Avyakt BapDada 13th March 1986

Today, BapDada was seeing the children who are the images of support and upliftment for the world. You are the elevated souls who give the divine eye to those who lack the eye of knowledge, who guide the stumbling souls to their destination, who uplift deprived souls and bring them fulfilment.

Everywhere now the world is disturbed. The souls of the world have seen all forms of support and have tried them all, and they do not give the experience of truth. They want something new and different. The temporary supports that exist are like timber, and they are now searching for the true support.

Compared to the world you number only a few, but in the memorial of last kalpa, only five pandavs were shown facing an unlimited army.

All types of authorities, of science, of politics, of religion, whatever, have already tried to change the world. But the greatest authority of all, the experience of the supreme soul, is with you, and can easily transform anyone or anything.That is why you say and will continue to say “there is only one easy and true path – it can be attained through the One who unifies everyone”. This is why you are the images of support and upliftment for the world. Those who are ordinary have become this. They want the famous, whereas the Father wants to make those whose name and fortune have been destroyed famous again, to make the ordinary great, to make the weak enormously powerful.

Now the eyes of the world are moving away from everywhere else, very slowly, and focussing in this direction. Everyone knows that, in an incognito way, the Father is arranging to do things that they have not been able to achieve.

The religious leaders, the political leaders, and the scientists are the three main authorities. Now all three are coming closer in the elevated hope of seeing the supreme soul in an ordinary way. Up to now they have been looking through a veil – now the veil will be removed. There are many types of veil – the veil of leadership, and the veil of their throne or seat are major ones. It will take a little more time to lift these veils, but their eyes have opened.

BapDada will definitely make all souls, all the Father’s children, into heirs – he will enable them to claim their inheritance. No matter what they are – they are Baba’s children. Whether they want mukti or jeevanmukti, both forms of inheritance are available. Baba has come especially to give the children their inheritance. They are ignorant but that is not their fault. So feel merciful towards them and be enthusiastic about enabling all souls to claim their inheritance somehow. You have such enthusiasm, don’t you? Achcha.

Baba’s vision is always on the children everywhere. He keeps you merged in His eyes. No one is far away – you re all close. Baba’s constant company makes you powerful and urges you forward with zeal and enthusiasm. You are the eternal children of the eternal Father, so your attainment is eternal, and your happiness is also eternal. When waste is destroyed, only the best remains.

In the end everyone will have to come to the same destination – it s only a question of time. Some will come now, others will come later, but they will definitely come. No mater how happy they may be, they still have some desire or other. Even though the atmosphere may be good, and so people may not be upset, as long as they do not have knowledge, their temporary desires will never finish. One desire after another will arise, and desire always prevents constant attainment. So give those who are not unhappy the experience of divine, selfless love, of what a life of love is like. Bring them close with this method. No matter how loving they may be, selfless love does not exist anywhere – there is no true love.

Out of multi-millions, a handful comes, and out of a handful, a rare one recognises the Father. You have desire for the meeting, and no other desire. Achcha.

When the moon rises it spreads moonlight everywhere and creates an atmosphere of coolness. Similarly wherever special souls go they create a powerful atmosphere and everyone receives love, co-operation, and power. Achcha. Om shanti.

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