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Re: Some BK science ... (Hindi)

03 May 2017

They can speak all rubbish with authority. The confidence comes with the intoxication of BK Meditation. The BK teaching says that only you are wise and knowledgeable souls and the entire world (including scientist, mathematicians, physicists, religions) are foolish in front of you. I wonder why peop...

Re: BK News: Overcrowding Problem in the Subtle Regions

03 May 2017

Jesus remembering father.jpg

Don't forget that the religion founder souls too get to know the real GOD. Give them some time.

But, yes, the end is near ... you should continue giving your free labour, money, gold etc to Yagya.

Re: Other modalities of meditations/philosophies you like

15 Apr 2017

Sukshmbindu ... If you agree to live off other's money, material and labour then BKism is for you. The greedy, arrogant and merciless women gets high status in BKs. If you agree to abandon the normal human love, the urge to become mother, under the name of sacrifice then BKism is for you. If you do ...

Re: BK and corruption - really?

20 Nov 2016

Ques : - Are surrendered Sister in centres allowed to build properties by personal names?

Can one donate the vehicle or property by transferring it to the individual names who is running the centre or centre-in-charges?

Please clarify.


Re: BK knowledge is meant for real indians

15 Mar 2016

Pakka Brahmakumar, The BKism is stolen format of Hinduism. They picked up certain aspects of Hinduism and made a new dish to sell it out in the market. Hinduism encourages to get married, but BKism discourage it to hook young individuals to do business for them. They left out alone without family an...

Re: Buying property

24 Dec 2015

IMG-20151224-WA0046.jpg (17.86 KiB) Viewed 25847 times

Re: Marriage in jeopardy

14 Dec 2015

B.P, we write here for people who read here, not for those who don’t. I seen many Sisters who work as juniors in the centres are not aware about the reality. They just follow the SS under the Shrimat of "Haji" (Yes madam). After the long course of time some of them feel that they are trap...

Re: Gyan everywhere

12 Dec 2015

(approx - Kaliyankakahar, I think).


Re: Gyan everywhere

12 Dec 2015

Agreed ... Gyan is everywhere.


Under the mask of Gyan there is agyan, confusion, manipulation, self-appraisal, deception, cheating in the Brahmakumaris :D.

Re: Marriage in jeopardy

10 Dec 2015

Great analysis pink. But who cares...? In India, 3/4 th of the Centre-in-Charges are not even well educated to understand this. They are flowed away in the stream of Baba's love and only know how to pull the innocents into this stream. They do not even know how many lives they have spoiled and destr...

Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

03 Dec 2015

clearofBK- did you find out how many lives the BKs have destroyed?

Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

26 Nov 2015

Clearofbk has "tailormade" the BKism to fit his own life and perhaps using its teaching to ease his life's challenges. There is no "half way" or "selective good" in it. If you accept BKism partially, and not getting completely into the BK system then you are agreeing to...

Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

16 Nov 2015

1. Yes BapDada did speak of destruction to have happened in 1976 but it did not happen because Brahmins were not ready. After that there was no mention of destruction ever again. This statement is totally ridiculous and a whitewash. In my days (1996 to 2010), there was great emphasis on Destruction...

Re: Who created Shiv Baba

14 Nov 2015

What you can say about that religion which stops you to eat even the most nourished, vegetarian food served with love from your near and dear ones?

Who created such "Shiv Baba" ?

Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

03 Nov 2015

Congratulations Mann. When I really feel happy for your courageous and wise decisions, at the same time i am interested to know the reactions of your Seniors. Did they threaten you for the future consequences or did they relieved you happily with good wishes for your future? I don't think they might...

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