Child Abuse & the BKWSU VI

for concern over cult-related damage, institutional abuse & psychological problems.
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Re: Child Abuse & the BKWSU VI

Post23 Aug 2018

ex-l wrote:b) something like the original meaning of the term "virgin" was not for a woman who had been stopped from having sex, but a women who was in control of her own sexuality/sexual activity.

There is nothing I can find in the etymology to suggest that other than it may be that the one way women could have some control over their sexuality was to deny it to any but their god e.g. the vestal virgins, priestesses etc.

In the Minoan times in Crete, the female bull dancers (who literally danced and did acrobatics with bulls, forerunners of bullfighting) were either virginal, chaste, or were sexual, including with the bulls, bestiality. The Minotaur (in the myth of Theseus) was the offspring of the queen who mated with a bull, supposedly a god or spirit in the form of a bull. Likely the idea was that during the ritual the animal ”became” the embodiment of the god.

This is not dissimilar to what BKs have in the Murli, about God entering Brahma (Brahmin bulls, Nandi the bull in the Shiva temples etc) and also said about Gulzar (being mounted). They have probably edited out these ‘racier” metaphors from the old Murlis, references to Vedic scriptures that were reinterpreted to suit BKism.

It also may be a variation of the Vedic horse ritual, when the queen would have ritual sex with a stallion ( from memory, I think it's in the Rig Veda) - considered to probably be the oldest extant, complete written work, i.e. ‘book' known.

Not an inconceivable ritual given its’s a culture, the aryans, whose dominance and conquests were based on the invincible union of human and horse, the development of the Chariot, and their refining of ore into iron ( 'iron' sounds like ‘ore’, and many think the word Aryan, pronounced oryan in many places, is the name for 'the people of the ore', who came out of the southern Caucuses - north Western Iran - and swept east and West to inhabit the Indian subcontinent and the Mediterranean.
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Re: Child Abuse & the BKWSU VI

Post23 Aug 2018

The word was "almah" which does not, in itself, indicate whether the is a virgin, for which a different Hebrew word "betulah" is used.

Basically, the translation to "virgin” is incorrect and misleading. "Maiden" would have been better.

There's some mention of the discussion here. One would need to check the sources.

It *may* reflect on BKism rigid adherence to the practise ... at least at how Westerners understand it. No BK has really been able to quantify what the magical component that is either present, or lost, due to act of making love.

For me, it's all just about social conformity and the easiest way to avoid criticism within rigid Hindu societies.

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Re: Child Abuse & the BKWSU VI

Post24 Aug 2018

Pink and Ex-I,

The information you presented will be dismissed by BKism as corrupted knowledge and having its origins in Bhakti. It is also possible that BKism is argue that the information you have discussed in the previous two post had their origins at a spiritual level from the BK confluence in the BK 5000 year cycle.
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Re: Child Abuse & the BKWSU VI

Post02 Sep 2019

I note the Brahma Kumaris have not signed up to the

The National Redress Scheme in Australia which provides support to people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse.
The National Redress Scheme provides support to people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse.

The Scheme:

    acknowledges that many children were sexually abused in Australian institutions
    holds institutions accountable for this abuse, and
    helps people who have experienced institutional child sexual abuse gain access to counselling, a direct personal response, and a Redress payment.
    The Scheme started on 1 July 2018 and will run for 10 years.

A parliamentary committee has found that institutions that refuse to sign up to the national redress scheme for child sexual abuse victims should be penalised and have their charity status revoked.

The scheme offers redress payments of up to $150,000 per person, despite the royal commission recommending a $200,000 cap, and counselling at $5,000 per person. Many believe that funding should be available for counselling of family members of victims.


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Re: Child Abuse & the BKWSU VI

Post10 May 2022

Om Shanti

Indian media will not publish any bad news about the Brahma Kumaris, because the Brahma Kumaris give advertisements to these media.

About controlling sex lust, it is an individual choice. You can choose to have a sexually oriented life or sexless life. It is totally your individual right, and choice, as long as it is not forced upon you. You can choose to have angerless life, or greedless life, it is all your right and choice. Some people chose greedy life and it is totally legal in most countries except communist countries (only party members are allowed to become rich). One can choose to be a prostitute (in India it is illegal) as far as I am concerned, it is an individual right.


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Re: Child Abuse & the BKWSU VI

Post13 Jun 2022

About controlling sex lust, it is an individual choice.

Not sure its a choice if you want to be part of the cult right? As far as I know, anyone that wants to be a "full" BK has to follow these tenets of no sex even with your marriage partner, no eating food cooked by anyone not a BK etc..

BK, PBK, OMBK (starting to sound like the backward klasses in India) and whatever other variants crop up, what seems to be consistent is the immediate and absolute severing of all ties with the world and focusing all ties on the org/skydaddy right? Where is the choice?

With the BK, any choice seems like a Hobson's Choice.

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