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Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 10 Oct 2010
by kate
Great day to all of you!

I met a die hard BK in 2007 in one of the exhibitions in our region. He was holding a key position in the Marketing field hence he was such a good communicator and doing a lot of money. Since then, we started our correspondences as his company became our main supplier.

He was the one responding to all our queries and I was responsible for our purchases. One day, he invited me for a coffee and we had a nice time together. And again another invitation, one after the other. He was calling me everyday around 3-5 times a day. Sometimes, he was also sending me my breakfast & lunch.

In short, we became very close in such a short span of time. I heard about BK but did not know much about their practices and beliefs. One day, he invited me for a dinner in a fabulous hotel. There, I started discovering a lot of horrible things about his ways. I ordered a full meal and he ordered only salad & juice. I did not ask about it. In the next dinners, same thing, same scenario.

One day, he persuaded me to attend the 7 Day Course which I did. I am half-Muslim, half-Christian. I tried to digest all the words that were coming from the mouth of the Sisters. All the while I thought they were referring to the GOD that I worship & believe. Never did I ever think that they were actually referring to their cult god. I did not mind much about their teachings & principles. All I know was that, I was happy when I was with him. I finished the 7 Day Course but I did not take the advance courses anymore.

I have attended sessions conducted by Dadi Janki, Jayanti & Gulzar among others. I guess these are their gods other than their chief god of all.

It was during that year that I encountered a lot of challenges in my life. My Father died of cancer. It was a long and painful battle for him. My other 2 Brothers were living with my mom overseas. I was fortunate of having him that time. He was the one who comforted me and helped me coped up with my difficult situation. He would always take me out for movie, though I came to know later on that he never watched a movie before. He took me to the parks, zoos & beaches where we really enjoyed the beauty of nature.

After a few months, I had a terrible car accident & my leg was fractured. I could not drive then so he volunteered to pick & drop me though it was a bit inconvenient for him. It took quite a while for me to recover. He was always there for me willing to leave everything just to support and help me in everything that I do considering the fact that I cannot drive.

Many times, I would always think of my late dad as he was really close to me. My friend was there to dry my tears and cheer me up. He was doing all funny things to make me laugh all the time. I cannot deny the fact; I started appreciating him for all his kind gestures. I had some relationships in the past and I haven’t experienced all the things that he has been doing for me.

Am I being loved or fooled by a BK? I appreciate your comments. thank you!

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2010
by ex-l
As far as being fooled by the BKWSU that their God Spirit is the God of all religions ... that is their normal mode of operation. They use the words; God, The One, The Father, The Supreme etc and every one gets sucked in. It is only once you are well and truly enculted that they then steer you in a different direction and you discover you are surrendering to their god spirit which is suppose to possess an old lady in India and speak through her. You then go though a period of constant "corrections" when all the "ignorance" and "errors" of your thoughts are examined and discarded. Theirs is the only true religion, theirs is the God of all Religions and all other religions are ignorant, doomed to Destruction and excluded from experiencing heaven on earth which is exclusively theirs. Fact.

As to the personal relationship, on one hand you have been perfectly groomed for the cult at a time when you were extremely vulnerable. We see that and recognise that often. On the other hand, the individual probably does love you and have affection for you but this is completely forbidden within the religion. Even motherly attachment is, essentially, forbidden. Mixed sex friendship and attachment is, essentially, seen as impure and lust which is the worst crime. It will be overlooked until the other individual is hooked to the cult then they will be gradually weaned off.

Are you being loved or fooled by a BK? The answer is probably both although, in the case of the latter, perhaps not consciously or maliciously. He believes he is doing the best he can for you. Giving you the highest love. He is a slave to the god spirit delivering another sacrifice to it. He will be thinking to himself that, "you must be a BK soul ... that you two probably had karma in past lives to bring you together ... that he is earning good karma by 'serving' you". He probably would not be able to admit that he just loves and is attracted to you.

Have you ever tried to initiate physical contact? A kiss, a hug?

Do some BKs leave and set up families? Yes, some do although within them there are very often relapses. The BK goes back to the BKWSU, the tendrils holding them in are too strong, real life is too tough, a merely human partner cannot satisfy all their needs and, of course, all the mental programming is about how bad others are, how evil love and sex is, how superior they and their way of life is, how close the End of the World is. It has been 2 to 3 years away since 1937.

