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Avyakt BapDada 21st January 1969
Avyakt BapDada 24th January 1969
Avyakt BapDada 25th January 1969
Avyakt BapDada 2nd February 1969
Avyakt BapDada 6th February 1969
Avyakt BapDada 15th February 1969
Avyakt BapDada 2nd March 1969
Avyakt BapDada 4th March 1969
Avyakt BapDada 13th March 1969
Avyakt BapDada 17th April 1969
Avyakt BapDada 19th April 1969
Avyakt BapDada 24th April 1969
Avyakt BapDada 8th May 1969
Avyakt BapDada 17th May 1969
Avyakt BapDada 18th May 1969
Avyakt BapDada 26th May 1969
Avyakt BapDada 16th June 1969
Avyakt BapDada 19th June 1969
Avyakt BapDada 26th June 1969
Avyakt BapDada 6th July 1969
Avyakt BapDada 16th July 1969
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Avyakt BapDada 23rd July 1969
Avyakt BapDada 24th July 1969
Avyakt BapDada 27th August 1969
Avyakt BapDada 15th September 1969
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Avyakt BapDada 28th September 1969
Avyakt BapDada 3rd October 1969
Avyakt BapDada 16th October 1969
Avyakt BapDada 20th October 1969
Avyakt BapDada 25th October 1969
Avyakt BapDada 9th November 1969
Avyakt BapDada 13th November 1969
Avyakt BapDada 17th November 1969
Avyakt BapDada 28th November 1969
Avyakt BapDada 6th December 1969
Avyakt BapDada 20th December 1969


Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1970
Avyakt BapDada 22nd January 1970
Avyakt BapDada 23rd January 1970
Avyakt BapDada 26th January 1970
Avyakt BapDada 13th February 1970
Avyakt BapDada 5th March 1970
Avyakt BapDada 23rd March 1970
Avyakt BapDada 2nd April 1970
Avyakt BapDada 5th April 1970
Avyakt BapDada 14th May 1970
Avyakt BapDada 21st May 1970
Avyakt BapDada 28th May 1970
Avyakt BapDada 29th May 1970
Avyakt BapDada 11th June 1970
Avyakt BapDada 19th June 1970
Avyakt BapDada 2nd July 1970
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Avyakt BapDada 24th July 1970
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Avyakt BapDada 6th August 1970
Avyakt BapDada 17th October 1970
Avyakt BapDada 22nd October 1970
Avyakt BapDada 23rd October 1970
Avyakt BapDada 25th October 1970
Avyakt BapDada 29th October 1970
Avyakt BapDada 5th November 1970
Avyakt BapDada 3rd December 1970
Avyakt BapDada 9th December 1970


Avyakt BapDada 12th November 1979
Avyakt BapDada 14th November 1979
Avyakt BapDada 19th November 1979
Avyakt BapDada 23rd November 1979
Avyakt BapDada 26th November 1979
Avyakt BapDada 28th November 1979
Avyakt BapDada 30th November 1979
Avyakt BapDada 3rd December 1979
Avyakt BapDada 5th December 1979
Avyakt BapDada 10th December 1979
Avyakt BapDada 12th December 1979
Avyakt BapDada 15th December 1979
Avyakt BapDada 17th December 1979
Avyakt BapDada 19th December 1979
Avyakt BapDada 24th December 1979
Avyakt BapDada 26th December 1979
Avyakt BapDada 31st December 1979


Avyakt BapDada 2nd January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 4th January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 7th January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 9th January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 14th January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 16th January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 21st January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 23rd January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 25th January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 28th January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 30th January 1980
Avyakt BapDada 1st February 1980
Avyakt BapDada 4th February 1980
Avyakt BapDada 6th February 1980
Avyakt BapDada 7th February 1980


Avyakt BapDada 19th November 1984
Avyakt BapDada 21st November 1984
Avyakt BapDada 26th November 1984
Avyakt BapDada 28th November 1984
Avyakt BapDada 5th December 1984
Avyakt BapDada 10th December 1984
Avyakt BapDada 12th December 1984
Avyakt BapDada 17th December 1984
Avyakt BapDada 19th December 1984
Avyakt BapDada 24th December 1984
Avyakt BapDada 26th December 1984
Avyakt BapDada 31st December 1984


