Experiment With Meditation At Brahma Kumaris HQ

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Experiment With Meditation At Brahma Kumaris HQ

Post13 Jun 2010

Old news made into a new thing, like they invented it?

Good job though nice video. But it has nothing to do with meditation or even BK Raja Yoga meditation. They grab it, use it and make themselves look like something ... interesting?

It was a simple experiment in school. Take two cups of water, talk nice to one cup, like "I love and you are so nice and beautiful" etc, and tell the other cup it is nasty, dirty, ugly and so on. Freeze it and see the result under a microscope. It works!!

So if the body is mostly water how would a BK body look like? Knowing you are an impure soul, working on becoming perfect, that your body is nasty and to meditated on world Destruction?
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Re: Experiment With Meditation At Brahma Kumaris HQ

Post17 Jun 2010

Yes, the film clip is taken from 'What the Bleep?" The "Messages from Water" man is called Dr Masaru Emoto from Japan.

Actually Masaru Emoto is not a doctor even though he calls himself so. His title is from another 'fake' university in India.

It all very pretty but not science. I wonder what the crystal for "honesty and integrity" is?
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Re: Experiment With Meditation At Brahma Kumaris HQ

Post17 Jun 2010

If you dig enough information from the web, you would find out that Dr Masaru Emoto is a con artist. His experiments were all lies and there was no double blind methods or anything that is reproducible from any reputable university. All fake results were published and has been repeated and regurgitated by ignorant followers, some of whom used the same results and pass this false information to innocent people.

Folks, this is a hoax, a virus, and an urban legend. Please educate yourself. BKWSU is using the same nonsense to propagate their theory of thoughts and mind. This is so sad. This is unprofessional and unethical. Unverified information is used to deceive.


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