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Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2017
by awareness_being
Well, I am not completely sure that Sister Jayanti has really communicated back or not! Because BKs avoid questions! As their Baba says, if you are behind questions you will be in mess, leave questions, so they don't discuss much which is against their teachings, this may shake their fath in their Baba.

Someone has to verify, it is Sister Jayanti talking, or any normal BK attached to Shiv Baba for saving Shiv Baba on behalf of Sister Jayanti!

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 10 Mar 2017
by ex-l
No meeting ever happened and correspondence ended. Jayanti swanned off.

We started discuss an agenda here, and they refused it saying all they wanted was a friendly chit-chat.

What made it all funnier was during the time they were discussing what to do about us ... they accidentally added *our* email address to their group, so we saw their private internal discussion about us.

Mostly it was a senior Western BK Neville Hodgkinson guiding Sister Jayanti what to say. Neville Hodgkinson and his wife were journalists for right wing newspapers. He, for a respectable broadsheet (The Telegraph) and she, for right wing tabloids like The Sun (sexually pornographic) and The Daily Mail (morally pornographic). Neville at least was very middle class and has add British "polish" to the Brahma Kumari facade. His wife has written dumbed down "books for women" promoting the BKs.

At the time we were just exposing the child sex abuse cover up Jayanti, Janki and others were involved in and the financial abuse of surrendered BKs ... they were *far* too serious issues to address in a "friendly" manner. I had no interest in being "friends" with anyone.

I remembered one of their old Sindi yuktis that Jayanti herself had said to me, "to become like sugar in the milk" ... as in to use sweetness to invisibly merge and influence a situation.

Underneath that I saw it as a battle of wills ... was it to be "our way" or the "BKs' way". And, as you have rightly identified elsewhere, the BKs habitually like to be in control and avoid situations, even simple question and answer sessions, where they are not, e.g. they avoid philosophical arguments with pundits and becoming involved in social political issue.

Mostly, I believe, because they know how vulnerable they are if moved out of their comfort zone and their comfort zone is sucking up to the powerful Establishment or moneyed Elite like golddiggers.

Experience led me to believe that any exchange with them would pretty much be a waste of time and energy as they don't want to or cannot really change. They believe they are the chosen people and directly led and inspire God, and the rest of us are "the lowest of the low".

Which is what the Murlis used to call ex-BKs ... "the lowest of the low".

If being an ex-BK means being a dirty Shudra and the lowest of the low, then I was *much* rather be it than stupid, dishonest, manipualtive stinking wannabe pretend "Brahmins" like them.

Some Westerners, like Neville Hodgkinson it appears, appear to enjoy playing our their orientalist fantasies and being upper class neo-Hindu Brahmin Lites™ as I call them.

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 11 Mar 2017
by GuptaRati 6666
ExI, thank you for your update.

It would seem a great paradox in BK philosophy that the very souls they regard as low, and lowest of the low, are doing the service and self-transformation they dream of doing and may never ever do, though they easily copycat. For example, Professor Dr. Michio Kaku is one of the grand architects of Spring Theory which helps many souls who need to change by enlightenment. Another is Dr. Van Dan Shiva an anti-nuclear activist, or even the Dali Lama.

Which supreme being is guiding the positive movers and shakers around the world who do not read Murlis nor do they look at other souls as sinners who will not be in the Golden Age. Were Pandit Tagore, Jacques Costeau, Carl Sagan, Lewis Thomas, or Swami Yogananda BKs?


Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2017
by ex-l
GuptaRati 6666 wrote:It would seem a great paradox in BK philosophy that the very souls they regard as low, and lowest of the low, are doing the service and self-transformation they dream of doing and may never ever do, though they easily copycat.

Something that stood out to me, from their correspondence was that there was absolutely no sense of humility or "you know, these people actually are raising important issues that we ought to address" ... or "perhaps we have done some wrong", only a sort of condescension and a manipulation of the position to suit themselves first and foremost.

Around the same time Hansa Raval in the USA, latterly supported by Karuna Shetty and others in Mount Abu, had started legal action against us. Actually, she had specifically used the name and offices of the BKWSO in order to start a personal law suit on the grounds of "defamation" because someone here had copied a news story that called her a "kook" for teaching that BKism could cure cancer.

She did not know who was behind the site in order to sue them, their name and address, so she used a bogus "domain name/trademark claim" as a way of exposing them.

Strictly speaking, the BKWSO should not have allowed her to act in such self-interest (defending her reputation) ... but they did revealing themselves.

I asked the BKs via Jayanti - who, let's face it has a direct line to Janki AND "God" (allegedly) - to withdraw the "gun from our head" in order to have some discussion but they would not.

Perhaps they had in mind some kind of 'good cop-bad cop' routine, a carrot and a stick? Whatever it was it only underlined to me what a bunch of vain and supercilious sh*tbags they really were once you scratched the surface.

You be amazed the stuff they allowed their "paid thug" of lawyer to demand and accuse us of, e.g. they demanded to see copies of all my bank statements.