What do you want?

Was he using the the BKWSU service event to make business for his business? If so, that is wrong and more than a little bit slippery. Is he an Indian?

You may need to be very clear with him, tell him what you want out of life and accept that he might not want to leave the BKWSU. It is an either or situation. If he is honest and it was all about the BKWSU and BapDada, then you need to cut him off and not see him for months. He is an unavailable man having an affair, BapDada is his first bride. They even call themselves this. Brides of Shiva. They wear a wedding ring to Shiva but on the other hand. Look for it.

Yes, they believe Dadi Janki, Jayanti, Gulzar etc are all members of the top 8 of 108 souls in the world. Twice or more divine than Jesus or Mohammed who were both, relatively speaking, ignorant deluded spirit mediums for other spirits and who must return to the BKWSU in this life to relearn their religion.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2010
by kate
Dear ex-l,

Thank you so much for your comments; you are absolutely right with all your shared thoughts. My story consists a lot of chapters. Let me proceed to the next part so you will have a clearer idea and can help me further.

I was really convinced that he truly cared about me as manifested from his thoughtful ways & means. He made me feel so important more than anything else, even more than his cult religion ... for a while. With his constant concern, affection and attention, I was able to get over the pain of losing my beloved Father. I was able to recover as well from a major car accident.

Yet, I never realized that the price I have to pay was exorbitant! I cannot deny the fact that due to our regular meetings, we had some physical contacts such as hugging, mild kissing, holding hands and nothing intimate. I was aware of the fact that he was never been touched at all or engaged with any physical interactions. I really felt his need to be cuddled like a small baby. It happened several times but mostly hugging & holding hands only. I remember right after our physical contacts he would simply be quiet & stop talking to me at least for 2 weeks. He must be really feeling guilty for what we did. After a while, he would come back to me same scenario, same ways & with his usual over caring ways.

There were some instances wherein I felt that I was so dirty and made him sinful. He once told me, I really love my god though I must admit that I have learned to love you. I was really hurt with his declaration. Nevertheless, I tried to understand him.

Our situation went on and off, whenever he goes to Madhuban he’s completely ex-communicated; no calls, no sms. When he’s back, he’s again doing all sorts of caring ways which I felt have surpassed all his mistakes. I know he was unconsciously hurting me but when he is with me, BK is out of his mind. Yet, it was very obvious that he loves his god and at the same time he loves me too. A very complicated stuff!

ex-l, can you enlighten me with all the above scenarios that transpired between us. After your reply, I will move on with the next episode.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2010
by ex-l
What happens in Madhuban is that they go to meet with their "god spirit". The whole path of Brahma Kumarism (it is not real "Raja Yoga", they just took that name) is meant to be a total surrender, mind, body, soul and wallet to the god spirit. Therefore, when he goes to Madhuban he has to put on his "purest" front and attempt to totally connect to BapDada. You are an obstacle to that. There is no merit, only dis-merit to his feeling and remember you. They believe when they remember their Baba, lives of bad karma are burned away and when they remember human beings, only new bad karma is earned.

"No benefit in remembering bodily beings ... they only bring you down" that is what the religion states.

I asked if he is Indian because, in most cases, mixed sex affection, often even within families is more likely to be zero.

As a BK, he is W-A-Y over the line and being "sinful". As a human being, he probably does love or lust after you or just craves normal, ordinary affection. He knows it, his body knows it, his mind is in a state of mental disconnect. Yes, the two week break will be because he has sinned and is afraid of falling deeper "into lust".

I apologise for writing this, but yours is not the first nor the only case of this; male to female or female to male, in BK circles. Our concerns is that non-BKs are not hurt, fooled or abused by it. Really they have left, they have rejected the mind control but they cannot bring themselves to admit it ... so they enjoy having their cake and eating it for a while.

Looking at it from the exiting BK point of view, perhaps this is how exiting BKs gain courage to finally leave. Perhaps when they discover that the world does not end, they do not suffer agonies or "cry tears of blood" they gain confidence and leave. But you should realise that the Sisters in the center will more than likely be working against that all the time re-affirming their beliefs.

Perhaps others will comment too ...

