Example videos of “God”

These are example videos of “God”, according to the Brahma Kumari leadership, speaking to and meeting with its adherents via an elderly BK medium named Gulzar or Hirday Mohini seen below.

More correctly, the Brahma Kumaris believe and tell their followers that the spirit entities they call “BapDada” are two individuals, one being the spirit of the deceased founder Lekhraj Kripalani and the other being “the supreme soul” or “God Father” who they call Shiva or Shiva Baba. BKs claim that their deceased founder is now perfect and equal to god in every way, the only human being ever to do so, and in a combined form they possesses the medium in order to speak and interact with BK adherents through her body.

Hirday Mohini joined the cult and has lived within since she was a child.

It is to these two beings that Brahma Kumari adherents surrender their mind, body and wealth believing them to be the God of all religions (Shiva) and the Father of Humanity or Adam (Lekhraj Kripalani).

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