If things going in this level

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If things going in this level

Post02 Oct 2023

Dear Brothers and BKs,

You are doing nothing to the mind, your meditation is not going deeper to the core of the soul.
It would be best if you discovered more profound exercises to find holes in the mind.

It will takes 5,000 years of meditation to become deities for the BKs.

Thanks, Jayadeepan.
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Re: If things going in this level

Post03 Oct 2023


I am not sure if you have bothered looking around this forum to see what its purpose is before writing your recent posts.

This forum is for ex-BKs, survivors of BKs, those exploited or abused by BKs, friends and family of those still in BKs etc.

Although we do sometimes discuss matters spiritual and philosophical here, this site is not in any way representing the BKs or their views (as per your post asking about BK views on Sakash).

On the contrary, it is about critiquing, deconstructing, analysing the BKs based on (preferably personal) experience.

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