Alternative Names

BKWSU is also known as and operates through the following titles and many others. Some of these have a blurred distinction between what is Brahma Kumari evangelism and what are the personal business interests of favoured adherents.

    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University [BKWSU]
    Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Visha Vidyalaya [PBIVV]
    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization [BKWSO]
    Academy For Better World
    America Meditating
    Anubhuti Retreat Center
    BK Publications
    Brahma Kumaris Association
    Brahma Kumaris Community Education Resources
    Brahma Kumaris Educational Society
    Brahma Kumaris Health Communications
    Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Centre
    Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Learning Centre
    Brahma Kumaris Spiritual Study Foundation
    Brahma Kumaris Spirituele Akademie
    Earth Care
    Eternity Ink
    Global Forum for Public Relations
    Global Harmony Foundation
    Global Retreat Centre
    Good Wishes Bank
    Happy House Meditation Centre
    House of International Media
    Images & Voices of Hope
    Inner Space
    India One Solar Energy
    Invisible Doctors
    Le Centre de M├ęditation Parenth├Ęse
    Learning Center For Peace
    Living Values Education Program
    Meditation Museum
    Om Shanti Studios
    Peace of Mind TV
    Peace Village
    Perpetual Yogic Agriculture (Shashwat Yogic Kheti)
    Rajyoga Education & Research Foundation (RERF)
    Raja Yoga Center
    Relax 7
    Relax Kids
    Saligram Studios
    Self Development Consultants Group
    Self Management Leadership
    Shri Shiva Adhyatmic Foundation
    Soul Journey Retreat
    Space for Truth
    Spirituality and Justice
    The Janki Foundation for Global Health Care
    The Meditation Center
    The Transformation Center
    The Yoga Shop
    Village Outreach Programme (VOP)
    Visions of a Better World Foundation
    Yayasan Studi Spiritual Brahma Kumaris, and others

Some of these operate independently, others have become business for individuals or apparently stand alone NPO/NGOs incorporating non-BK directors who are generally unaware of full agenda.

In addition, there are a number of splinter or reform movement borrowing some or all of the BKWSU teachings, such as the PBKs (Advance Party or AIVV), Shankar Party, Vishnu Party, and others.

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