Avyakt BapDada 30th November 2003

Today, the Creator of the Brahmin world is seeing all His Brahmin children from everywhere. This Brahmin world is a small world, but it is an extremely elevated and lovely world. This Brahmin world is of the special souls of the world. Each and every Brahmin soul is one out of multimillions, one of a handful of souls because you have recognised your Father and claimed a right to the inheritance. Just as the Father is the Highest on High, so those souls who recognise the Father and belong to Him are also special souls. The Father, the Bestower of Fortune drew the line of elevated fortune on the forehead of every Brahmin soul as soon as he took birth. You are souls with such an elevated fortune. Do you consider yourselves to be so fortunate? Do you experience such great spiritual intoxication?

The Father, the Comforter of Hearts, is giving every Brahmin soul love from the heart, affection from His heart. This Godly love is received from only the One and only at one time throughout the whole cycle. Do you always have this spiritual intoxication in your every action? You challenge the world that you are the special souls who lead a karma yogi life. You are not those who simply have yoga, you are those who have a yogi life. Life is for all time. It is natural and constant. You are not those who have a yogi life for eight hours or six hours. Yoga, that is, remembrance is the aim of Brahmin life. The aim of life is automatically remembered, and, as is your aim, so you automatically develop those qualifications. BapDada is seeing the sparkling star of fortune on the forehead of every Brahmin soul. BapDada always sees each child as one with elevated self-respect and self-sovereignty. So, do all of you experience yourselves to be souls who have self-respect and self-sovereignty? If you bring it into your awareness for just a second, that you are soul with self-respect, then, how long is the list that emerges in just one second? Did the list of self-respect come into your awareness just now? It is a long list, is it not?

Self-respect finishes arrogance because self-respect is elevated pride. So, the elevated pride finishes the different types of impure body consciousness. When you switch on the light, darkness goes away in a second. Darkness is not made to go away. You don’t need to make effort to remove the darkness, but you just switch on the light and darkness automatically ends. In the same way, switch on your switch of the awareness of self-respect and you won’t have to make effort to end the different types of body consciousness. You do have to make effort whilst you don’t have the awareness of being an embodiment of self-respect. BapDada sees the games of the children. You speak about self-respect in your heart: I am seated on BapDada’s heart-throne. You say this, you think this, but then you don’t remain set (seated) on the seat of experience. It is essential to experience whatever you think because the most elevated authority is the authority of experience.

So, BapDada sees that you listen to everything very well, you think very well too, but hearing and thinking about it is something different. To become an embodiment of experience is the elevated authority of Brahmin life. This is the difference between devotion and knowledge. In devotion too, in the intoxication of listening, they become very intoxicated. They even think, but they are unable to have an experience. Gyan means being a gyani soul, that is, being experienced in every type of self-respect. The experienced form gives you spiritual intoxication. Experience in life can never be forgotten. Whatever you have heard or thought about can be forgotten. However, the authority of experience is never reduced. So, BapDada is reminding you children: Whatever you have heard, whatever you have heard from God the Father, become an embodiment of experience of that. Even if a thousand people try to erase something that you have experienced, it cannot be erased. Even Maya cannot erase your experience.

As soon as you adopt a body, you experience that you are So-and-so, and that remains very firm. Do you ever forget the name of your body? If someone says to you: No, you are not So-and-so, would you believe that person? In the same way, by experiencing the list of every type of self-respect, you can never forget your self-respect. However, BapDada has seen that in your becoming experienced in every type of self-respect and every point, you are numberwise. Since you have experienced that you are a soul, what else are you apart from the soul? You say: “The body is mine, but I am a soul”. Since you are a soul, where did body consciousness come from? Why did it come? What is the reason for it? The practice of 63 births, the wrong practice, that I am a body, is very firm. You forget the experience of the right practice.

When BapDada sees you children labouring, He feels love for you. God’s children and labour! What is the reason for this? The lack of being an embodiment of experience. When you are experiencing body consciousness, then no matter what happens, whenever you are performing actions, do you forget body consciousness? So Brahmin life means a karma yogi life. It means the experience of a yogi life. So check: Have I experienced every subject? To listen to knowledge and to relate it is easy. However, to become an embodiment of knowledge… When you put knowledge into practice, your every action will automatically be knowledge-full, that is, every action will be filled with the light and might of knowledge. Knowledge is said to be light and might. In the same way, the yogi form, a yog-yukt, yukti-yukt form.

