belonging, did she not? So, why are all of you not able to do that? All of you experienced: “She is our Dadiâ€?. It wasn’t’ that she was the Dadi of Madhuban. “She is our Dadiâ€?. In this way, all Brahmins should have the feeling of belong to one another, This is what it means to remember Dadi. This is called remembrance. Is that all right? Each one of you should think that everyone belongs to you. Have the feeling of belonging. It should not be: I don’t know who this one is or what he is. This is one family, is it not? Dadi did not live at the centres, did she? She used to live in one place in Madhuban, but she gave everyone the feeling of belonging. So., all of you staying at your own places can also give the feeling of belonging. This is a matter of the stage of the heart, not a matter of living together. These vibrations from the heart bring a feeling of belonging. Achcha.

***Om Shanti***


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    Are you people Mocking Brahma Kumaris?Are you frustrated with yourself that you cant achieve what they teach? Have you no better things to do than to bring awful words into peoples hearts? Who are you? Why are you so mean? Do you have kids? Who are you to mock any religion? I hope all the hate that lives in your heart goes away because its feelings like this that made our World the mess it is today.


    Am admi Reply:

    Belief, dogma or ideology of some org if practised repeatedly can create extraordinary state of mental imbalance, Results will be isolation from soc, division in fam & can create extreme authority by org. With these ideologies in hand they can tyrranize people. In the name of God, truth or dogma they will influence people with authority & the victim can end up losing personality, money, property etc


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  21. Jay Chellath   |  

    It is told in murali Krishna did not come 2000 years back to create heaven, because the world was degrading gradually in the last 2000 years to a hell. Now the question is supreme soul came in 1937 so the brahma kumaris or pBks should have gradual spiritual growth to show that real god has come so you dont have to suffer in kaliyug any more. But this is not the case both brahma kumaris and the splinter groups are sufferings just like other human being and dying of heart attack . They need metformin for diabetes and they need SSRi for depression. God did not change any thing in these people. If they are really worship worthy we should notice the developement. Again the murali say i am the father of 5 billion people or 7 billion people it keep changing any way. Then how can destruction take place suddenly and kill 5 billion people. Now they have to change the murali that this 5 billion people or 7 or 8 billion people only see god when they die. So innorder for that to happen they have to enter in the one who does not die . And again nar se narayan in one second is a trick. That is what christians and muslims telling us you will go to heaven in one second after death. We the worldly and ex bks should be able to see the influence such a highest of high god in any of this people. All are listening to daily muralis and repeating same purusharth. For example if you play chess with highest of trainer your growth can be recorded and we can tell this child is taking course from highest of high grand master and just like the father the son. But what we see is hell and suffering in brahmakumari or the other groups. Some leaders are driving rolds roys and living in palace but that is not spiritual growth. Pbks tell it is virendra dev dixit is the highest of high father but all you see is he is suffering in every day life and not result of his meditation. Obviously he look like he is meditating and controlling the mind during this one hour meditation. But after the meditation he speak like he is suffering sorrow. And also he is accused of several police case and he is running away from the court. It is ok we can understand in india you can make any false case if you have enemy that have grip in the politics. We want to see the result . Last 80 years world has obviously improved a lot with science. But poverty and disease like diabetes stroke dementia and cancer are rising. Only Some rich people are enjoying the wealth in this world . Majority of 7 billion still living like a slave earning for every day to live a life. Mental illness are also increasing . So if shiva was god the brahma kumaris or the other groups of brahma kumaris should have been free from diabetes and stroke and dementia and depression or autism because they are on the way to heaven . Only reason i say this is a cult because it says you will see the result in one second and destruction happen over night.


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