Avyakt BapDada 15th November 2003

Stabilise your mind and using the power of concentration, experience the angelic stage. Today, the Master of all Treasures is looking at His children everywhere who are full. He has made each and every child a master of all treasures. You have received such treasures which no one else could give you. So, do each of you experience yourself to be full of all treasures? The most elevated treasures are the treasure of knowledge, the treasure of powers, the treasure of virtues and together with those, you also have the treasure of the blessings from the Father and the whole Brahmin family. So, check, have I received all of these treasures?

The sign of a soul who is full of all treasures is that others would also experience happiness from that soul’s eyes, face and behaviour. Any soul who comes into contact with such a soul would experience that that soul appears to be spiritual and different with alokik happiness. Seeing your happiness, other souls would also experience happiness for a short time. Just as everyone loves and feels that the white dress of you Brahmin souls is so lovely and unique that they experience cleanliness, simplicity and purity through it – they can tell from a distance that that one is a Brahma Kumar or Kumari – in the same way, the sparkle of happiness and the intoxication of being fortunate are always visible from the behaviour and face of you Brahmin souls. Today, all souls are greatly unhappy. Such souls, seeing your happy face and behaviour would experience happiness for even a moment. Just as when a thirsty soul receives even a drop of water, he feels so happy, in the same way, even a drop of happiness is extremely essential for souls. In the same way, are you full of all treasures?

Does each of you Brahmin souls experience yourself to be always full of all treasures, or only sometimes? The treasures are imperishable, the Bestower who gives them to you is imperishable, and so they should remain imperishable because no one in the whole cycle apart from you Brahmin souls, receives the alokik happiness that you do. The alokik happiness of this time continues for half the cycle in the form of a reward. So, are you happy? Are all of you happy? All of you raised your hand for this. Good. Are you always happy? Does your hap piness never disappear? Does it go away sometimes? You remain happy, but there is a difference in remaining constantly happy. You remain happy, but there is a difference in the percentage. BapDada sees the faces of all the children on His automatic TV. So, what does He see? One day, you should also check your chart of happiness. From amrit vela till night time, does your happiness remain to the same percentage throughout the day? Or, does it change? You know how to check this, do you not? Nowadays, science has invented very accurate machinery for checking. So, you should check and make it imperishable. BapDada checked all the children’s efforts of the present time. All are making effort, but some are making it according to their capacity and some are making effort powerfully. So, today, BapDada checked the stage of the mind of all the children, because the main thing is manmanabhav. In terms of service too, service of the mind is the most elevated service.

You say, those who conquer the mind conquer the world. So Baba checked the condition of your mind. So, what did He see? You become the master of the mind and make it work. However, sometimes, your mind makes you work. The mind then controls you. So, BapDada saw that you have deep love wi th your mind, but your mind doesn’t become concentrated and stable. At the present time, a stable and concentrated mind will enable you to experience a constant stage. Just now, in the result, Baba saw that you want to make your mind concentrate, but it wanders away in-between. The power of concentration easily enables you to experience the avyakt angelic stage. The mind wanders in to wasteful situations, wasteful thoughts and in wasteful interaction. For instance, some people don’t even have the habit of sitting still, even physically, whereas others do have that habit. So, when you are able to stabilise your mind where you want, as you want and for as long as you want, that is called having the mind under your control. The power of concentration and the power of being a master easily make you free from obstacles. Then you don’t have to battle. Using the power of concentration, you can easily experience belonging to the one Father and none other. You will experience this automatically, you won’t have to make effort. Using the power of concentration, you automatically experience a constantly angelic form. You love Father Brahma. So, to become equal to Father Brahma means to become an angel.

Using the power of concentration, you automatically have love, benevolence and an attitude of regard for everyone because stability means the stage of self-respect. The angelic stage is your self-respect, just as you saw Father Brahma and you also speak about that. What did you see as the time of perfection continued to come closer? The walking and moving angelic form. He was beyond any consciousness of the body. Did you ever have a feeling of the body? When he was walking in front of you, were you able to see the body or did you experience the angelic form? When he was performing actions, speaking, giving directions or giving zeal and enthusiasm, he was detached from the body; you experienced a subtle form of light. You say, do you not, that as Brahma Baba was speaking, it felt as though as he was speakin g to you, but that he wasn’t there? He was looking at you, but his vision was alokik. It wasn’t this physical vision. He was beyond any consciousness of the body. When others also don’t feel consciousness of the body, when they see your unique form, that is called being the angelic form whilst being in the body. Let there be the experience of uniqueness in every situation in your atti tude, vision and actions. He was speaking, but you felt it to be very detached and loving – loving in a soul-conscious way. In the same way, you yourself should experience the angelic stage and also give this experience to others, because without becoming an angel, you cannot become a deity.