Then when, in discussions, it came out that we knew BK Hansa Raval had secretly married - to defraud the USA visa system - but had then gone on to have an affair with the same BK Brother ... I was appealing to their morality and sense of principles ... they tried to use that against accusing us of blackmailing her!!!

The sh*tbags actually asked us for "evidence" on the basis that they want to "show it to Dadi" ... instead it went right back to her lawyer within a day.

Utter liars and frauds.

What made it even worse was in the years that followed, we discovered that Hansa Raval has been further attempting to defraud the US immigration system gaining visa for highly paid Indian BK IT workers ... who, of course, the BKWSO in the US could milk for donations.

I only found evidence for two such cases ... I presume that there were more and that in other cases she had been successful. Apparently there's a little clique of BKs in Silicon Valley and they do a sort of Indian BK thing where the BK Brothers go out to work and hand their entire wage packets over to the BK sisters-in-charge.

I don't have specific evidence of the later or any knowledge of the extent of it but I was given specific information of the general trend.

The thing is, Hansa Raval was not just an officer of the US Army but an "officer" of the BKWSO and, hence, should hve been upkeeping the highest principles and certainly not have sex.

We also have evidence giving us sufficient grounds raise questions about tax issues too.

Her BK husband was called Simon and after years of working for for the BKs and her for free, increasing the value of her personally owned property and so on, he left with absolutely nothing. His tools and an old car.

She did not even file their divorce papers, so legally they remains married for years after meaning that his next (non-BK) marriage was null and void and putting him in the position of being a bigamist.

This is the character of the person the BKs in Mount Abu backed and allowed to use the law to do mental and financial abuse to us.

Someones like Jayanti or Neville Hodgkinson can hold their noses in the air and pretend they had nothing to do with ... but they never took a moral position or stopped it from happening.

Then they lost the case too.

My guess is that they were all probably crossing their fingers that she would win and telling themselves, "Baba says Victory is assured" etc.

I was told she and the BKWSO in the US also had a part in shutting down the previous ex-BK site called xBKchat.

Was Raval ever censured in any way? It does not seem so.

Did she ever apologise to us ... or the non-BK woman whose marriage and family life she destroy?

Not a chance.

In fact, she used to encourage Simon to leave her and his infant child and come back to the Brahma Kumaris.

Remember, Raval left her own infant child with her first ex-husband to join the BKs in the first place.

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2017
by GuptaRati 6666
No one, an organization nor person can advance very far without humility and honesty. The spiritual path can be a thin line to walk on or wire with respect to honesty and humility, especially humility. Lack of humility in a person and organization can drain it of its acquired spiritual powers and set it or her/him for a huge implosion. Are we talking about Simon Vivian, Janki's scribe who was sent to San Antonio to rescue the service in Texas after Denise and Chandru left for California? I knew Simon.

Hansa I also knew a bit. The Sister who was a high ranking army physician was given the charge by the god-spirit to prepare the Yadavs for their role of creating the Golden Age.

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2017
by ex-l
Yes, the same ones.

And I write in the full knowledge, and with the full responsibility, that if anything I say is untrue, I could be sued again.

But I won't as it is all true.

Hansa Raval not only did the above but more. From the records, it would appear she defraud the tax department over improvements made to the centre property which remained in her name (we have copies of paperwork).

There is obviously confusion in her mind between what is hers and what is the yugyas, or that she considers the yugya to be hers ... but the law in the USA is clear. A trustee or a director of a charity *cannot* use the charity for their own personal gain as she did.

I have nothing but contempt for her ... starting from when she abandoned her infant child with her ex-husband to become a BK. (She could not have risen in the BK ranks without doing so).

The question is ... how on earth can a so called spiritual or Godly "university" support or accept her to do so?

The answer is simple ... primarily money. To a lesser degree, rank in society. She was a "doctor" (actually a pathologist) and had status within the US Army that they could use. "Expediency" (usefulness) again.

She continues to be fetted by the BK in Mount Abu. I would say, again, for the money she drops probably also for the money she brings in by assisting those Indian BK Brothers to get into the USA. I am a little out of date with her conduct now but those are the areas I would looking at.

Someone, sometime ago, also accused of treating hispanic women as basically unpaid servants, virtually slaves, in *her* centre/s ... but I do not know the details of that. I think they reported her name on this forum in the past too.

Like so many others, Simon left the BKs with absolutely nothing for all the years he put in, with her running after him.

Then she "forgot" to file their divorce papers, why? Contempt for US law, or to still keep her hooks in him?

And what of her child, who must be an adult by now, has he ever seen his mother since?

The leadership huddled around her to protect her writing retrospect permission to start the legal action she did.

I do not know the workings of the BK inner circle. Who does accept for them? Do they vote on things democratically, or is it just decided by some Dadi or Dadas ... I don't know but Jayanti did not take a moral or ethical stand against it.

There was never any apology from them for allowing her to do what she did.

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 12 Mar 2017
by GuptaRati 6666
Another Brother, a doctor with roots from the San Antonio center, was also asked to leave the center by Hansa, by orders from Janki by phone. He was also asked to consider his status as a BK.