Avyakt BapDada 2nd January 1985
Avyakt BapDada 7th January 1985
Avyakt BapDada 9th January 1985
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Avyakt BapDada 28th January 1985
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Avyakt BapDada 3rd February 1985
Avyakt BapDada 16th February 1985
Avyakt BapDada 18th February 1985
Avyakt BapDada 21st February 1985
Avyakt BapDada 24th February 1985
Avyakt BapDada 27th February 1985
Avyakt BapDada 6th March 1985
Avyakt BapDada 9th March 1985
Avyakt BapDada 12th March 1985
Avyakt BapDada 15th March 1985
Avyakt BapDada 18th March 1985
Avyakt BapDada 21st March 1985
Avyakt BapDada 24th March 1985
Avyakt BapDada 27th March 1985
Avyakt BapDada 30th March 1985
Avyakt BapDada 2nd September 1985
Avyakt BapDada 11th November 1985
Avyakt BapDada 13th November 1985
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Avyakt BapDada 25th November 1985
Avyakt BapDada 27th November 1985
Avyakt BapDada 2nd December 1985
Avyakt BapDada 4th December 1985
Avyakt BapDada 9th December 1985
Avyakt BapDada 11th December 1985
Avyakt BapDada 14th December 1985
Avyakt BapDada 16th December 1985
Avyakt BapDada 19th December 1985
Avyakt BapDada 23rd December 1985
Avyakt BapDada 25th December 1985
Avyakt BapDada 30th December 1985


Avyakt BapDada 1st January 1986
Avyakt BapDada 6th January 1986
Avyakt BapDada 8th January 1986
Avyakt BapDada 13th January 1986
Avyakt BapDada 15th January 1986
Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1986
Avyakt BapDada 20th January 1986
Avyakt BapDada 22nd January 1986
Avyakt BapDada 16th February 1986
Avyakt BapDada 18th February 1986
Avyakt BapDada 20th February 1986
Avyakt BapDada 22nd February 1986
Avyakt BapDada 25th February 1986
Avyakt BapDada 27th February 1986
Avyakt BapDada 1st March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 4th March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 7th March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 10th March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 13th March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 16th March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 19th March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 22nd March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 25th March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 27th March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 29th March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 31st March 1986
Avyakt BapDada 7th April 1986
Avyakt BapDada 9th April 1986


Avyakt BapDada 1st Ocotober 1987
Avyakt BapDada 5th Ocotober 1987
Avyakt BapDada 9th Ocotober 1987
Avyakt BapDada 14th Ocotober 1987
Avyakt BapDada 21st Ocotober 1987
Avyakt BapDada 25th Ocotober 1987
Avyakt BapDada 29th Ocotober 1987
Avyakt BapDada 2nd November 1987
Avyakt BapDada 6th November 1987
Avyakt BapDada 10th November 1987
Avyakt BapDada 14th November 1987
Avyakt BapDada 18th November 1987
Avyakt BapDada 22nd November 1987
Avyakt BapDada 27th November 1987
Avyakt BapDada 6th December 1987
Avyakt BapDada 10th December 1987
Avyakt BapDada 14th December 1987
Avyakt BapDada 18th December 1987
Avyakt BapDada 23rd December 1987
Avyakt BapDada 27th December 1987
Avyakt BapDada 31st December 1987


Avyakt BapDada 6th January 1988
Avyakt BapDada 10th January 1988
Avyakt BapDada 14th January 1988
Avyakt BapDada 17th January 1988
Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1988
Avyakt BapDada 22nd January 1988
Avyakt BapDada 26th January 1988
Avyakt BapDada 30th January 1988
Avyakt BapDada 3rd February 1988
Avyakt BapDada 16th February 1988
Avyakt BapDada 20th February 1988
Avyakt BapDada 24th February 1988
Avyakt BapDada 28th February 1988
Avyakt BapDada 3rd March 1988
Avyakt BapDada 7th March 1988
Avyakt BapDada 12th March 1988
Avyakt BapDada 15th March 1988
Avyakt BapDada 19th March 1988
Avyakt BapDada 27th March 1988
Avyakt BapDada 23rd March 1988


