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BK threaten child while centres illegally occupy playgrounds

04 Jun 2014

The Brahma Kumaris illegally detained a child in Mumbai for two hours and attempted to have him arrested by police for trespass after he entering while land used for a BKWSU ashram ... to retrieve a cricket ball. Some teenage boys had been playing cricket on a Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai...

Brahma Kumari Flirty Fishing? BKs land property & legal case

20 Oct 2012

A typical case of Brahma Kumari "flirty Fishing" lands the BKs another free property but also drags them in a court case involving the 79 year old founder of a Billion Pound business empire. By no means the first court case involving the BKWSU and property issues. From The Times of India, ...

God fails to show as BKs waste $1000s but accounts required!

15 Oct 2012

2200 Western BKs waste $1000s on air fares and travel, spending their work holidays on the official annual pilgrimage, as "God" announces he is not going to make a personal appearance at the mass seances held at the Brahma Kumaris Mount Abu headquarters. Dadi Gulzar-15-10-12.pdf Following ...

BK Archives Project (March to May 2010 report to RCOs)

14 Jan 2012

For those individuals interested in the ongoing efforts of historical revision within the BKWSU, Brahma Kumari Dr Wendy Sargent produced the following report ' BK Archives Project (March to May 2010 report to Regional Coordinating Offices) '. Dr_Wendy_Sargent_report-2010.doc BK Wendy Sargent died on...
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Om Mandli Bhaibund Committee Report 1938

07 Jan 2012

From: 1938 Bhaibund Om Mandli Report & latest BK History Revision . In academia, the BKWSU has been described as predating the New Age movement and has managed to avoided being classified as a cult, along with other extreme religions now generally known as "new religious movements", as...

Indian Ministry of Human Resource Development dumps BKWSU

05 Dec 2011

No Brahma Kumaris, HRD wants Ramakrishna Mission Interviewing to put an end to the tie-up between the Brahma Kumari organisation and the Central Board of Secondary Education (Kendriya Vidyalayas) for value education lessons after an Indian Express report on the issue, the Indian Ministry of Human R...

Director of Public Prosecution Asks for Special Cult Laws

07 Nov 2011

Director of Public Prosecution Asks for Special Cult Laws Silver Age's chief prosecutor Stephen Pallaras is calling for new laws to thwart the rise of cults across the nation. Mr Pallaras says a new approach by law-makers needs to address the "mental damage and mental harm" caused by cult...

BKWSU admits published history is not true & must be hidden

03 Oct 2011

The so called Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University admits that its published history is not true and must be hidden from the general public. For over 30 years, the Brahma Kumaris have promoted a false history of their founder and organization to newcomers and would be adherents West, a rich sou...
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BK Leadership Bans Truthseekers within the BKWSU

22 May 2011

The Brahma Kumaris Management Board has ruled that BK centres are not to show a dramatised version of the movement's history which lifts the lid on the false history they have peddled to outsiders and academics for decades. A group of sincere Brahma Kumari followers, dedicated to seeking the truth, ...
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Brahma Kumaris Out of Schools

03 Nov 2010

No Brahma Kumaris, Human Resource Development Ministery wants Ramakrishna Mission The end to a tie-up between the Brahma Kumari organisation and Kendriya Vidyalayas for value education lessons after an Indian Express report on the issue (also here ). The Human Resource Development Ministry is set to...
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Another BKWSU Sex Scandal & Pay Off in Nepal

03 Nov 2010

rajyog.jpg Police raided a Brahma Kumari centre in Nepal following reports of a six month old sex scandal. A group of women police from Kalimati and Durbarg Marg raided the Thamel RajYoga centre at 10 am in the morning. One of the Brahma Kumaris called Lakshmi reported that she was sexually assault...
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700 Protest against Brahma Kumaris in Poland

03 Nov 2010

In Poland, 700 people came together to protest against the Brahma Kumaris property expansion programme, this time in Poland where a controversy had arisen over the use of municipal land by the cult. Strangely, for a millenarianist cult whose God has been predicting the End of the World they call &qu...

Brahma Kumari Directors Conspire to Sabotage Critic's Career

13 Apr 2010

Statement 31.03.2010 Warsaw To whom it may concern. Statement As a result of acts performed by unknown to me persons, my name and surname have been recently been repeatedly associated to the Brahma Kumaris, an organization that since 15.01.1990 has been registered in the Ministry of Internal Affair...

Locals Complain, BKWSU Property Portfolio Suffers.

11 Sep 2009

From the Messenger Newspaper . The Brahma Kumaris international property portfolio acquisition campaign has suffered a set back. The religion's leaders, who encourage their adherents to believe in an imminent and desirable End of the World called "Destruction", during which all continents ...

Your Taxes, their Golden Age: funding the end of the World

21 Jun 2009

Since their earliest days, when adherents demanded compensation from the British Government for the loss of properties during The Partition of India and handed over the rewards to their sect leader millionaire Lekhraj Kirpalani, the Brahma Kumaris have never been shy to go looking for hand outs; bu...

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