To be an embodiment of dharna means that your every action, every physical organ and every virtue will be an embodiment of dharna. An experienced image of service; a constant and natural server. Whether it is through your thoughts, words, deeds, connections or relations, service should continue to happen naturally through your every action. This is called being an embodiment of experience in all four subjects. So, all of you should check to what extent you have become experienced – experienced in every virtue and experienced in every power. In any case, there is the saying: Experience is very useful at the right time. So, experience being an embodiment of experience, no matter what type of problem there is. One who is an image of experience, with his authority of experience, will transform the problem into the form of the solution in a second. Then the problem will not remain a problem. It will become the form of a solution. Do you understand?

Now, the closeness of time and the closeness of becoming equal to the Father should give the experience of being an embodiment of solutions. For a long time, you laboured with problems coming and then finding their solutions. Now, BapDada wants to see every child as one with self-respect, self-sovereignty and an embodiment of solutions. An image of experience is able to transform something in a second. Achcha. Souls from everywhere have reached here. Even the double foreigners claim a good chance in every turn. Achcha.

The Pandavas are no less in this group too. All the Pandavas, raise your hands. Mothers, kumaris, teachers, raise your hands. In the first group, there were lot more mothers, but in this group, the Pandavas have also raced very well. The intoxication and faith of the Pandavas are remembered even today. What has been remembered? Do you know? There were just five Pandavas, but, on the basis of their intoxication and faith, they became victorious. There is this praise until today. So, are you such Pandavas? Achcha, do you have intoxication? So, when you Pandavas hear that you are Pandavas, you don’t forget the Father of the Pandavas (PandavPati), do you? Do you sometimes forget Him? Pandavas and PandavPati. Pandavas can never forget PandavPati. Pandavas should have the intoxication: We are the Pandavas of every cycle, the ones who are loved by PandavPati. In the memorials too, the name of the Pandavas is no less. The title of the Pandavas is: Victorious Pandavas. So, are you such Pandavas? That’s all. We are victorious Pandavas, not just Pandavas, but victorious Pandavas. The imperishable tilak of victory is already applied on your forehead. What intoxication do you mothers have? You have a lot of intoxication.

Mothers say with intoxication: Baba has come for us! It is like this, is it not? This is because, for half the cycle, the mothers haven’t been given any status. Now, at the confluence age, even in politics, mothers have been given rights. In every department, the Father has placed you Shaktis in the front, and so, in the world too, in every profession, mothers now have rights. There isn’t a profession in which there aren’t any women. This is the status of the confluence age. So, you mothers feel: Our Baba! You feel, do you not, that it is, “My Baba!”? Do you have this intoxication? Mothers are waving their hands. It is good. You have made God belong to you and so it is the mothers who are the magicians. BapDada sees that mothers and Pandavas love BapDada in all relationships, but He also sees which ones especially love which relationship. Some children very much like making God their Friend. This is why there is the story of Khuda-Dost (God, the Friend). Baba says: At any time, whichever relationship you need, you can make God belong to you in that relationship. You can fulfil all relationships with Him. Children said: “Baba is mine” and what did the Father say? I am yours. You like the splendour of Madhuban, do you not? No matter how far away you may be sitting and listening and seeing, but the splendour of Madhuban is its own. You meet BapDada in Madhuban anyway, but how many other types of attainments do you also have? If you were to make a list of those, how many types of attainments are there? The greatest attainment of all is that you have easy yoga and natural yoga. You don’t have to labour.