Avyakt BapDada 7th November 1989
Avyakt BapDada 11th November 1989
Avyakt BapDada 15th November 1989
Avyakt BapDada 19th November 1989
Avyakt BapDada 23rd November 1989
Avyakt BapDada 27th November 1989
Avyakt BapDada 1st December 1989
Avyakt BapDada 5th December 1989
Avyakt BapDada 9th December 1989
Avyakt BapDada 13th December 1989
Avyakt BapDada 17th December 1989
Avyakt BapDada 21st December 1989
Avyakt BapDada 25th December 1989
Avyakt BapDada 29th December 1989
Avyakt BapDada 31st December 1989


Avyakt BapDada 2nd January 1990
Avyakt BapDada 6th January 1990
Avyakt BapDada 10th January 1990
Avyakt BapDada 14th January 1990
Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1990
Avyakt BapDada 22nd January 1990
Avyakt BapDada 22nd February 1990
Avyakt BapDada 1st March 1990
Avyakt BapDada 7th March 1990
Avyakt BapDada 13th March 1990
Avyakt BapDada 19th March 1990
Avyakt BapDada 25th March 1990


Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1992
Avyakt BapDada 13th February 1992
Avyakt BapDada 1st March 1992
Avyakt BapDada 16th March 1992
Avyakt BapDada 1st April 1992
Avyakt BapDada 8th April 1992
Avyakt BapDada 24th September 1992
Avyakt BapDada 3rd October 1992
Avyakt BapDada 13th October 1992
Avyakt BapDada 3rd November 1992
Avyakt BapDada 12th November 1992
Avyakt BapDada 21st November 1992
Avyakt BapDada 30th November 1992
Avyakt BapDada 10th December 1992
Avyakt BapDada 20th December 1992
Avyakt BapDada 31st December 1992


Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1993
Avyakt BapDada 18th February 1993
Avyakt BapDada 7th March 1993


Avyakt BapDada 17th November 1994
Avyakt BapDada 26th November 1994
Avyakt BapDada 5th December 1994
Avyakt BapDada 14th December 1994
Avyakt BapDada 23rd December 1994
Avyakt BapDada 31st December 1994


Avyakt BapDada 9th January 1995
Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1995
Avyakt BapDada 19th January 1995
Avyakt BapDada 26th January 1995
Avyakt BapDada 26th February 1995
Avyakt BapDada 7th March 1995
Avyakt BapDada 16th March 1995
Avyakt BapDada 25th March 1995
Avyakt BapDada 31st March 1995
Avyakt BapDada 7th November 1995
Avyakt BapDada 16th November 1995
Avyakt BapDada 25th November 1995
Avyakt BapDada 4th December 1995
Avyakt BapDada 13th December 1995
Avyakt BapDada 22nd December 1995
Avyakt BapDada 31st December 1995


Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1996
Avyakt BapDada 16th February 1996
Avyakt BapDada 27th February 1996
Avyakt BapDada 10th March 1996
Avyakt BapDada 22nd March 1996
Avyakt BapDada 1st September 1996

These are summaries for the 1995/96 season only and not for the 1996/97 season. In the murli of 1st September 1996, BapDada indicated that there would only be one more meeting in 1996, in December, and only three more in the 1996/97 season. This was left out of the summary – generally, the administrative arrangements are omitted from these summaries. It is not known what actually transpired in that season. Plans are often changed.


Avyakt BapDada 21st November 1998
Avyakt BapDada 12th December 1998
Avyakt BapDada 31st December 1998


Avyakt BapDada 18th January 1999
Avyakt BapDada 13th February 1999
Avyakt BapDada 1st March 1999
Avyakt BapDada 15th March 1999


Avyakt BapDada 22nd September 2005
Avyakt BapDada 21st October 2005
Avyakt BapDada 15th November 2005
Avyakt BapDada 30th November 2005
Avyakt BapDada 15th December 2005
Avyakt BapDada 31st December 2005


Avyakt BapDada 18th January 2006
Avyakt BapDada 3rd February 2006

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Avyakt BapDada 3rd February 2006

Today, BapDada is seeing all His children everywhere – the selected few out of the whole world who become those who have a right to God’s love. It is only God’s love that has brought you children here. It is only at this time out of the whole cycle that you experience God’s love. At all other times you experienced love from souls from great souls, from religious souls, but now you have become worthy of receiving God’s love. What would you reply when someone asks you where God is? – that God, the Father, is with us – that we live with him – God cannot stay without us and we cannot stay without God. You are experiencing so much love. You would say with intoxication that God is living in your heart, and that you are living in God’s heart. You have experienced this, have you not? If you are not experienced in this, then who is? The Father is pleased to see the children who have claimed a right to such love.