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2010
by kate
Dear ex-l, Indeed your reply gave me a broad enlightenment. I heard about what they do in Madhuban. The rich are having a VIP areas, & different food as well, from the ordinary ones. As you rightly mentioned, they need to surrender their full self to their god spirit. You substantiated my knowledge with your explanation.

He is half-Pakistan, half-Indian. He has disconnected himself completely from his family. He did not have any close friends at all. I was the only person close to him apart from his BK family.

He wanted so much to love & be loved yet he is fighting between his own feelings & love for his god. He openly confessed his feelings for me many times but I was not really buying it as I knew the fact that he was already married with his god as you stated in your first reply. Honestly, I did have some sort of appreciation & probably a bit of affection but not of the same passion as what he has for me.

We always fight about his beliefs but we always end up being OK afterwards. Due to his thoughtful ways, I always forgive him for all his misgivings.

Lately, so many unexpected things have emerged. The Sisters & leaders came to know about us. They confronted me and asked me to go away from him and stop being an obstacle to him. He did not bother about it but he has changed severely. His visits to Madhuban, UK & Ireland became very frequent and, as a result, he lost his job. In effect, the leaders saw that as an advantage for them, so they started giving him a lot of things to do, to study, to get more deeply involved with getting more & more members. As a result, he became too tied up with them, keeping him busy all the time. I would say he is totally hooked, indoctrinated with their movement. He has been completely out of his senses, out of his mind. I guess the mind control process really worked intensely for him. He refused to discuss these changes with me.

I observed that he never cared anymore about my existence, never bothered anymore even when I got hospitalized due to a major operation & he never even showed up; he said he did not know about it, never spared time to be with me anymore. We became complete strangers & we both did not have idea as to what was happening to our respective lives. These maltreatments & neglects have caused me so much disappointments & sadness. Once in a while, he still tries to communicate with me and acting as if everything was just normal. He was even wondering why I was so angry & upset with him. In spite of all this, he still continue to profess his feelings for me & that he wants to be with me etc.

I have decided to relocate myself to another city so I will be far from him & changed all my contact numbers yet he still managed to get in touch with me. I have resigned from my job also. He sounded so desperate & almost in the verge of getting insane. He has been trying so hard to call me again & again. As I read from this forum, this corrupted state of mind will lead to suicidal attempts. I can feel & sense that he is so madly in love with me but his mind, body, soul & money are all restricted within the corners of BK principles.

I must admit that I still think about him as we shared so many happy moments together and he felt so much cared by me too. But then he is not in control of his life now. They got him completely & wholly in all aspects. He said we can start again & be happy together. How could we??? I really need help from you guys to be able to move on with my life after this horrifying experience with a die hard BK. Please provide me with more facts as what you have done ex-l so I can fully accept the realities. He is suffering & I am suffering too.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2010
by tpd
I am in love with a BK. Some will say it's a lost cause. But I am sensing I am going forward millimeter by millimeter every time, though it seems very tough to convince her coming out of the shadows of the death. (Yes, after this site's encounter, I came to think them as the "shadows of death"). (It's like I am talking with a terminal suicidal psychopath). I am amazed and amused by the ignorance, blasphemy towards humanity, and beliefs in GOD who is not capable of doing any thing (no, no some times he shows the greatest con in the world) but coming through people in trance and hoping some how humanity will destroy itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH, I have so much to talk and so many shots to take at the BK's GOD, at BK theory of Karma (it's like child's play to them to change rules of karma according to their wish), at BK theory of time and space, at BK concept of the Golden Age, at the BK's concept of soul (although I, too, believe in soul but not in the BK way), at their so called Gyan. And much more at their hypocrisy about they are knowing it all.

All will come in time on this forum.

Thanks for this effort and so much valuable insight at BK as I am in a psychological war with current BKs surrounding my friend and with my friend her self.

So wish me luck.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2010
by kate
Some people are saying that I should not give up instead work harder & gradually to take him out of the cult. But HOW????? I am just really sick & tired of fighting against demons on earth (cult leaders)!

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2010
by ex-l
These are all very serious matters. Thank you for coming to us. Please be aware that there is only so much help we can give decoding the Brahma Kumari experience and that proper counselors, friendly, professional or religious, might be necessary for you. What we can do is what the counselors and therapists cannot do, which is to quickly tell you what the BK really think and do, their history and real teachings.

