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Re: My Story (flirting fishing and sub-centre abuse)

21 May 2019

I surely do recall that lokik business was not to be discussed in the center, though funds from such business activities were used to support service. I do know that some handsome BK bhais can be in for rough sailing when interacting with Sisters, including centers-in-charge. When the Sisters cannot...

Re: My Story (flirting fishing and sub-centre abuse)

17 May 2019

CS1979, Ex-I, and Pink, Thank you for you detailed accounts. They are always great lessons of wisdom. I do not consider my time, money, and energies used for BK work as wasted. There are no expectations of returns from them by me. Karma was part of my way of life and living before my studies of the ...

Re: My Story (flirting fishing and sub-centre abuse)

11 May 2019

Pink, You are right about the BK academics/intellectuals. Their need is driven by emotions. Sure Dr Julia is an MD, which in the European or British academic tradition, is a research post graduate degree attained after qualifying as a doctor or physician. She is also Member of the Royal College of P...

Re: My Story (flirting fishing and sub-centre abuse)

10 May 2019

Pink, You have a jewel of an idea in your many valid ideas; it's about the sevadhari BKs compared to the center-in-charge BKs or the ones who give sweet lectures and are among the jet-set. Most likely the more spiritually advanced are the most humble BKs, not the jet-set ones, who are always having ...

Re: Why I Cannot Believe in the Brahma Kumaris' 5,000 Year C

25 Apr 2019

I did write a response to vlakshmi's post on April 24. My response seemed to have been erased. The post of April 24 has all of the red flags of spiritual free association thinking, very similar to the free association of graduate students. It's great philosophical fluff, but even in BK terms does no...

Re: Save the World through Genocide: BKs & viral mimetic inf

22 Apr 2019

The Rockefeller family was one of the founding members of the United Nations. Guyana was used by the BKs as a ladder to the UN. It's like the game of Snakes and Ladders.

Re: Save the World through Genocide: BKs & viral mimetic inf

22 Apr 2019

Pink, There is no doubt that members of the ruling class in developed and developing countries and the 1% are Satanists. Some for example, in the US Department of Defense, will attend church on a Sunday, return to work on a Monday; release missiles to kill hundreds of civilians in distant countries;...
GuptaRati 6666

Re: Radical Flank Effects

21 Apr 2019

The BKs have been using one vital principle of directed change from classical applied anthropology. It is the support of the IPs and VIP in their mission of global transformation. However, within and external to the BK organization are dissident individuals with social parity with the targeted IPs a...

Re: Save the World through Genocide: BKs & viral mimetic inf

20 Apr 2019

Many members of the ruling class and the 1% in the USA are members of the Skull and Bones Fraternity, which has it home based in a windowless building on the campus Yale University. The late Daddy Bush, George W. Bush, and John Kerry have been documented to be members. Clarence Thomas is most likely...

Re: The End of the World is Coming: BKs Buy More Property

10 Apr 2019

I think that the classics of Jean Shinoda-Bolen, a Jungian psychologist, are instructive.

Her two books: The Goddess in Every Woman and the God In Every Man, provide insights into the deity archetypes in our souls and the ways they are manifested in our lives.
GuptaRati 6666

Re: Madhuban and BapDada Milan Experience

08 Apr 2019

The BKs should have been setting the example for the other communities on Mount Abu.

One example is the practice of being green or ecologically consciousness; the other is applying Golden Age technology to Sangam Yug.

Re: The End of the World is Coming: BKs Buy More Property

04 Apr 2019

It has always seemed odd to me, the ways in which the Murlis would trivialize the roles of the majors players in world history, while elevating some of the BK top brass to highest eminence, and there are no demonstrated credentials to validate such highest eminence. For example Janki, thinking she i...

Re: The End of the World is Coming: BKs Buy More Property

03 Apr 2019

I apologize to Sindhi academics, professionals, and intellectuals. Ex-I, thank you for correcting me. The role of Emperor Ashoka in elevating the care of animals and veterinary medicine, has been recognized globally. Ancient India did make many original contributions to veterinary medicine and surge...

Re: The End of the World is Coming: BKs Buy More Property

02 Apr 2019

Many of the lower class Indian servants of science have been winners of the Nobel Prize. I think of Harish Chandra Bose, Raman, Pandit Tagore, and Salam. Once I was told by Sindhi merchant, a BK, that many Sindhi boys and girls do not pursue careers in medicine and surgery.

Re: The End of the World is Coming: BKs Buy More Property

01 Apr 2019

Pink, Thank you. I never gave up my white coat and surgical greens or surgical colored scrub pajamas for the BK all white pajamas. During my early BK years I followed manmath a read a book called the New Brahmins about physician-scientist, which inspired me to become a clinician and scientist. The P...

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