BKs demand girls to give all their belongings & money

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BKs demand girls to give all their belongings & money

Post16 May 2019

An update that really belongs in 'The Story of Virendra Dev Dixit' topic but which I extract this little slice here.

The BKs were once outed by an academic who reported one of their heads saying that the reason they demand parents pay for their daughters' upkeep during training, and their dowry on their surrendering to the BKs, was to "stop the poor dumping their unwanted daughters on the BKs". It appears the PBKs are critical of this too.
On being asked whether the ashram had any connection to the Brahmakumaris organization at Abu Road, Rishikant said that the women who were with the children informed them that Brahmakumaris demanded them to give all their belongings and money before taking them in and so they departed and made their own setup with a similar name.
Rescued girls ‘brainwashed’, claim to be happy with spiritual training

Some were orphans and living with their relatives. The girls said some people regularly came to their homes and educated them that spiritualism is the only way to get rid of all the miseries of life. So their mothers sent them to live in the ashram and now they are learning meditation, spiritual practices etc. and were quite happy.

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