Kate, it amazes me that the local cult leaders came to you to tell you to go away. How audacious and insulting! What right do they have to interfere with two adults' lives, and how can they blame you!?! It is almost as if making their god spirit "The Husband" and their followers his "brides", they make themselves mini-husbands at their mini-Madhubans (which is what they call their centers) and demand rights over him. Of course, they are programmed and pressured by the Seniors to keep or increase their students ... and their income.

I would not be afraid or polite with these people at all. They are the ones who ought to leave people alone. They have faked and re-written their religion for 70 years and turned into a multi-million dollar industry feeding off people just like your friend.

It may be that you are the person to save him, but the decision - the realisation - must come from him. "You two", if that is what you want, or the BKWSU. You could invite him to this forum. You could learn a little about how they have faked their history, especially rewriting all the god's failed predictions of "Destruction", the population of the world, the time of his incarnation and so on. It may start to wake him up to see what is going on. What a partner can give is what they cannot, companionship into old age, day to day friendship and assistance. A life together. Many have made the transition.

You could start with him, and if ever you meet the Seniors again, by keep to simple truth, facts they hide. Why do they publish false biographies, why do they falsify the age of the Guru Lekhraj Kripalani, why do they not tell their follower that there was no God Shiva in their religion until after 1950 and before then they follower God Brahma (Lekhraj Kripalani), why do they hide the failed predictions of the End of the World in WWII, 1950, 1976, mid-1980s and so on.

Yes, their God did specifically predict Destruction at those times. They will say he never but they are the masters of half-lies. Yes, he never gave a specific date, e.g. 23 May but, yes, he point out specific years.

Why do they re-write their channeled messages to hide the failures, e.g. they used to say 50 years for Destruction, 50 for Creation of Heaven. Now it is more than 70 years and there is no Destruction. Why do they make false claims about their leaders such as Janki Kirpalani?

How can it be God if he does not know the truth, lies and allows his Chosen Representatives to lie to the world about him? Look into the history forum for more discussion on this. Print out the posters of The Tree and The Cycle in the Library to show them.

BTW, when did they become Brahma Kumari followers? They probably know nothing of the real history.

My time is short today. What do you really want from the situation now? If you want him, let's try. If you don't then let's expose the Brahma Kumaris for who they really are.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2010
by Mr Green
Where's Jann when you need her

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 11 Oct 2010
by jann
Right here!! following Kate and tpd.

Hi Kate and tpd welcome, you have come to the right place.

All the experiences you describe, I lived and I still live it everyday and, believe me, I know what you are talking about. It is a enormous dilemma sometimes for your own conscious and common sense to be in a relationship with a BK. There is one thing you must know. You can not get him or her out over night. It can take years and maybe he or she never comes out. It is up to you if you want to put in the effort to "care" for your friend and start seeing him as a non-option for any sexual relationship and just be his companion using subtle techniques to seduce him to get him emotional attached to you that is very easy to do because that is what they were looking for in the first place before they became a BK.

Do your homework and learn how cults work. Read this site and keep quiet about it before you mention anything. BKs are very clever in talking you into their ways so be alert. Your friend is the most loving person to be with, keep it that way, do not argue about the teachings because that will drive him or her away from you. Spent your time bonding. Do fun things, go out to dinner, watch movies, go swimming, cook him dinner as much as you can, and go dancing etc.

A BK has to learn (again) that our world is not so bad after all and you can show him or her by giving what the BK family is never able to do. No matter what happens, its hard to leave a BK because they do not have any idea what pain they can cause you sometimes but they never hurt you on purpose. You must be strong and stay open to other relationships. BKs are allowed to have relationships as long as they keep the vow of celibacy and lifestyle rules and it is not necessary for you to become a BK. Any center in charge who is claiming anything else or forbidding a relationship should be reported.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2010
by ex-l
I agree that, if you care enough, reporting matters to a senior BK leader (zone-in-charge) could be a good option. It may be that the centers-in-charge are stepping over the line and are motivated by what they get out of it, e.g. money free labor.

It is a risky strategy because the BK will probably be called in, "x-rayed" or checked out by the Seniors, and encourage to "make more efforts" or "surrender more" ... BUT ... the BKWSU are not above cutting someone off IF their case becomes too much of a problem, bad press and a hassle for them. That has worked for others but mostly in husband-wife or parent-child relationships. The BKWSU leaders are ultimately self-interested and the ultimately, it is up to the individual.

