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Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

28 Oct 2015

When and where will they stop?

The biggest hurt is when you realize that you have lost your youth and precious years of life following a deception. They crush the inner faith and paralyze the individual's beliefs. You are left with nothing in your life including GOD.

Re: Marriage in jeopardy

17 Oct 2015

Sorry to know the damage caused to both of you. BKism is the most hopeless religion I have ever seen. They teach real husband and wife to become Brother and Sister. And, on the other hand, the surrendered Brother and Sister get married and indulge in to sex and produce children. (The real case of Su...

Re: "No unconditional love in South Asian families"

22 Sep 2015

I know about Brother and Sister of same age (not real but alokik) staying in the center under one roof (only those two) and running the center together. Both ride in one vehicle for seva purpose. I don't know (no one knows) how pure and un-touched they are? Are they following Shrimat and is this all...

Re: Pay for Healthcare & Luxury Spa services at BK Headquart

12 Sep 2015

They are just "testing" themselves with luxury to see if they can still remain soul conscious. Yes ... they have to build up their sanskars right from the present time to enjoy the luxury of SatYuga and remaining soul consciousness at the same time. Scholten_Dadi.jpg Forget about those wh...

Re: Pay for Healthcare & Luxury Spa services at BK Headquart

11 Sep 2015

"a Japanese bath" ... !?!

Wow ... do they want to relate it with the "Gyan snan" (nectar bath) as often appears in the Murlis?

Are they going to add this bath as their Shrimat?

If you don't do this you will not be able to get a high status is heaven

Re: NO guru.

18 Aug 2015

BKs do not have the gurus as such. It is the Shrimat from the BK God which is delivered from the daily Murlis. But, yes, they do have the centre incharges/Senior Sisters, whose words are needed to be obeyed and followed and it is the Shrimat of BK GOD. The one who is disobeying in-charge may be disp...

Re: APJ Abdul Kalam at the Brahma Kumaris

03 Aug 2015


Re: Hi new to this forum

27 Jul 2015

Well some years back he wrote a scathing critical letter to Jayanti

Are you looking for this letter

Re: "I was a regular follower of Brahma Kumaris ..."

25 Jul 2015

They will not bother or care once you are out. They will don't even think of you no matter how many years you given there.

Moreover, you will be called a weak brick which deserve the get out from the organisation. This is what they believe.

Re: AYUSH : Probable Future Source of Income of BKWSU

22 Jul 2015

It's a good point for discussion that how many people are being fed by BKWSU. I assume about 50% of BK Sisters are not that educated to enjoy a respectable career in the normal world. The BKWSU is giving them a much more respectable life compared to the normal world. It’s like a self employment or a...

Re: Brahmakumaris Matrimonial News: Khannas, Blandfords & ot

13 Jul 2015

BK teachings are anti marriage, anti relationship and anti-social.

How come this group is formed? is it an official BK matrimony group ? Please clear the truth behind this group.


Re: BK Brahmins begging impure money from Shudras (Lottery f

03 Jul 2015

If he would have won, then it was Baba's plan to utilize the money in the holy Yagya, Baba is merciful and wanted to use that money for Yagya. It is double standard system. Every thing fits fine. In my town, there was theft in the BK centre. The SS consoled herself and others that, Baba did not want...

Re: The Murli translation and production

01 Jul 2015

Jann - In Sakar Murlis there is always one date, the current date and never it is two. Yes, on Avyakt Vanis there are two dates, one is the current date and the other is the original date of Vani which are edited time and time again as per the present status of the world. The insignificant lines (eg...

Re: Brahma Kumaris target mental health victims ... & are ou

12 Jun 2015

Does being most stable mind or tending towards stability of mind implies that you have to be arrogant, dis-respectful and angry...? For BKs, their leader's stability of mind is nothing but the severe pain to deal with them. The senior children of ocean of love are hardly loveful with the co-bks. The...

Re: BapDada fails to arrive for Foreigners' Seasons 2014?

25 Apr 2015

I think, by now, number of BKs would be more than 9,00,000 including dead ones. They have expanded to near about 120 countries. I think in India alone, there would be more than 9 lac followers. Has BKWSU mentioned that in any of its report? Or are they going to jibber ' Golden Age after 9 lac' chan...

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