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Meditation Experiences

18 Apr 2024

So I am a person who begins a sentence with so! But that apart I have a Scientific academic background and first discovered the BKs in around 1978 ish I think in London. I did The Knowledge (I was about 19) in a few days solid so it did not imbibe but I found it interesting. (I later did it again so...

Re: Spacecraft plunges into Saturn & other BK science proble

05 Aug 2021

The answer is quite simple. This world we live in is indeed illusion as the BKs say. We are not real and are a computer simulation. This is the only explanation I have. A simpler one is that the BK philosophy is all wrong.

Re: Ex BK feelings

04 Aug 2021

Haven't been with them for 20 years now. Still in my heart though.

Ex BK feelings

28 Jul 2021

I say I am an ex-BK but I am not a surrendered one. I could never accept the 5000 years cycle and never went to Madhuban on the yearly pilgrimage. I did however swallow all of The Knowledge pretty well and loved the meditations and people. At one time I was told by the centre Sister that if I did no...

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