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Brahma Kumaris Info: Who are we? Experts in the BKWSU

Former teachers, center-in-charges and surrendered BKs, friends and family

Experienced individuals offering a reality check for those whose lives are being affected by the Brahma Kumaris. BrahmaKumaris.info is a wholly independent, not-for-profit, information service documenting the work, beliefs and lifestyle of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization (BKWSU), organizers of BK Raja Yoga Centers.

BrahmaKumaris.info is volunteer run collaboration of mainly ex-members and associates of the BKWSU* offering a forum for mutual support and discussion and free access to information. It is impartial and non-doctrinal. Intended to be honest, informed and accurate, the site and its contributors take a detailed look at this international organization, its leaders and the effects of the lifestyle promoted by its leaders.

The community started in 2006 on the now defunct xBK Chat Forum (see link for archive).

Contributors to BrahmaKumaris.info have had many years experience, worldwide, within the organization of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University as “BKs” (Brahma Kumaris [female] or Brahma Kumars [male]). Many have lived in centres and been teachers of Brahma Kumaris’ style Raja Yoga, organisers and financial sponsors of activities. We also call on the expertise of friends and family members of both current and ex-Brahma Kumaris followers and individuals who are current exploring BKWSU breakaway groups such as the PBKs (Advance Party), Vishnu Party and others. We are unique for our non-exclusive, ecumenical approach and are attempting to raise and resolve issues effecting all parties. The information to be presented here within is often not made publicly available by the BKWSU. Established in response to an increasing pattern of historical & philosophical revisionism by the BKWSU leadership, the focus of activity is the Forum, Encyclopedia and the Open Letter & Report to the BKWSU.

We extend a warm welcome to the forum for any individuals interested in learning more about the BKWSU, especially ex-BKs and Friends & Family of BKs that might be struggling to understand their experiences. As public forums can be intimidating, please explore the xBK Chat archive first or contact us directly. The Encyclopedia makes public examples of the religion’s core teachings, based on channelled mediumistic messages, called “The Murlis”

We are not cult-bashers, born-again Christians, academic sociologists nor do we actually have any alternative way of life to offer you. But we hope at least to help you make informed decisions about what you allow others to do to your innermost being, based on objective facts rather than P.R. and publicity materials.

We also wish to document the history of the organization and the historical revisionism from within the group that is gradually changing it.

The leadership of the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University has throughout its history been involved in a considerable editing and revision of the teachings and history of the organization. Elements not part of the organization’s current public image, political incorrect metaphors or the repeated failures of God’s millenarist predictions have being gradually removed from the channelled messages that make up the religions core teachings and published hagiographies. Dates and numerical references have been changed. Our members are paying particular attention to such changes and attempting to archive them. We also documented as are a growing number of tragic events in the organization’s history including abuses and symbolic suicides.

The BrahmaKumaris.Info website may also be useful for those interested in:

• cultic religion and spiritualist groups
• consciousness and new religious movements or
• general issues relating to both the practises of mediumship, meditation and spirituality.

The BKWSU provides no exit strategy for any of its followers that chose to leave. Rather they are known as “the lowest of the low”. Lower even than “Shudras” (Untouchables), as all non-BKs are equally called.

Although widely experienced and entirely informed as to the realities of BK life, forum members are not professional trained and can only offer their personal opinions. Many chose to maintain an interest in spiritual knowledge and practise. Some are active BKs or PBKs, others keep good relationships with the BKWSU but support our aims to bring about reform within it in terms of openness, honesty, accountability and a duty of care.

Some members are also independently involved in the direct lobbying of the organization.

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