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Re: BKs have announced new figureheads; Ratan Mohini & Ishu

04 Apr 2020

ex-l wrote:Ishu Dadi's Sister was called Lachu, and she was also an early treasurer of Yagya.

As far as I remember Lachu was the Sister who used to set up the Bhog in front of Gulzar when she was sitting preparing to channel the BapDada. She was short and slim. Died years ago.

Re: Dadi Janki's death

03 Apr 2020

This came in today: Dear family, Please accept hearty Godly love and remembrances from your unlimited home, Madhuban. After Dadi Janki's ascension to the angelic realm, a meeting of the Management Committee of PBKIVV was convened on 30 March 2020. After paying respect to Dadi Janki with 2-minutes of...

Re: BKs fear mongering on Corona virus pandemic

31 Mar 2020

Once again they believe that destruction is around the corner. To Dear Brahmin Family of Bharat and Abroad, Loveful greetings. Thanks to BapDada that the Brahmin Family is under the protective canopy of BapDada in the present critical times of COVID-19. Dadi Janki has also ascended to the angelic re...

Dadi Janki's death

26 Mar 2020

This was in an email received today:
Om Shanti dear Brothers and Sisters,

We just received the news that Dadi Janki left the body at 1:30 am India time ...

Re: More Whitewashed History: BK service in the USA movie

19 Mar 2019

Pink Panther wrote:I couldn't watch the video in the OP of this thread, it made me feel nauseous...

I only watched the first few minutes and got sick ...

Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

29 Oct 2017


Re: BK Centre Co-ordinator Leaves after 34 years

14 Oct 2017

He was not National Coordinator but running a small centre.

I know him well and was witness to his exiting process. If you would you might have a more nuanced opinion of him.

I think he deserves congratulations.

Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

15 May 2017

... there's a voice warning me of darkness, depression and gloom if I do leave the center. When I decided to leave the center where I was surrendered I was also warned about the gloom of the outside world. What I found, however, was a world full of nice people. My work place feels more like a famil...

Re: Baba Milan - Crazy Facts

12 Apr 2017

A day or two before the meeting Nirwair sent a message informing that Gulzar Dadi was hospitalized in Ahmedabad and not allowed by her doctors to travel to Shantivan.

Re: Experiences of those surrendered, living at the center?

09 Apr 2017

I feel sorry for you Mann. I left 8 years ago. I have kept a few friends there and have visited centers occasionally but never felt a pull to join back. Like you, I had a hard time with the lies and hypocrisy. My biggest relief was from not having to suppress my conscience anymore. It took a few yea...

Re: BKs Sister Jayanti ... more Destruction revisionism

19 Sep 2016

When I read Eugene's account of his dealings with the BK clan as he was trying to get them to adopt a proper child protection policy (after he had been informed about a young girl who had been sexually abused in Madhuban), I was appalled by Jayanti's responses to him, her blatant lies, hypocrisy, di...

Re: BK Denise Lawrence on Morality and Ethics

19 Apr 2016

Denise's Brother, Anthony, is pretty well off. He used to live in Toronto (Canada) and then moved to the UK where he was residing at or around the Oxford retreat mansion where he was hanging around Neville and others. As far as I know he sold his property in Toronto for over $1 million and donated t...

Re: BKs use Texas University Claim Again

22 Mar 2016

I knew BKs who had more powerful experiences with non BK gurus than they had with the Dadis or BapDada.

Re: Reincarnation & ‘sanskaras' or genetic memory?

16 Feb 2016

Very interesting information!
Thanks for that Pink Panther!

Re: Buying property

07 Nov 2015

All that wealth and luxuries ... disgusting!

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