Angels are deities. So, Brahma, the number one soul gave the experience of the angelic life in his practical life, and he became the angelic form. Together with that angelic form, all of you also have to become angels and go to the supreme abode. For this, pay attention to stability of the mind. Make your mind work under your orders. When you have to do something, those actions should be performed with your mind. If you don’t want to do something and your mind says that you have to do it, that is not being a master. At the moment, some children say, I didn’t want to do that, but it happened. I wasn’t thinking that, but it just happened. I shouldn’t have done it, but it just happened. This is the stage of being controlled by the mind. You don’t like such a stage, do you?

Follow Father Brahma. You saw Father Brahma. What did you experience when he was standing in front of you? That an angel was standing there, an angel was giving you drishti. So, the power of the concentration of the mind will easily make you into an angel. Father Brahma also tells you children: Become equa l. Father Shiva says: Become incorporeal, and Father Brahma says: Become an angel. So what did you understand? What did Baba see as a result? Concentration of the mind is lacking. The mind tours around a lot in-between, it wanders away. If it goes where it shouldn’t go, what would you call that? You would call that wandering, would you not? So, increase the power of concentration. Remain set on the seat of the stage of a master. When you are set, you don’t become upset. When you are not set, you become upset. Therefore, remain set on the seat of the various elevated stages. This is called the power of concentration with stability. Is this OK? You love Father Brahma, do you not? How much love do you have? How much? A lot! You have a lot of love. So what response of love did you give? The Father also loves you and this is why you love him. So, what did you give as a return? To become equal is the return. Achcha.

This is the first turn of the season. So, you claimed the first number in the first turn. BapDada also likes it that much more when He sees more children here. However big a hall you make, that many children come. If you now make a bigger hall, then many more will come. If you look at the hall now, it is full, is it not? When it becomes full, it is signalling that you have to make a bigger hall. The hall becomes decorated, does it not? And, it looks so good when the hall becomes decorated with such elevated souls. Those from Madhuban too, whether it is Pandava Bhavan or Shantivan, you don’t like it when it is empty, do you? You like it when it is full. Or, do those from Madhuban want solitude? Do you want solitude? Or, does the gathering and the sparkle of activity feel good? Nevertheless, you still get your solitude inbetween. Achcha.

Double foreigners too have come. It is good. Madhuban becomes decorated with the double foreigners. It becomes international. It is good. BapDada heard Dadi ‘s thought. (Today, in morning class, Dadiji had the thought of creating enthusiasm for service in this land and abroad. She was inspiring everyone to make a plan so that not a single village of Bharat or any country would be deprived of receiving Baba’s message). You had the thought – that is good. We shall see whether the foreign lands or Bharat fulfil that thought. The message should be received. You have received so much attainment ! You have found the Father, you have received treasures, you have received sustenance. Therefore, at least, you should enable the message to reach your brothers and sisters. Then, they would not complain, would they, that they didn’t know?

So, definitely give the message. That is essential. What is difficult anyway? Each zone should split up into different areas in their zone. What else is there? How many centres are there in each zone? It is not a big thing to divide them amongst each centre. Look, when the different wings’ service takes place in Madhuban, the sound from that spreads everywhere. You have seen that the sound has spread a lot more in IP quality souls since the service of different professions started. Put aside the VVIPs, they don’t have any time! And you have also had many other big programmes, and the sound spreads from those too. Now, Delhi and Calcutta are going to do this, are they not? They are making good plans. They are also making good effort. News continues to reach BapDada. The sound from Delhi should reach the lands abroad. What are those from the media doing? They are only making it reach Bharat. The sound should come from abroad that this programme took place in Delhi, and that this programme took place in Calcutta. This sound from abroad should come to India. The Kumbhakarnas of India are going to be awakened by those from abroad, are they not? News from abroad has more importance. When a programme takes place in Bharat and they receive news of that in the newspapers abroad, the sound will then spread. The sound of Bharat should reach abroad and the sound abroad should reach Bharat. Then that would create an impact. It is good. The programmes that you are organising are good. BapDada is congratulating those from Delhi for the efforts of their love.