When approaching the Seniors, it would be good to mention you have taken advice from this website and know all about their fake history, re-written Murli messages, suicides, financial and immigration abuses and so on. Again, it is risky but you can go on the "warpath", there is enough true, factual information to condemn them. Just start a letter writing campaign to all the local VIPs telling them what you have learned about the BKWSU NOT in a crazy made way, but in a very calm, mature and concerned manner.

My predictions is that you would quickly find your loved once dumped by the BKWSU. Only you know if your relationship with them would be strong enough so that you are not dumped by them.

In basic child psychology, it is often said that it is better for a child to see a parent to try and do something for them even if that "something" is wrong or fails because the child then knows the parent cares etc. This is the opposite from the strategy of "if you love them, let them go; and if they love you, they will return" which, personally, I don't think works in the case of the BKWSU and is a last case scenario.

I think you should try your damnedness and in a few years your friends will be grateful. As I said, the BKWSU position is as weak as eggshells. They are hiding a lot of dirty crap the world over. What they care most about is money and their public face.

Perhaps Jann and others can comment on this. I have seen people fight for their loved ones and win going back decades ... and that was when they taught that the End of the World was going to happen in the mid-1980s. They have been conning people in the West that long and people in India since the 1950s. Some lose their relations it is true. Some save people's lives. It is your choice.

BKWSU leaders will DO tell followers the same, "it is your choice" but the truth is followers are so afraid and so mentall trapped they cannot make such a decision. BKWSU leaders do not tell their followers of all the hidden stuff.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2010
by kate
Hi Jan,

He was completely tied up with their movement. He lost his job so now he has been working full time for them. Studying all the rules/principles & sending him to different centers worldwide. He works till midnight and wakes up again for their early morning meditation. They made him so busy so he won't have any time at all even to call me. It's been quite a long, long time since the last time we went out.

I really don't know what to do. Is it worth fighting for him & getting him out from BK?

I met Dandi Janki, Gulzar & Jayanti, there were projecting saint image like Mother Teresa. By the way, my friend is very, very close to these 3 senior leaders. He will do whatever they will say. What to do, not do do, what to eat, not to eat, where to go, etc. He surrendered his one and only property to them. Spent all his money for them too. In short, he is a loyal servant. Now, after they took everything from him, they want him to be one of their preachers to recruit more and more members. Sounds so silly, they have been trying to inject into his mind that falling in love is a big sin and having a physical contact with anyone is big disrespect for their god, yet he keeps on telling me that he truly loves me and so on. He was aware that they confronted me but no comment from him.

Lately, his life now is all about BK, no family, no friends, no work, no recreational activities. As I mentioned , he has been trying to get in touch with me, expressing his feelings, he wants to be with me, he never loved anyonone in his life etc. I guess he has already become mentally sick. Begging, crying just to get my attention. How to handle this kind of individual who is hooked to BK yet claiming to be desperately in love with me? Shall I just leave this guy & let him be forever slave to the BKs? I am more concern about his well being & to lead a normal life.

Thank you ex-l, Jan, tpd, mr green for all your comments. I look forward to hearing more from you guys.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 12 Oct 2010
by ex-l
You are probably more divine than the lot of them put together Kate ... I don't think that is a decision we can or should make for you. You are right to consider that there might be underlying mental health issues arising now, on top of the cult/cult-exiting issues, but it is impossible to tell for us here. I do, however, think that the stress of exiting alone could set off those depth of emotions and confusions.

If I were in your shoes, I would probably do it though, as a service to humanity. But if I was going to do it, I was set down some pretty strict guidelines. No contact with BK and BK-ism for 6 months or a year, no meditation and, if he was serious, I would demand that he ask for his property back. Make him become a man again and stand up to these charlatans.

The last thing you want as a woman is a man-child to look after ... but you might be an angel sent to save him from these vampires and help him regain his own life. In the West, there are specialist post-cult therapists. I don't know where you are and I am not asking. They might be difficult to find elsewhere. If you cant, this forum is probably a good starting point for him to read. Jann has a lot of experience in this area as a non-BK.