The sign of love for God is that you are easily ready to sacrifice everything for the one you love. So all of you have become as the Father wants you to be, have you not? Each and every child has become equal to the Father and has the Father visible through their face? You know what the stage is that the Father likes, do you not? – that of complete purity. Purity is the foundation of Brahmin life. There should not be the slightest name or trace of impurity in your thoughts or your dreams. BapDada is repeatedly drawing your attention to the fact that waste thoughts too are not complete purity. So check – do you have waste thoughts? Check that no types of thoughts are distancing you from perfection. Check that no wasteful thoughts are wasting your time in a royal way. Do arrogance and insult attack you in a royal way in the form of waste thoughts? If, out of arrogance, anyone considers his speciality, which is a godly gift, to be his own, then the arrogance of that speciality brings him down – it becomes an obstacle, and the arrogance that comes in a subtle form, which you know about, is the consciousness of “mine”. These waste thoughts distance you from perfection. BapDada wants you to stay in your self respect – not to have an arrogance or disregard.

BapDada wants to see every child with the faith and intoxication of being a double master – master of the Father’s treasures, and masters of self sovereignty. You are both types of master because you are the children and also the masters. To say “my Baba” means to become a child – however, together with being a child, become both types of master. You become number-wise in becoming a master. You have received the treasures of inheritance and this is why you have the faith and intoxication of being a child – but you have to become a master in a practical way. The mind causes obstacles to becoming self sovereign. Become a master of the mind – never influenced by the mind. To be self sovereign means to be a king. Father Brahma checked himself every day – he became the master of his mind, and claimed the right to be master of the world.

It is the mind that influences you with waste thoughts – if you do not control the mind, then because it is mischievous, it controls you. So check yourself. The mind is likened to a horse because it is mischievous – and you have the reins of shrimat. If the reins become slack, even slightly, then the horse becomes mischievous. Why do the reins become slack? Because somewhere or other you begin to look at the side scenes – and when the reins are slack the mind takes its chance. So always be aware – “I am a master and a child”. Check that you are a master of treasures, and also a master of self sovereignty – a double master – otherwise weak sanskars emerge. You say “my sanskars”, but weak sanskars are Ravan’s property – how can you say they are yours? The sanskars of the Father are “my” sanskars – the sanskars of world benefactor, good wishes and pure feelings. It is wrong to call any weak sanskar your own. And if you have kept any weak sanskar in your heart, then you have placed something impure in your heart – and so you sometimes have to battle – the pure and impure have been placed together, and what else would they do but battle? So you have to transform your sanskars.

BapDada wants to see each on of you children multi-million-fold fortunate in your activities, and through your face. Some children say that they have become fortunate – however, while moving along, the fortune that should have emerged becomes merged. BapDada wants to see the star of fortune sparkling on the forehead of every child – anyone who sees you should see from your face and activities that you are fortunate – only then will revelation of the Father take place, because the majority of people today want to have an experience. Science of today gives an experience – of heat or coolness – similarly they want an experience through the power of silence. The more you stay in this experience, the more you will be able to grant others an experience. BapDada has already given a signal that you now have to do combined service, not only through words, but also become an image of experience, and make others have an experience – an experience of peace, happiness, or soul conscious love. You may forget what you have heard, but once you have experienced something, you cannot forget it. It brings them closer to those who gave the experience.

You are all asking what newness you should bring for the future. BapDada has seen that every wing is doing service with great zeal and enthusiasm. However, until now, the sound that this is God’s knowledge has not spread – very few have had the experience that God himself is carrying out his task. The soul and dharna (values) are being revealed – you are doing a good job, you speak well, you teach good things, and as far as that goes, it is fine. They even say that your knowledge is good. However the sound that it is God’s knowledge will bring them closer to God, and the closer they come to God, the more they will experience. So make a plan and fill your lectures with such power that they will come close to God. The revelation that God has come, and that he himself is getting his task accomplished, will bring them close like needles to a magnet. They will come running here just as you do. So now become the practical proof of this experience of God. Achcha.