Those from Calcutta also receive congratulations in advance because the sound is heard loudly when co-operation, love and courage – all three – are united. The sound will spread. Why would it not spread? Now, those of you from the media – perform this wonder. Everyone saw it on the TV, this came on the TV. There shouldn’t be just this. That is happening in Bharat. Now, reach the lands abroad. Now, this year, we shall see how much you are celebrating with courage and great force to make the sound spread everywhere. BapDada has received news that the double foreigners have a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. It is good. Seeing one another, there is greater enthusiasm. Those who take the initiative are equal to Brahma. It is good. So, Dadi also has the thought. It is a good way to keep you busy. It is good. She is an instrument. Achcha. Are all of you those in a flying stage? The flying stage is the fast stage. The walking stage or the climbing stage is not a fast stage. The flying stage is fast and it also enables you to come first. Achcha.

What will the mothers do? Mothers, awak en your equals. At least, none of the mothers should remain who would then complain. The number of the mothers is always the biggest number. BapDada is pleased. And in this group, there is a good number of all groups. A good number of kumars have come . Now, kumars, awaken your equals. It is good. Kumars should show the wonder that , even in their dreams, they are very firm in their purity. BapDada should be able to challenge the world: You are Brahma Kumars, youth kumars; you are double kumars, are you not? You are Brahma Kumars and physically too, you are kumars. So, let there be the definition of purity in a practical way. Therefore, should Baba give an order to check you in your purity? Should Baba give an order? Should He? You are not raising your hand s for this. There are machines to check this. Impurity should not even have the courage to come in your dreams. The same should be for the kumaris too. A kumari means a worthy-of-worship pure kumari. Kumars and kumaris should promise BapDada: We are all so pure that there cannot be any (impure) thoughts even in our dreams. Only then will the purity ceremony of kumars and kumaris be celebrated.

Now there is a little (impurity). BapDada knows about it. There should be ignorance of impurity because you have taken a new birth, have you not? Impurity is something of your past birth. This is your birth in which you have died alive. Your very birth is a pure birth through the mouth of Brahma. So, the code of conduct of the pure birth is essential. Kumars and Kumaris should hoist this flag: We are pure and we will spread pure sanskars in the world. Let this slogan be chanted. Did the kumaris hear this? Look how many kumaris there are! Now, we shall see whether the kumaris spread this sou nd or the kumars do. Follow Father Brahma. There should be no name or trace of impurity. This is what Brahmin life means. Mothers too have impurity when they have attachment. You mothers are also Brahmins, are you not? So, this should not exist in the mothers, in the kumaris, in the kumars or even the half-kumars and kumaris.

A Brahmin means a pure soul. If there is any work of impurity, that is considered to be a great sin. Punishment for that sin is very severe. Don’t think that it is OK, that i thappens all the time, that a little of this would always be there. No. This is the first subject. The newness is of purity. The insults that Father Brahma took were because of purity. You can’t excuse yourself by saying: It just happened. Don’t be careless about this. Dharamraj will not leave any Brahmin alone in this, whether he or she is surrendered, a server, or a householder. Father Brahma will also side with Dharamraj.

Therefore, kumars and kumaris, wherever you are, whether in Madhuban or at the centres, the suffering of this, even in your thoughts is very big suffering and pain. You sing the song: Keep your mind pure, keep your body pure. This is your song, is it not? So, when your mind is pure, your life is pure. Don’t be light about this, saying, “What does it matter if you do it a little?” It is not a little, it is a lot. BapDada is giving you an official warning. You will not be able to be saved in this. He will take this into account very clearly, no matter who it is. Therefore, be cautious. Attention! Did all of you listen with attention? Listen with both ears open! Let there not be any touching even through your attitude. There should be no touching even through your vision. If it doesn’t exist in your thoughts, how could it be there in your attitude or vision? This is because the time for becoming complete, the time for becoming completely pure, is coming close. When there is this impurity, it is like a black mark on a white piece of paper. Achcha.