When someone gives that importance to the atmosphere of Madhuban, then the atmosphere of Madhuban and the timetable of Madhuban will make that one into an easy yogi and a natural yogi. Why? In Madhuban, in your intellect, you just have one task. When a server group comes, that is a different matter, but those who come here for refreshment, what work do they have to do in Madhuban? Do they have any responsibilities? Eat, drink, enjoy yourself and study. So Madhuban is Madhuban. People are listening to Baba abroad too. However, there is the difference of day and night in listening to the murli there and coming to Madhuban. BapDada gives love and remembrances to those who are listening and watching through the facilities anyway. Some children even listen to the murli staying awake at night. It is definitely better than not listening to it at all, but the best of all is lovely Madhuban. Do you enjoy coming to Madhuban or do you feel that you can hear the murli sitting there? What do you like? You will hear the murli there too, will you not? Here too, sitting at the back you see everything on the TV anyway. So, those who feel that it is good to come to Madhuban, raise your hands! (Everyone raised their hands). Achcha. Nevertheless, what is the praise in bhakti? The murli is played in Madhuban. It isn’t that the murli is played in London. No matter where you are, to know the importance of the praise of Madhuban means to make yourself great. Achcha, all of you who have come, you are experiencing the yogi life, the life of being a gyani soul and an embodiment of dharna.

In the first meeting this season, Baba especially drew your attention, that for the full season, you have to become a jewel of contentment and make others content. You mustn’t just become that, but you also have to make others content. Together with that, according to the time now, anything can happen at any time. Don’t ask such questions as: When will it happen? Will it happen in one year or in six months? Suddenly, anything can happen at any time. Therefore, make the switch of your awareness very powerful. Put on the switch in a second and become an embodiment of experience. When the switch is loose, you repeatedly have to put it on and off, and it takes time for it to be put right. However, in a second, put on the switch of self-respect and the switch of self-sovereignty, become introverted and continue to have experiences. Become merged in the ocean of experiences. No authority can win against the authority of experience. Do you understand what you have to do? BapDada gives you a signal, but don’t wait in anticipation. Don’t say: When? When? When? Now! Ever-ready. Are you able to put on your switch of awareness in a second? Are you able to do this? No matter what the circumstances are, what the problems are, put on the switch of awareness. Practise this because the final paper will be of only a second, not even a minute. Those who keep on thinking will not be able to pass. Those who have experience will pass. So, now, all of you, in a second, put on the switch of the awareness: I am an elevated soul who is a resident of the supreme abode. Put on the switch of this awareness, let there be the awareness of nothing else. Let there not be any upheaval in your intellect. Unshakeable. (BapDada conducted drill.) Achcha.

To the experienced souls from everywhere who have elevated self-respect, to those who constantly experience every subject, to the constantly yogi souls who move along with a yogi life, to the special souls who are a handful out of multimillions, and, the few out of that handful who constantly keep their special fortune emerged in every action, love, remembrance and namaste from BapDada.

(Punjab group)

How many have come from Punjab? Stand up. Many teachers have come. There are also Pandavas. The chance for serving the yagya is such an elevated experience because the yagya is elevated and so to serve the yagya means to accumulate charity in your account. So, how much charity has each one of you accumulated? If you served from your heart, then you accumulated one hundred-fold for one in your account of charity. It is good. Punjab is no less. You are clever. It is the wonder of Punjab that you have quietened the atmosphere of Punjab. Is there any fighting or quarrelling there now? There isn’t, is there? What is happening in a common way is different, but there is no special terrorism there now, are there? And, you also continue to increase service. Your interest in expanding service is very good. Are the Pandavas also free from obstacles? Free from obstacles? Those of you who think that it is Maya’s duty to come and your duty to become victorious, raise your hands! Mothers, teachers, Maya comes to everyone. She even comes to the teachers because teachers have to move forward, and so Maya will come, will she not? It is good. This chance for service increases your account of charity with extra marks, and how many blessings do you receive? For people to go back content means for you to receive blessings. So, Punjab has accumulated in their account of blessings. It is good, but as yet, no mike or heir has been found from Punjab. From the time that BapDada has spoken about this, no zone has as yet brought a mike or an heir here. At least bring them onto the stage! Punjab is clever. It is clever in making heirs emerge and in preparing mikes. Look, the common slogan of Punjab is – Those who say it (the name of God) are glorified. So, if Punjab brings them, Punjab is glorified. You have to bring them. You have to bring them. BapDada will see which zone brings them first. There is importance in that, is there not? As yet, no one has brought them. They are preparing them. Even those from abroad are trying very hard, “We will bring them”. Double foreigners, you are going to bring heirs, are you not? Where are they? Double foreigners, raise your hands! Now, we shall see whether the double foreigners claim the first number or those from Bharat claim the first number. Anyone can claim it. BapDada now wants that, the mikes should now perform the task of giving the introduction of the Brahma Kumaris and of forging a relationship with them. You have done this for long enough, have you not? Now, you should simply give drishti and those mikes should speak. This has to happen. So, congratulations to those from Punjab. Congratulations! Congratulations! Achcha.