To all the children everywhere who are spiritual roses; to those who are extremely loving to the Father and extremely detached from body conscious; to the especially beloved children of BapDada’s heart, who always belong to the one Father, who have a concentrated mind, and a constant and stable stage; to all the children in different places everywhere; to the children who have claimed a right to God’s love every cycle, love and remembrance and namaste from BapDada; please aCcept multi-million-fold blessings from the heart, and also, namaste from BapDada to the children who are double masters.

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Avyakt BapDada 18th January 2006

Today, is the day of love. All the children from everywhere are merged in the Ocean of Love. This love makes you an easy yogi. Love takes you beyond all other attractions. All of you children have the blessing of love as a blessing from birth. Love has the power to enable transformation. So today Baba saw two types of children everywhere – all are the lovely children, but only some are absorbed on love. The children who are absorbed in love are easily and automatically equal to the Father in their every thought, every breath, every word, and every deed. Why? The Father has given the children the blessing of being powerful. Today is called the day of remembrance and power. Why? The Father made himself the backbone on this day and revealed the children who are absorbed in love on the stage of the world. In the corporeal form he revealed the children, and he then became a companion in th avyakt form.

On this day of remembrance and power he made the children the masters, and gave the master almighty authority children the task to reveal the Almighy Authority Father. The Father is happy because all the children are engaged in the task of revealing the Father, of benefiting the world, and transforming the world, according to their capcity and strength. BapDada gives multi-million congratulations from the heart to the children who are such master almighty authorities, all round servers, who maintain zeal and enthusiasm equal to that of the Father, who are altruistic servers and unlimited servers. Congratulations. Congratulations. BapDada has pure pride – he is proud of his children – throughout the whole cycle there isn’t such a Father whose every child is a “self-sovereign” king.

Many children ask, when they have a conversation with Baba: show us an image of what we will become in the future. What does BapDada say? The older children say that Mother Jagadamba used to give all the children an image – so also give us an image! BapDada says that he has given every child a unique mirror, in which you can see the image of who yo are in the future. Do you know which mirror? Those sitting in the front row must know it! Do you know? That mirror is the self-sovereign stage of the present time – to the extent you are self-sovereign, accordingly you will claim a right to the kingdom of the world. So are you self sovereign? Or are you sometimes dependent? Do your eyes sometimes deceive you? Does your mouth sometimes deceive you? Do your ears sometimes deceive you? Are you interested in listening to wasteful things? If any of the physical organs deceive you, they control you, and it proves you do not have the controlling power or the ruling power that you received from the Father as a blessing and inheritance. How could someone who cannot rule the self, rule the world? Check in the mirror of your present stage of self sovereign – you have all received the mirror, have you not? There aren’t any stains on the mirror are there? Is the mirror clear?

BapDada has given all the children the self respect of being self sovereign – you have all received the title of master almighty authority – not just a master with powers, but a master with all powers. If your powers do not emerge at the right time, check whether you are seated on your seat as a master: “I am a master almighty authority – I have a right to the inheritance and blessings from the Father”. Be seated on this seat and then issue and order. If you come off your seat you will not be obeyed. Would anyone obey the Prime Minister if he had given up his position? So check – did I issue an order as one who has a right? The father has given every child Godly authority – you have God’s authority. So order any power when you are stable in the stage of your authority and your right, and that power will say “yes my Lord!”. In front of all the powers, Maya, the elements, sanskars, and nature, will all become servants – they will wait for you, the master to give them orders.

This is the day of power, isn’t it? So BapDada is making you children revise what powers you have. He is making you underline it. BapDada has seen that the majority of children have a leakage, and so their powers are reduced. The leakage is mainly waste thoughts, and wasted time. It isn’t bad, but it is wasteful – you don’t accumulate at that time. You didn’t lose anything, but did you earn anything? You didn’t cause sorrow, but to how many did you give happiness? You didn’t make anyone peaceless, but how much did you spread vibrations of peace? You have this short time of the most elevated age to accumulate – if not now, then never. Make a savings scheme – save thoughts, time, words.