Wherever all of you have come from, congratulations to the children who have come from everywhere. This time, it was Karnatak a who served the groups: This is a good chance. Servers from Karnataka, stand up! Many servers have come. Half the gathering is from Karnataka. Very good. (2,500 people have come from Karnataka). It ‘s good. There is good expansion. You are those who keep a balance of the method and the expansion. As yet, Karnataka has not played a hero part in the play. Your name is Karnataka, those who perfo rm a play (natak). And, in the play, the ones who play a hero part. So, you haven’t yet performed a hero part. The numbers are good, congratulations for that. Now, perform a hero part that no other zone has performed as yet. To gather a hundred thousand together is common now. Now, perform some newness that everyone applauds. You can do it. However, you are now incognito. You haven’t revealed yourselves as yet. So, teachers, you are going to do this, are you not? Perform a hero part and show ever yone. “We opened a centre , we opened a Gita Pathshala” – that is common. Now, do something new! Pandavas, you will do something new, will you not? You will do something new, will you not? Yes.

There are very good, old serviceable children. Perform wonders so that all the zones applaud. BapDada has many hopes in those from Karnataka. However, as yet, you are only stars of hope. Now, from being stars of hope, be revealed as stars of success. You have to become this. Is this OK? There are also many teachers. Just the teachers, raise your hands! Look how many teachers there are! There are also the Pandavas. There are also the heads of the zones. Raise your hands! Look how many hands there are! There are very good hands, but it is just that, at the moment, they are behind the curtains, they haven’t yet come onto the stage. Achcha. Congratulations.

(BapDada speaking to the Kumaris from the Indore Hostel)

Will you kumaris now perform wonders, or will you just perform dances? Now, to the extent that you are young, so perform great wonders. You young kumaris should issue a challenge. When you issue a challenge on the basis of your experience, everyone will be impressed. It is good that you have made your life safe. You have been protected fro m the company of the world. Now, make such plans amongst yourselves. Think of a new plan for service, so that even though you are young, you can demonstrate this by making wonderful plans. You can do it. Look, when establishment took place, it was the young kumaris who performed wonders, was it not? You too should create a wonderful plan. It is good. You have good company, a good atmosphere, you have safety, and you also have time. Therefore, now make a plan. Is this OK? Will you make plans? Make such a plan that the older ones remain as they are, and the young ones become equal to Allah. Achcha. Achcha, make your mind work under your orders. You should be able to connect your mind wherever you want in a second. It should be fixed there. Perform this exercise. Achcha.

Children in many places are listening to Baba. They are remembering Baba and also listening to Him. They are also happy to hear this. In fact, the facilities of science are bestowers of happiness for you children. To all the children everywhere who are always full of all treasures, to the constantly fortunate world benefactor children who have a happy face and who give a drop of happiness through their behaviour, to the children who become constant masters of the mind and who use the power of concentration to control their mind, and, by conquering their mind, become conquerors of the world, to the pure Brahmin souls who always stay in the speciality of Brahmin life – the personality of purity, to those who always become double-light and follow Father Brahma in the angelic life, to such children who are equal to Father Brahma, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada.

To all the children everywhere who are listening and remembering Baba, lots and lots of love and remembrance and together with blessings from the heart, namaste to everyone. BapDada speaking to the Dadis: Everyone has received a good part in the drama. You like your part, do you not? BapDada is also pleased. They are very co-operative with you, are they not?

(To Dadiji).

They are right hands, are they not? You are right hands, are you not? Look at this whole group, they are all your right hands. They are such good right hands. They are also your right hands (to Dadi Janki). There are also right hands for the service abroad. (Call three or four of them). All of you right hands have responsibility. (Speaking to the senior sisters from abroad.) These (Dadis) are the instruments, but you are the ones who are responsible, because it is the hands that do the work. Look at the body, what is it that does the most work? The hands. So, all of you are right hands. And, the hands can do as much as they want. Their (Dadi’s) work is head work (brain work) and your work is work of the hands. They give inspirations, advice and directions, but you are the ones who will do that. They (Dadis) are not going to go and give courses. Now, even their (senior sisters) part of giving courses has ended. The right hands of Madhuban are good and the right hands abroad are also good. They are those who perform wonders. BapDada is pleased. Look, each one is such a good jewel.

