A comparative mind of BKs

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A comparative mind of BKs

Post10 Mar 2017

BKs do and think from a comparative prospective of mind. Golden Age is better than Iron age, being Brahmin is better than being a Shudra, white color is better than any other color so on and so forth.

Have they ever thought, or are they aware, that Golden Age is valued because of Iron age, if there was no iron age, how would Golden Age be considered as better by BKs. If there would have been no shudras, how would Brahmins get their value? If all the colors are not mixed in equal propotion, how would one get white color? I am trying to raise a point of equality here, that nothing in the drama should be labeled as "Good" or "Bad", that is the stuff of a comparative mind.

Why do they do this then! Well, it may be to attract their "Praja" "PROGENY". I was sitting one day with many Brothers in the guest room, we were all having some breakfast and talking and discussing some points of knowledge. Out of nowhere these two Brahma Kumaris considered as the headmasters in their center came in.

"Now ABC Brother is an Adhar Kumar, you must do something, see there are so many Brahma Kumars here, why are you an adhar Kumar?".

They study the point that everyone runs the race based on what they had done in the previous cycle of time and still such things ... yam now BKs will start entertaining with another point, "that was just Sister's way of pushing the Brother ahead" ... well, I did not see that Brother ever at center after they called him "adhar Kumar".
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Re: A comparative mind of BKs

Post10 Mar 2017

It means "half-kumar" ... or, in essence, only half a person in their caste system.

Is that not a term they use for married followers because they are unable to commit their man, tan and dhan (mind, body and wealth) 100% to their "headmistresses"?

Top marks for him if he left the insensitive snob BKs ... but I hope his soul was not damaged by the experience.

I do believe, however, he got a true taste of the Brahma Kumari mentality.

The joke is, the vast majority of Brahma Kumaris, from their founder down, were never Brahmins and did not receive the education or values or real Brahmins. It seems they picked up the bad aspects without any of the good aspects.

But, mostly, I think they are idiots and full of their own self-importance.

The interesting question to ask is why do such other BKs put up with it and apologise and make excuses for their behaviour?


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Re: A comparative mind of BKs

Post12 Mar 2017

ex-l wrote:"The interesting question to ask is why do such other BKs put up with it and apologise and make excuses for their behaviour?"

Thank you ex-I for your reply.

Just to add my views to your question, actually those other BKs who make excuses are attached to the BK philosophy and their God (Shiv Baba), so if anyone says something offensive against pakka (those who follow their rules and regulations) BKs, their react out of that attached mind.

But they don't realise that attachment of any kind on the spiritual path is considered as attachment.

Apart from this, a lot of people following BKs have a lot of problems with their lokik relatives, so the second reason will be that again they cannot tolerate anything against their surrendered Sisters who capture their minds with sweet words and sweet behavior, sometimes a person who is AWARE with mind can easily make out the hidden selfishness in those sweet words and behavior.

Well, I am just expressing my views, but I would like to suggest those who want to leave them is, there are many better types of meditations out their, like vipasana and om chanting, however, one has to reach a proper guide.


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