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My experience of 6 years as a BK & then left it (ex-BK now)

05 Feb 2017

Hi, I am creating this thread for sharing my experience with Brahma Kumaris, I joined them six years ago, and not on their path now. The experience was kind of okay, cannot be labelled as good or bad, or right or wrong, because these fours terms "Good/Bad/Right/Wrong" are applicable to off...

Re: Please help friend of a BK

05 Feb 2017

Hi Emily, I was a BK follower for 6 years, not 100% dedicated by almost 70 to 80%. Yes, it is a good spiritual path, but I have left it now. Because I realised that it is just a path of self-cultivation and nothing else. Regarding that parent of your friend, she needs to understand that their God th...

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