Actually, their god often said in the Murlis, that is it OK to marry. Better to marry than burn in lust, or something. The "disrespect" element does not come from him but the Seniors who have made it a religion in their own image. "Defamation of Baba" is another term they use. Yes, it is all mind control.

Re: Loved by a BK???

PostPosted: 13 Oct 2010
by kate
Thanks again ex-l for your valuable inputs & insights. It makes my situation much easier to handle knowing that I am in the right forum where I can find support and friends around.

I noticed that he’s wearing 2 rings, necklace, bracelet with BK logo (red light image). Meaning he’s married to 2 gods! His car is full of BK stickers & his house is surrounded with life size pictures of BK gods. Even in his office before, you can find all BK stuffs & often caught listening to their mediation songs, no wonder he got fired from his GM.

I observed that he has been acting very strange & weird declaring his feelings for me in an absurd manner yet getting himself more deeply submerged into their fake beliefs. I haven’t seen him for almost six months as I am staying in another city now and he doesn’t know where my place is. But I guess, the more I have been trying to avoid him, the more his so called feelings of love gets so intense. In a way, I feel responsible for his well being. As you mentioned, I will do it as as service to humanity.

Frankly, I have felt from the beginning that my mission for him is to save him from the vampires as you rightly stated & lead him to the right path. It hasn’t been that easy. I have always been harassed by their gods by means of evil magic sort of witchcraft ways. All they wanted me to do is to leave him completely as he only belongs to BK and not to dirty human being like me.

I have showed this site to him and he got so furious & told me to stop reading the posts here. According to their gods, this site was created by ex-bks who did not get what they want. It puzzled me a lot yet he refused to give me concrete explanation about it. Sometimes his mind is close, sometimes he listens to me but most of the time he stands firm with their devilish beliefs.

Their mind control power is indeed very commanding and most of their die hard servants are victims of agonizing trauma in their lives.

I look forward to getting more points & valuable suggestions on how to save this poor soul from the vampires who suck his body, mind, money & his totality making him surrender for life.

Thank you for your time guys. I truly appreciate your help.


PostPosted: 13 Oct 2010
by ex-l
kate wrote:I have showed this site to him and he got so furious & told me to stop reading the posts here. According to their gods, this site was created by ex-BKs who did not get what they want. It puzzled me a lot yet he refused to give me concrete explanation about it.

Yes, we have heard that before although we have no idea what they are talking about. The BKWSU does tell their followers what to think and most are either too frightened, or have just given up, to asking their leaders for clear answer.

If you ever find out what it was we were supposed to "want", please let us know. If anyone in the BKWSU knows, ditto, please tell us. All I ever wanted was out of the BKWSU, to carry on a normal life, to get thoughts of the End of the World out of my head and to think of future and old age. I managed that and had a very interesting, full and wonderful life.

Before I left, I paid the highest respect to the leaders. If they are saying bad things about me, I would love to sit eye to eye and watch them do so.

I suspect it is just an "all purpose" accusation that works well in India where there are crazy egos involved and many do leave because of it. It is common amongst cults. They always discredit any reasonable critics as, "disgruntled ex-members". We also heard that the people running this left because they "did not get the position or respect they wanted" or something. If you know anything about the truth, you would realise how dishonest that was.

And can we get the BKWSU to put ANYTHING into writing or reply to our letters? ... Ha ha ha, what a joke! So much for God being "The Ocean of Truth". You will never get the truth out of the BKWSU. They call it, "The Art of Concealing and Revealing". Other people just call it lying. So much for God, Truth and "Om Shanti" ... when pushed they are incredible arrogant and disrespectful, never mind becoming furious as you state.

Unfortunately, one of the problems is that they have had 70 years at this game and have developed all sort of thought forms or "methods" or mental devices. They call them "yuktis" to deal with people. "Yuktis" are basically tricks or half-truths, ways to say things, ways to get things and they share them. Yes, if that is the language you use, there are strange psychic influences going on as well. The Seniors have dealt with every kind of problem you can imagine and so they are very skilled. Their middle management, less so. The local centers-in-charge not very skilled at all but in constant contact with the senior for advice they call "Shrimat" and believe is "karma free" and equal to advice from god himself.

He wont be married to two Gods though, there is only one, but if it gets stuck, he will probably be straight onto the phone to one of the Seniors to have them fix his life ... and throw some more money in their box to wash his sins away.