BapDada wants to see all the children as self-sovereign kings who are always seated on their seat of authority. Do you like this form? Whenever BapDada sees any child on the TV, he wants to see that child in this form. BapDada has a natural TV – he doesn’t have to switch it on – he cans see everywhere at the same time – he can see every child in every corner. Tomorrow what will Baba see in his TV? – you in the angelic dress, the sparkling dress of light? Do not wear the dress of the mud of body consciousness. When you have the sparkling, you are the stars of success. BapDada wants to see an image of each one of you like this. You like this do you not? If you wore a dress of mud you would become like mud, would you not? Father Brahma is in a sparkling dress – he is an angel. Follow the father. When your physical clothes become covered in mud or stained you change them – in the same way check whether you have constantly a sparkling angelic dress. The Father has the pure pride that every child is a king child. So stay in that form – live as a king – then Maya will become your servant, and will come to say farewell to you – she will come to say farewell for half the cycle – she will not attack you. BapDada always says: those who surrender themselves to the Father can never be defeated. If you are defeated, you have not surrendered.

(Q by me.. how can you be surrendered to another, even God, AND be self sovereign????????)

Fix a date for the ceremony of success. BapDada says that at least 108 jewels should celebrate the ceremony of having become the embodiment of success – they should become examples – is this possible? Speak! Those in the front row, speak! Is it possible? You don’t have the courage to reply. Everything can happen with courage. Dadi, say can 108 become the embodiment of success? (yes they can definitely become that – the ceremony of success can be celebrated.) Look – Dadi has courage – she is maintaining courage on behalf of all of you – so be co-operative. Pandavas speak! Why are you quiet? Why do you not have this courage? Will you demonstrate this by doing it practically? Can you at least maintain courage? There won’t be any sanskars remaining, any weaknesses remaining? Achcha – even those from Madhuban are raising their hands! Wah! Congratulations! Congratulations! Achcha – then 108 will be ready easily – if so many have raised their hands then 108 is not a big thing. What will the double foreigners do? Yes -Dadi Janki is listening – she is keen to say something – we will also look at the rosary from abroad. Achcha – how many double foreigners are here today? (200). 108 will be ready out of them. Is that right? In this say “I first” – do not look at others – say “I first” – do not say “I” in other things, but say “I” for this. BapDada is going to give even more work.

: Today is the day of power and so you have power. BapDada wants to celebrate a unique Diwali – BapDda wants to light the lamp of hope in disheartened people. The lamp of hope should be ignited in the minds of all human souls everywhere. BapDada wants this Diwali of the lamps of hope. If this lamp of hope is lit in the atmosphere, then world transformation will be almost here – the golden morning will have arrived. The hopelessness that nothing can happen should now finish. Lamps of hope should be ignited. You can do this, can you not? Make the vibrations that powerful
– become a lighthouse and might-house and spread the vibrations far and wide. Simply have the determined thought: I have to do it. Become busy in that. If you keep your mind busy you will benefit and souls too will benefit. While walking and moving along, be aware that you have to benefit the world. This attitude will spread into the atmosphere – according to time, everything will happen suddenly. So continue to take light from BapDada in your every thought, and as a lighthouse, continue to give light. Do not waste your time. When BapDada sees you battling a lot he doesn’t like it – a master authority and battling! So become kings, become embodiments of success. Finish the disheartenment and ignite the lamps of hope. Achcha.

Now keep the aim that while walking and moving around, you must serve through your mind, your words, or you actions – and don’t stop having remembrance. Remembrance and service are always together. Keep yourself so busy in both remembrance and service. When you remain free, Maya has a chance to come, so remain busy. Then you will easily become equal to the Father – you won’t have to labour – you will remain an embodiment of love. Achcha.

: Today, love has brought you flying here. How fast is the plane of love? You have come flying here with love – continue to fly and also make others fly. Keep the zeal and enthusiasm of this time, and the determined thoughts, always with you.

To the children who are the light of the eyes, merged in BapDada’s eyes; to the elevated souls who have a right to all the Father’s property; to all the mahavir children who constantly fly with wings of zeal and enthusiasm, and who make others fly, to the children who are absorbed in love with the deep love that the one Father is their whole world – remain absorbed in love and easily become equal to the Father. So multi-multi-millionfold love and remembrance and namaste to the children who are lovely and who remain absorbed in love. Achcha.

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