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The BKWSU has latterly claimed the copyright of the original Avyakt Murli messages but at the same time also claims they are the direct words of God through Lehkraj Kripalani’s psychic faculties. In this process, the Lehkraj Kripalani, or his spirit, is said to act merely as the mouthpiece and a BK sister called “Gulzar” as the trance medium channeller. Many people believe that as such these messages belong to all of God’s children, which means all of humanity.

At present, originals copies of these messages are made available only to ” advanced students” of the so-called “spiritual university”, and are kept secret from the general public behind the password protection and encryption on obscure private websites. Individuals are generally only able to hear the Murlis after passing introductory courses and even within the BKWSU, only allowed to access them for reading afterwards with special permission from their senior sister and/or in dedicated places with their centers.

These summaries, taken from original copies and not personal notes, are now being available in the public domain under the principles of Copyleft, as the original editor personally found the words of Avyakt BapDada to be powerful spiritual teachings. For 5 years a “student” at the BKWSU, he was privileged to attend the live channelling of these messages at three of the events. His experiences inclined him to accept that these trance channellings are genuine, divinely inspired and that the teachings were an inspiration to him.


These summaries are based on transcripts of the original Avyakt Bapdada speeches which he was able to obtain whilst a “student”. We give thanks to those members of the BKWSU who helped him to obtain the original copies. The originals were spoken in Hindi with some usage of English terms. These edits are based on the BKWSU English translations and as such, are subject to any deficiencies in the BKWSU transcriptions and translation of the original speeches. The dates given are in every case the date of the original speech. It should be noted that, controversially, the BKWSU also makes its own edits, or “revisions” of these messages to sustain the credibility of the teachings where predictions apparently fail.

BapDada says: “Do not waste your time in the wasteful. Time is of the greatest value: if not now then never … When someone relates something very long to you, make it short. Leave aside the wasteful. Teach them how to make it short. This is pure service, and having mercy.” The editor has applied this to BapDada’s own speeches, condensing the long-winded and repetitive messages down to a fraction of their original size while, hopefully, retaining the essence of the teachings. There is still much repetition. This is the way BapDada teaches, repeating the essential points almost like a mantra or affirmation but in a variety of ways so as to stimulate the mind into absorbing the message. The original speeches were given to live audiences, often became conversational and, in his opinion, rambled somewhat.

The editor has also removed the great bulk of instructions for the day to day administration of the BKWSU and the “rallying of the troops” speeches to groups of BKs from different locations while retaining some elements of them, so as not to lose completely the original flavour of these speeches. But once again the focus is on “leaving aside the wasteful” and “making it short”.

Whilst some sentences and short passages may be identical to the original BKWSU English translations, most of the content of these summaries has been altered in some way from the original, whether to condense, simplify, improve readability and flow. Or in some cases in an attempt to make sense out of obscurity. These writings should not therefore be treated as authoritative statements of Avyakt BapDada or as official teachings of the BKWSU. They are summarized.

Readers who wish to access the original documents on which these summaries are based, and those who wish to pursue these teachings further, are advised to contact the BKWSU until the day comes when it decides to release them all into the public domain.


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    The Online softcopies of these Avyakt Murlis may not be available in the Public Domain for download. However PRINTED books/copies of all Years are avaiable @ Mt. Abu book store. Anybody can purchase them at a meagre cost. Its not a Top Secret text. All ernest learners are encouraged to read it and derive immense benefit from this invaluable treasure.


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    In Brahama kumaris telling that one kalpa is 5000 years but on which basis these are telling kalpa is this many years. I need explanation. if any body give answer i will be happy. thank you


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