BKs Lock BKs Out of Property During Ownership Dispute?

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BKs Lock BKs Out of Property During Ownership Dispute?

Post24 Aug 2019

It's not clear to me but it looks like a case between BKs and the BKWSU over ownership of a property. Is the BKWSU attempting to sell a property lowly BKs claim ownership of?
BKs Lock Family Out of Property During Ownership Dispute B K Sunil vs Prajapita Brahma Kumari ... on 3 March, 2017

. The petitioners are said to be the plaintiffs before the trial Court seeking a declaration that the sale deed under which defendant No.2 claims to have acquired the scheduled property is incorrect and it is acquired, in fact, in the name of respondent No.1 and the plaintiffs have been enjoying the property and utilizing it for religious and other purposes for over a decade.

3. However, the premises was kept under lock and hence the trial Court had rightly directed that the lock be removed and the petitioners be permitted access to the property.
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Re: BKs Lock BKs Out of Property During Ownership Dispute?

Post26 Aug 2019


When Destruction comes, the more properties you have the bigger the sacrifice you made for Baba! So better house in the next life too!

They’re up to their usual tricks.

Beware of the BKs, give an inch and they’ll take your children!

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