(To the gathering)

All of you are also right hands, are you not? Right hands. Right hands are those who always perform right actions. You are not those who ever perform wasteful actions, but those who perform right actions. BapDada is pleased. All of you are the decoration. However many of you are instruments, and there are others too, when BapDada sees that all of you are very co-operative w ith one another and performing a very good task, He is pleased. Both the unity and purity of all of you who are instruments give courage to the whole family. There are also the Pandavas. The Pandavas have not been called onto the stage, but the Pandavas are also included w ith you. All of you took such a good chance. You arrived here and so you took the chance. Look, whenever BapDada looks at each one of you, He thinks: I should call this one and talk to him or her. However, a physical body means a bondage. Baba is bound by the bondage of the physical body. In the bondage of the physical body, one is not able to do as much, but one can do that in the subtle region and this is why he became free from bondage. There, there is no question of space and no question of time, but do you know something? Baba is going to share a secret with you: BapDada invites groups of people to the subtle region and also has a heart-to-heart conversation with them.

Do you remember in the corporeal days when Brahma Baba invited different groups to dine with him? (At Clifton.) In the same way, BapDada definitely invites you to the subtle region, but He cannot do that in the corporeal form. Achcha. So many very good servers are sitting here in Madhuban. Look, so many good people of the departments are sitting here. Look, how there are so many very good double foreigners. Look, the mothers are the best of all, but how could Baba call all of you? Could all of you fit onto the stage? You cannot. It is good that the att raction of Madhuban works like a canopy of protection for everyone. When you arrive here, you have such good experiences. Achcha.

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Avyakt BapDada 27th February 1985

Revised by BKWSU 23th November 2003

The specialities of the Shiv Shakti Pandav Army. Today, at Amrit Vela, BapDada was seeing the special double-foreign children who live far away, yet remain close to the heart who have personally come in front of Baba. Today, a sweet heart-to-heart conversation took place between Bap and Dada. On what topic? Father Brahma was especially pleased with the double-foreign children and said: It is the wonder of you children that although you are residents of such faraway lands, you always have love and always have the one deep desire that, in whatever way possible you definitely want everyone to receive BapDada’s message. For that, some children perform double tasks. Whilst remaining double busy, with lokik and alokik, not considering their own rest, they are always lost in that task day and night. Not even being concerned about their food and drink, they are constantly busy in service. To adopt purity, which people consider to be an unnatural life, and to renounce impurity, you have adopted it in your life with courage, determination, out of love for the Father, with the pilgrimage of remembrance, on the basis of the attainment of peace and on the basis of your study and the company of the family. What people consider to be very difficult, you have made easy.

Seeing the Pandava Army, Father Brahma was especially singing songs of praise of you children. For which aspect? Each one of you has it in your heart that purity is the first means to become a yogi. Purity is the means to experience the Father’s love. Purity is the basis of success in service. Each of you has this pure thought very firmly in your heart. And the wonder of you Pandavas is that, whilst keeping the Shaktis in front, you are moving along with zeal and enthusiasm and making yourselves move forward. The intense speed of the efforts of you Pandavas appears to be one that is enabling you to progress well. The majority of you are continually moving forward with this speed. Father Shiva said: Pandavas have shown a good record of especially giving regard. Together with that, He also said something amusing. In between, they also play the game of sanskars. However, even then, because of enthusiasm for progress and because of having deep love for the Father, they understand that the Father loves this transformation out of love. This is why they surrender themselves. They only do that which the Father says and wants. They transform themselves with this thought. Out of love, their labour doesn’t seem like labour.

To tolerate out of love doesn’t seem like tolerating. This is why they still continue to say “Baba, Baba” and continue to move forward. According to the sanskars and make-up of the body, that is, whilst being of a limited creation, they have transformed themselves very well. Because of keeping the Father, the Creator, in front of them, they have imbibed well the qualifications for the aim of becoming egoless and humble and are still imbibing them. They come into contact with others in the atmosphere of the world but because they have the canopy of protection of love for remembrance, they are giving very good proof of remaining safe. Did you hear about the Pandavas? Today, instead of being the Beloved, BapDada has become the Lover. This is why He is pleased to see you. Both have special love for you children. So, today, at Amrit Vela, BapDada turned the rosary of the specialities and virtues of the children. All of you people have been turning the rosary for 63 births and in return the Father is turning the rosary now and is giving you a response. Achcha.

