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Re: Brahma Kumari Shivani and Psychic Attacks

19 Feb 2023

Om Shanti Dr Shivani is not evil person, she like to be a leader and make servants for her by advising the people beyond Brahma Kumari. Mainly she acts like a psychologist, or a person who promotes mindfulness. Basically, she had nothing to do with the fundamental system of Brahma Kumaras, she is a ...

Re: Vimans, Flying Cars, or Flying Carpets

13 Dec 2022

Regarding modern technology in Rama rajya (coming) On the PBK name, Sati has shown some Sakar revised Murli stating that some of the scientists will enter ramarajya and they will develop aeroplanes build of atomic energy which can be used even by children and energy will never run out or it will ne...

Re: How to make quotes, lists, edit, add user icon, video et

13 Dec 2022

Om Shanti
look like i am figuring out how the quote is working

Re: After Raj Yoga, Can There be ANY Faith?

12 Sep 2022

If nothing happens by 2037, Baba will say the year starts in 1937 or 1969, then He will say there was no Murli in 1037 how can he create heaven without completing 100 years? Then one-day Baba passes away then the children will say wait for the reincarnation like sai Baba, Now I remember Jesus if he ...

Pre and Post Raja Yogi

11 Sep 2022

First of all, I have never surrendered myself as a BK, Reason I was diagnosed with depression possible that bipolar without mania. So although I found the theory of Raja Yoga super interesting, I could never feel my soul consciousness so I did not bow to any teacher or Madhubhan. The Murli says you ...

Re: Karma, Why did Islam ivade bharath and gave sorrow

11 Sep 2022

This sounds like Muhammed had sex with his sibling, I cannot see people having free from sex lust overnight, and the teaching says you will become free from sex lust in the end. And they expect you to be celebrating and not get angry and not get attached. But only in the end do you become perfect. S...

Remembering Supreme Soul

11 Sep 2022

The Murli ( both BK or PBKs) states that you should forget the body and remember the Supreme Soul When you try to remember an invisible it will make you absent-minded, and you cannot simultaneously remember the Supreme Soul, and soul and be aware of your body and its duty. On the other side, knowled...

Re: Karma. Why did Islam Invade Bharath and Give Sorrow

11 Sep 2022

The Murli says, if you give sorrow you get sorrow in return, Or if you give peace you get peace in return. So Bharat and Hindus must have given so much sorrow to the east India company, Otherwise, according to karma how can the east India company give sorrow to Bharath? In history, we do not see any...

Karma. Why did Islam Invade Bharath and Give Sorrow

11 Sep 2022

According to karma Bharath must have invaded Islam and given sorrow to Islam, so Islam came back and give sorrow to Bharath Why did Ravan give sorrow to Bharath? Bharath must have given sorrow Rama must have given sorrow to Ravana and according to karma Ravan give back sorrow to Rama Why did black p...

Re: Who will care for you when you become old or terminal il

29 Jul 2022

That is a meaningless question, some fools invested their life long earning and surrendered, for those fools it is true. But in the real world, we do not know when the American housing buble crises happens, we do not know when dollar collapses. We do not know if America will fight for Taiwan when Ch...

Re: New forum for BK/PBK followers

16 May 2022

Babas prediction is coming closer The Yadhava Western Europe, and Buddhist (China, Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, Philippines), and Russia. The war in Ukraine has already started and the ego of the Russians is very true. The battle for Taiwan is almost ready *(Buddhists are also called Yadhava by Baba...

Re: Gems of knowledge (Murli Points) for churning.

16 May 2022

Good question; not only the Murli before 1951 are unavailable but i have still to come across any Murli prior to the demise of Mamaa Saraswati in june 1965; I have asked many of my BK and PBK friends about the reason why the Murlis prior to june 1965 are not available; but nobody seems to know; I h...

Re: Dalai Lama to Jayanti Kirpalani ... its not "working".

11 May 2022

The Dalai Lama is a fake spiritual leader like Jayanti.

Re: Child Abuse & the BKWSU VI

10 May 2022

Om Shanti Indian media will not publish any bad news about the Brahma Kumaris, because the Brahma Kumaris give advertisements to these media. About controlling sex lust, it is an individual choice. You can choose to have a sexually oriented life or sexless life. It is totally your individual right, ...

Re: Bubbles Chetty blackballed by BKWSU for fraudulent claim

08 May 2022

Om Shanti

Dear Brother, I am never in touch with any BK or PBK. I practice at home using websites and videos. When I tried to E-mail them they are not responding. The PBKs looks highly unorganized and not informed properly or connected through websites like youtube or WhatsApp or Facebook.

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