Avyakt BapDada 6th December 1987

Today, BapDada is seeing the gathering of his holy swans from all four directions. To adopt a Brahmin way of life means you have become a special soul. Though each is number-wise, even the soul who has the last number is special. Each holy swan is beautifully decorated – some imbibe each decoration and make use of it at the appropriate time, while others do not imbibe or make use of them. The importance of each speciality and virtue is according to the time – even if you have them, if you do not use them at the appropriate time they have no value. A swan discriminates and separates jewels from pebbles, and imbibes the jewels and pearls. So a holy swan discriminates and uses a speciality or virtue at the time it is required. This is the power of discrimination. Only a holy one – with a clean and pure intellect – is able to work at the appropriate time.

Whether a task is physical or spiritual, when coming into connection with someone, first you must discern their feelings or emotions, and then you must make an accurate decision. The basis of success is the power to discriminate, and the power to judge.

The seed of success is your attitude. If your attitude is elevated, your method is elevated. If the method is accurate, the result is successful. An elevated attitude is that of brotherhood and of soul consciousness. This is the main thing. But there should also be an attitude of benefit, of love, of co-operation, of selflessness, and there should be no vicious thoughts. The attitude of mind should not be wasteful. If there are waste or vicious thoughts, then as is your attitude, so is your vision, and you will see the world of each soul’s activity accordingly. Your attitude affects your vision, and your vision will change the world. If the seed of attitude is constantly elevated, the method is accurate and successful. So first check your attitude.

BapDada is smiling because where you should say “you first” you say “me first”, and where you should say “me first” you say “you first”. When it is a question of self transformation you say “you first” and ” I will change if the other one changes”. And when there is a chance to do service or face a situation you say “me first” or “I should receive something”. It is back to front. Be stable in self respect and give respect to others. Have no arrogance and give no insult. Accept responsibility for the self, like Arjuna, a special, unique, spiritual soul. Brahma Baba became like Arjuna by constantly changing himself first. He put himself first and became number one. You heard about number one and the number one division. There will only be one number one. He always kept the children in front in every task, and in self progress he always went first with the consciousness: “seeing me, others will do as I do”.

So check the self and give respect to others – have no attitude of arrogance or insult. Give respect to others, and you will receive respect from others constantly and automatically, but only when there is no trace of desire for respect.

Be those with a broad intellect who are able to use the power of discrimination at an appropriate time. And, constantly let your attitude, the seed, be elevated. Achcha.

When BapDada gives a small signal, everyone begins to wonder “what will happen now”. If something is going to happen you will not be told before it happens. Understand that now in advance. Nothing happens after telling you first. Sakar Baba became avyakt – did he tell you before leaving? Whatever happens suddenly is lovely and unique. So be ever ready. Whatever happens will be the best. Achcha.

To the holy swans, to the clever children with broad , elevated and clean intellects, to all the shaktis, to the enlightened souls who use all the powers according to the time, to the yogi souls, to the close souls who have the zeal and enthusiasm to become complete and equal to Baba, BapDada’s love, remembrance, and namaste.

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