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Re: Social exclusion study shows neurological link to extrem

07 May 2022

Om Shanti,

Brahma Kumaris are stuck in the past, they have lost leadership ever since Brahma Baba left his body. The Dadis and Didis are further splitting the group and making slaves.

Re: Murli points on Destruction

05 May 2022

Destruction I am not sure when Baba mentioned the name of the atom bomb in the Murli, I am quite sure it is after 1947 and by 1959 there was a hydrogen bomb by Russia. As far as I am concerned, I think Murli was written after 1969 so there was no prediction by Baba. But, looking at the Ukraine war a...

Re: The Story of Virendra Dev Dixit

04 May 2022

Dear Ex Brother, In 2006, he was 89 and now he must be more than 100 years old. I still hear there is a rape charge against him in 2019 too. A person can be sexually active when they are young, but sexually is very little active when they are 100 years old. And I have not seen many rapists at this a...

Re: The Story of Virendra Dev Dixit

04 May 2022

Dear EX Brother Here the Virendra dev did not invest multi-millions, with sofas and marble all over the rooms, with Western paints, doors, and window systems like Sadguru Vasudev, Yoga gurus or Brahma Kumaris, so definitely it looks like a prison for somebody from outside. Besides if there is Destru...

Re: Who will care for you when you become old or terminal il

28 Apr 2022

Dear Brahmins and non Brahmins Om Shanti There is no guarantee your family will take care of you when you have no money, if you have too much money they can fight each other for money too. It's totally your karma or your luck to your experience. Number one is to eat healthy like vegetarian meals and...

Re: Bubbles Chetty blackballed by BKWSU for fraudulent claim

28 Apr 2022

Dear X Thank you soul for bringing up the double standard of Brahma Kumaris, they are behaving like Christian missionaries. If we can achieve peace while practicing Raja Yoga right away then it must follow the science and study. On the other hand, it is depend on the love for the Father and Father's...

Re: The Indian Congress Party & "Dictator" Gandhi

30 Mar 2022

The Congress party looted India more than the British and the Congress party did not respect the poor or created British-style police and corrupt government In India, people do not vote for the Congress party anymore. They fought two wars against Pakistan and they are not non-violent. they oppressed...

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