Brahma Kumaris Rajasthan in new property fraud

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Brahma Kumaris Rajasthan in new property fraud

Post16 May 2019

That is recent news on Indian media, property fraud by BK Rajasthan.

जमीन बेचने का एग्रीमेंट कर दूसरे काे दान कर दी, अाठ लाख रुपए हड़पने का अाराेप

The office bearers of Brahma Kumari institution took agreements to sell the plots located on the circular road and took eight lakhs advances ($11,400), but transferred the said land to someone else through a donation.

In the case of grabbing money, the Civil Lines police station filed a lawsuit and started an investigation of Brahma Kumar Naravar, a resident of Auburad in Ajmer and the charge of the institution, Brahma Kumari Shanta and Aashaganj resident Jagdish Bhajanwani. Mandeep Chhabra resident of Alwar Gate lodged a complaint.

Chhabra said that the Chief Operating Officer of Ramnarayan Gad, resident of Jadhpur, Gakar had signed the agreement with Brahmakumari Shanta to buy a property based on the circular road of Brahmakumari institution on November 1, 2017. Advance was also paid of Rs eight lakh rupees. At the time of contractual agreement, the Arpians transferred the said property to the name of Ashaganj resident Jagdish Bhazwani.

Civil Lines Police Station has registered a case under section 420, 406 and 120-B of the Indian Penal Code.

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