He could not find a job immediately suitable for his qualifications and Hansa and Janki questioned his credentials. The Brother left, was accepted into an Ivy League University and was granted a fully scholarship for postgraduate studies in medicine by the very US Department that employed Dr. Raval.

He has been grateful to the BKs for their moral and spiritual support during his training in medicine, but has been O.K. in BK language.

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2017
by Mr Green
Dr Ray Bhatt betrayed us I seem to remember.

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 13 Mar 2017
by ex-l
Yes, Dr Ray Bhatt, chair and one of the founders of 'The Janki Foundation' front. An expert in Vitamin B12

Ray Bhatt is one of the most dishonest sh*bags I've ever had the misfortune of meeting. Basically, the only honest thing he said to me was that he considered that he "suffered from delusions of grandeur". Infatuated with Freemasons too.

He told me that Dadi Janki in Mount Abu had asked for evidence and it was to be sent directly to her ... instead it went directly to Hansa Raval and her laywers.

Want a clue why? From the Launch of Janki Foundation in 1997 ...

Launch of Janki Foundation 1997.jpg

But Jayanti still does not come out of all this clean as it's all under her zonal authority (in theory) but she never took a stand against it all.

At the same time the Janki Foundation was starting up, Dr Ray Bhatt was in a stink because a vitamin B12 clinic he ran for 13 years using charitable funding was being shut down because the Westminster and Chelsea Hospital in London questioned its value, saying Dr Bhatt had failed to submit it to proper scientific review and it could not vouch for the safety of his patients. The hospital’s chief executive, David Highton, refused to provide funding and claimed Dr Bhatt’s test procedures were experimental and unethical.

I see the BKs are still using the Janki Foundation as a front, e.g. Still Point-Turning World Retreats to promote themselves to the medical world, and so too individual BKs at small events, e.g. here.

What is going on here ... look at the pretention. That's what gets me. "Still Point-Turning World", probably means "Soul" (still point) and Kalpa Cycle (Turning World).
The retreats have been hosted jointly by The Janki Foundation for Spirituality in Healthcare (UK), Point of Life Foundation (USA), Global Hospital Research Centre (Rajasthan, India), and the Brahma Kumaris (UK, USA, Australia and India).

In other words ...
The retreats have been hosted jointly by The BKs (UK), The BKs (USA), The BKs (Rajasthan, India), and The BKs (UK, USA, Australia and India).

Presumably they are kidding some folks those fronts are all separate ... but they are all BK fronts.

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2017
by GuptaRati 6666
What can Jayanti do? If she tries to throw Shrimat at the unethical, the Shrimat may become stones thrown on the BK glass house or bubble. It is a bubble that will one day burst. Janki will most likely not be around for another 100 years. Who will take her place? Most likely Jayanti. One day a stone or stones, the very jewels of knowledge will hit the BK glass house and shatter it from the inside and like a evacuated bulb it will implode. Who, then, at that time, in the ranks of the BKs will pick up the shards and build a new glass house that is shatter proof because it is made of glass from the fires of honesty and clean hearts? Who among the BKs at that time will raise Hanuman's flag on the highest point of Mount Abu?

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2017
by Pink Panther
Much of this is vanity.

In 100 years none of us alive today, except some of the newborns, will be around. Maybe some grandchildren will have heard our names and have an imaginary image of who that person was, but another generation and we are forgotten. If we reincarnate, then we will have forgotten ourselves. If we don’t reincarnate, same difference.

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2017
by ex-l
I have no idea what the current state of play with Jayanti is, how she is related to by younger or lower ranking BKs, how she relates to and is related to by the BK establishment. She seems to be spending more time in India these days, perhaps they are building up her status over there ... will she move to India to take over from Janki, or just finally retire to India to be looked after like Janki? Who will run the West?

How old is Jayanti now ... in her late 60s? Where else is she going to go and do? Who else is going to pay for her food and rent? I wonder if she is collecting her UK pension?

is not that what it is all going to come down to for the 3rd and 4th generation of BKs ... who gets to live in the big house with the BK servants and taken care of? Or are their ideological struggles between them over who gets to 'steer the ship' how and where?

Presumably the ritual and real estate will be around in one form or another in 100 years, likely much diminished. I suspect if we looked at a demograph of BK adherence it would be top heavy with older people who are not going to be around in 20 years time. They'll be able to milk their estates for a generation or two ... another benefit of having adherents who do not have children, is that the cult is likely to gain all their wealth and property when they die.

Vanity? I think so too ... better at least to expend your life on your own vanity rather than fuel someone else's.

I remember being pumped up by a BK cheerleader, before some big public event, about how we were "on a mission for god". Even back then it felt empty and I was embarrassed by it. It was, and they remain, largely vanity events, a rally to preach to the converted.

But the question of organisational ethics will still reflect and depend upon the wills and integrities of the leadership.

Re: Official Contact with Sister Jayanti BKWSU (UK) - legal

PostPosted: 14 Mar 2017
by ex-l
Oh, and there was no apology nor compensation for the non-BK woman who was victim of Raval's bigamy sting.

So much for "purity", humility and corporate ethics ...