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well, not really 'shocked' so much as.....

06 Jul 2006

well 'shock' has become surprise simply because alzheimers is a psychiatric disorder that is known to affect those who are mentally inactive - there is a very strong correlation between lack of use of the brain and Alzheimers and this is why I am surprised. Someone as alert as Dadi would not ordinar...

Is this true about Dadiji?

05 Jul 2006

I have been advised that Dadi Prakashmani is seriously ill in hospital, in intensive care in fact. And not expected to pull through. The thing that shocks me is the problem is Alzheimers. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

oh so juicey

05 Jul 2006

Well, I am in agreement with everyone here - but I cannot help feel that we are just going around in circles - or cycles. Maybe its just a really deep habit? But I am with Jamesy - The Power of Now lifted me out of this conundrum almost instantly: I am hearing all your questions ex-l. I spent 5 year...

Books that make a good resource for ex-BKs

03 Jul 2006

Since leaving the BK's I have stumbled upon some books that have been really useful - Gyan is so specific and BK's so pointed in their beliefs that it kills both ones personal ideas and any sense of universality or objectivity. Getting my head out of an indoctrinated belief system and into a 'free f...

Cynical but true - add this

22 Jun 2006

Hi. Well I am back - and I thought the original posting on the money even if resonating with pain and rejection. I would like to add something - something I was thinking about recently is just how contextural Gyan is. That is, 'knowledge' comes to us from a very distinct Indian context, but more spe...

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