(To the Dadis)

You are carrying out a good task of putting zeal and enthusiasm into everyone. Let alone a million, souls of the whole world are to receive the message. They will say, “Oho Prabhu”, will they not? You have to prepare them to even say, “Oho Prabhu”, do you not? They (the rest of the Dadis) are also giving their cooperation. It is good. You are looking after Madhuban. You have found a good co-operative group, have you not? Each one has her own speciality. Nevertheless, there is an impact of the original jewels. No matter how old you may become, and new ones are also moving forward, but still, the sustenance of the original jewels is its own. This is why this group is good. (Seeing Mohiniben) You are also part of the original jewels, are you not? It is good. Service everywhere is very good. (Ratanmohini Dadi gave service news of Orissa. Mohiniben shared service news of Assam and said: Everyone has given You lots of remembrances. Give them My remembrance. Service is increasing because now, everyone has a need. Achcha.

(BapDada speaking to Naliniben, Santoshben, Sarlaben, Achalben, Premben etc. the older senior sisters)

Do all of you consider yourselves to be responsible? So, all of you have unlimited responsibilities. Not just Punjab, Gujarat, Bombay, but of the unlimited, just like the Dadis. So, you are in the unlimited, are you not? No matter which place you are instruments for, always consider yourselves to have an unlimited responsibility. At any time, wherever there may be a need, you are ever-ready. Just as there are the Dadis, so there is also your group. One minute there may be someone, or there may not be anyone, the second group is also very wise and serviceable. You can do a lot of work. So, always think that you are responsible for the unlimited, not the limited. So, are you ever-ready? If you are called at any time, will you come? Or, will you say: There is a very big task of the zone to be carried out, my health is not good. No. BapDada Himself will look after your health. No matter what responsibility you may have, you are in BapDada’s vision and this is why you have been specially called. (What special hope do You have in us?) Think about what should happen. Just as Dadi is always thinking about this, in the same way, think that that is also your responsibility. Churn what should happen and how it should happen. How can souls come close? How can heirs and mikes emerge? Let there be some newness in service. Think about this. Achcha.

Big programmes are to take place in Delhi and Calcutta: BapDada specially remembers those from Delhi and Calcutta. Preparations for this task are being made at both places. BapDada has seen that very good efforts are being made at both places and that everyone is united and doing service from their heart with a lot of enthusiasm and this is why BapDada is giving all of those who are instruments, love and remembrance personally by name with their speciality, without mentioning names. Success is guaranteed anyway, and success is our birthright. With this faith and intoxication, success will be revealed. Continue to give this message to everyone. Achcha.

Achcha. Baba had given love and remembrance to Australia, but daughter Janak is there, and so, together with her, Baba is also giving special love to those in Australia. There are three retreat places there. There aren’t at other places. So, there are the special souls and there are also the specialities, but they remain incognito. So, if you play your part on the stage, you will receive a lot of co-operation in service. And those souls, those who become the instruments, will receive special blessings. This is why those from Australia can do a lot more, but now, from being incognito, you have to come onto the stage. Achcha, special remembrances to daughter Janak. Remembrances to everyone by name anyway, but how many names should Baba mention? This is why, when Baba gives to one main person, consider it to be given to everyone. Baba was given remembrances from Par Dadi. Achcha. She will be better by the time of the Calcutta programme. It is good that there is a sample. She is a sample of Father Brahma. So, all of you have given her the name “Par Dadi” (Great Grandmother). Not just Dadi, but Par Dadi. She has speciality. Achcha. Her health is improving and she will be fine. (Narayan Dada has also given remembrances). He too has had an operation. Give him remembrances from Baba too. Definitely give the response of remembrance to those who remember Me. All of you are also receiving the response of remembrance, are you not? You are receiving it personally and they are receiving it through the mike. Achcha.

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