"Drishti" is hindi for spiritual vision. "Giving drishti" means the donation of spiritual power soul to soul via the third eye.

A distinctive feature of BK raja yoga is the frequent presence of one (or more) "conductor" at the front of the meditation room facing the others, "giving drishti" to the other souls in the room one after the other.

Drishti can be useful when a soul cannot acheive the direct connection with the Supreme by themselves: it can 'kickstart' a connection, or at least give an experience which might otherwise not be received. If you can connect direct every time then that is the best way to charge yourself up. But once you are charged up, you need to do something worthwhile with the spiritual energy you have - so you donate it to others through drishti.

Often in BK society one will encounter people pretending (or trying) to give drishti, with great long stares and very little real power. Often people will "demand" drishti before handing you food. This is a power game, and these people are missing the point, and confusing (and scaring off) others with their charades. Drishti should be donated, not demanded. However, when the drishti IS working, especially in a two-way connection, the power can build up over time as you hold the connnection.

  • A spiritually charged gaze which is beneficial to the recipient. During meditation, Brahma Kumari sisters give drishti. Shiv Baba himself gives drishti when he appears through the medium.
  • Literally to means vision, also outlook, attitude, vibrations transmitted through the vision of a yogi.