What rosary of the Shaktis did Baba turn? The greatest speciality of the Shakti Army is that you are moving forward with love by being absorbed in the Father’s love at every moment out of love for Him and with the experience of all relationships with the One. You constantly have the Father merged in one eye and service merged in the other eye. The special transformation you have had is that you have renounced your carelessness and your sensitive nature. You have become the form of Shakti who has courage. Today, BapDada was especially looking at the young Shaktis. In this age of youth, you have renounced many types of temporary attractions and are moving along with the one Father’s attraction with zeal and enthusiasm. You have experienced the world to be a tasteless world and have therefore made the Father your world. By using your body, mind and wealth for the Father and service, you have experienced attainment and are now moving ahead in the flying stage. You have worn the crown of responsibility of service very well. Even whilst sometimes experiencing tiredness, whilst sometimes experiencing a burden on your intellect, with the determination that you have to follow the Father and that you have to reveal Him, you have finished all of those things and are achieving success. This is why, when BapDada sees the love of the children, He repeatedly gives the blessing: “When the children maintain courage, the Father helps.” Success is your birthright anyway. By keeping the Father’s company, you are able to overcome every situation as though you are pulling a hair out of butter. Success is the garland around the children’s neck. The garland of success is going to welcome you children. Therefore, even BapDada surrenders Himself to the renunciation, tapasya and service of you children. Because of love, you don’t experience anything to be difficult. It is like this, is it not?

Where there is love, in the world of love, in the Father’s world and in the Father’s language, the word difficult doesn’t exist. The speciality of the Shakti Army is making difficult things easy. Each one of you has enthusiasm in your heart to become an instrument to give the message to the maximum number of people as quickly as possible and bring a spiritual bouquet of roses in front of the Father. Just as the Father has made us, so we too should make others like that and bring them in front of the Father. With the co-operation of one another in a collective form, the Shakti Army has the pure enthusiasm of creating something new abroad even more than in Bharat. Where there is the thought, success too is definitely there. The Shakti Army at each of their places is successful in growing and being successful in everything and will continue to do so. Seeing the love of both, seeing their enthusiasm for service, BapDada is pleased. How much can Baba praise each one’s virtues? Nevertheless, in the subtle region, BapDada was speaking of the virtues of each and every child. Whilst still thinking about it, some people of this land will be left out, whereas children from abroad have recognised and claimed their right. Those people will be left watching and you will arrive home with the Father. They will be crying out whereas you will be continuing to give a drop of something with your drishti of blessings. So, did you hear what BapDada especially did today?

Seeing the whole gathering, BapDada was singing the praise of the fortunate children who are creating their fortune. Those from far away have become close, whereas those who are living in Abu have become very distant. They are far away although living close and you are close though you live far. They are those who simply watch and you are those who are always seated on the heart-throne. You find ways to come to Madhuban with so much love. Every month you sing these songs: I want to meet Baba. I want to go there. I have to save for that. So, this love also becomes a means to become a conqueror of Maya. If you were to receive a ticket easily, there would be more obstacles in that love. However, you create a lake, drop by drop. Therefore, the Father’s remembrance is merged in accumulating every drop. This is why whatever happens in the drama is beneficial.

If you were to receive a lot more money, then Maya would come and you would forget service. This is why the wealthy don’t become the Father’s children who have a right. You earn and you save. There is power in saving the money of a true income. The money of a true income is being used in a worthwhile way for the Father’s task. If you were to receive money just like that, your body wouldn’t be used for it, and if your body is not used, your mind would also fluctuate. This is why all three, your body, mind and wealth are being used for this. This is why to earn at the Confluence Age and save in God’s bank is the number one life. If you simply earn and save in worldly perishable banks, that is not used in a worthwhile way. If you earn and accumulate in the imperishable bank, then one becomes multimillion-fold. It is then accumulated for 21 births. Whatever you do with your heart reaches Dilaram, the Comforter of Hearts. If someone does something simply to show others, then that is used up in making a show. It doesn’t reach the Comforter of Hearts. This is why you, who do from your heart, are good. If you something from your heart, you become a multimillionaire, whereas if you do a thousandfold just for show, then you don’t become a multimillionaire. The income of the heart, the income of love, is a true income. What do you earn money for? For service, don’t you? Or, is it for your own comfort? So, the income of a true heart is that one becomes multimillionfold. If you earn and save for your own comfort then, although you might have comfort here, later you will become instruments who give comfort to others.
What will the maids and servants do? They will be there to give comfort to the royal family. By having rest and comfort here, you will become instruments who have to give rest and comfort there. Therefore, whatever you earn with love and a true heart and use for service, you are using that in a worthwhile way. You are receiving the blessings of many souls. Those for whom you become instruments will then become your devotees and worship you. You served those souls and in return for that service, they will serve your non-living images. They will worship them. They will continue to give you the return of service for 63 births. You will receive from the Father anyway, but you will also receive from those souls. Whomsoever you give a message to and who then don’t claim a right, will give the return in this way. Those who claim a right then come into relationship with you. Some come into relationship with you and some become devotees. Some become subjects. Various results emerge. Do you understand?

People ask: Why are you running around doing service? Just eat, drink and be merry. What do you receive that you are chasing after service day and night? What do you then say? Try and experience that which we have received. Only those who have experienced this happiness know about it. This is the song you sing, is it not? Achcha. To those who are always lost in love, to those who always experience renunciation to be fortune, to those who always make multimillions out of one, to those who always follow BapDada, to those who experience the Father to be their world, to such children seated on the heart-throne, love, remembrance and namaste from the Father, the Comforter of Hearts.

(Personal meeting of BapDada with double foreigners)

Do you consider yourselves to be fortunate souls? You have at least created so much fortune that you have reached the place of the Bestower of Fortune. Do you understand what this place is? To reach a place of peace is also fortune. So this path of attaining fortune has also opened. According to the drama, you have reached the place where you attain fortune. The line of fortune is drawn here. So you have made your fortune elevated. Now, just give a little time. You have time and you can also give your company. There is nothing difficult in this. For something that is difficult you have to think a little. If it is easy, then do it. By doing so, all the temporary hopes and desires you have in life will be fulfilled with imperishable attainment. To chase after those temporary desires is like chasing your shadow. The more you try to catch a shadow, the more it will go ahead of you, and you won’t be able to reach it. However, you simply continue to move forward and that will follow you. So, by going after imperishable attainments in this way, the perishable things will all end. Do you understand? This is the method for attaining all attainments. Renunciation for a little time enables you to attain fortune for all time. Therefore, constantly continue to move forward by understanding this aim. Through this, you will attain the treasure of a lot of happiness.

In life, the greatest treasure of all is happiness. If there is no happiness, there is no life. So, you can attain the treasure of imperishable happiness. Service is the means for creating your stage. BapDada sees the children’s zeal and enthusiasm for always moving forward. The children’s zeal and enthusiasm reach BapDada. Children have the desire in them to bring the VVIPs of the world in front of the Father. This enthusiasm will continue to become practical because you definitely receive the fruit of selfless service. Service enables you to create your own stage. Therefore, never think that this service is so big and that your stage is not like that. However, service will automatically enable your stage to be created. Service of others is the means for self-progress. Service will automatically continue to make your stage powerful. You receive the Father’s help, do you not? By receiving the Father’s help and with your power increasing, that stage will also come. Do you understand? Therefore, never think: How can I do this service because my stage is not like that? No. Continue to do it. BapDada’s blessing is: You definitely have to move forward. The sweet bondage of service is the means to move forward. The sound of those who speak from their heart and with the authority of their experience reaches their heart. Words of the authority of experience inspire others to have an experience.

Whilst moving forward in service, the test papers that come are also a means of moving forward because your intellect then works on that and you pay special attention to stay in remembrance. So, that too becomes a special lift. It is then always in your intellect: How can we make the atmosphere very powerful? No matter in how big a form an obstacle comes, you elevated souls receive benefit from that. That big form also becomes small through the power of remembrance. It is like a paper tiger. Achcha.

(Added by BKWSU on 23th November 2003)

Blessing: May you be free from waves of sorrow and always remain safe under the canopy of protection of God’s love. Just as a lotus is detached whilst on dirty water, and to the extent that it is detached, so it is also loved by all, in the same way, you children are detached from the world of sorrow and have become loving to the Father. This Godly love becomes a canopy of protection for you. No one can do anything to those who have God’s canopy of protection over them. Therefore, maintain the spiritual intoxication that you are those who remain under God’s canopy of protection. Waves of sorrow cannot even touch you.

Slogan: Those who glorify the names of BapDada and the Brahmin clan through their elevated divine activities are the lamps of the clan.

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