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Forum Possibly Offline Due to Server Migration

28 Sep 2021

Warning and Apology in Advance.

Due to a forthcoming server migration, the forum may be offline for anything to up 48hrs.

September/October 2021

BrahmaKumaris.Info: Subject to Internet Censorship & Hacking

05 Aug 2018

BrahmaKumaris.Info is currently being subject to internet censorship, again. This is not the first time it has happened. It is something we monitor and when it is drawn to our attention, we contact the companies involved and fight to remove it. Generally it has taken the form of placing BrahmaKumari...

Virender Dev Dixit: Public Interest Litigation

22 Jan 2018

This is a copy of the 'Public Interest Litigation' filed on behalf of Seema Sharma's Foundation for Social Empowerment against Virender Dev Dixit and others. IN THE HIGH COURT OF Delhi AT NEW Delhi PUBLIC INTEREST LITIGATION (CIVIL ORIGINAL JURISDICTION) Writ Petition (Civil) No. ___...

To BK Shivani Didi

11 Jan 2017

Examples of how the BKs exploit vulnerable individuals and Bhakti (devotional) mentality using BK Shivani videos, and increasingly the concept of "blessings". Om Shanti Didi From childhood till date i hv been insulted by everyone stating that i am a useless.i do not use my brain.i decided ...

Brahma Kumaris Info 10th Anniversary

24 May 2016

Following downtime due to our server migration problems , Brahma Kumaris Info is now back online and celebrating its tenth year in operation. Brahma Kumaris Info domain was first registered in March 2006 and went online as a information based website soon afterwards. At the time, the ex-BK and 'fri...

Re: Server migration notice: Expect forum to be offline

24 May 2016

The forum is now back online. Apologies for the delay, and any further temporary glitches in the short term while minor problems are bug fixed. It was due to circumstances beyond our control at the web host. Not all features are re-enabled yet but they will be added as time allows, along with other ...

Re: Server migration notice: Expect forum to be offline

29 Apr 2016

Migration is scheduled to happen tomorrow 30th April.

The website may be offline, or the site's features incomplete for a few days.

Server migration notice

25 Apr 2016

Our apologies.

Due to events beyond our control (upgrades at the forum's web host), the forum and website may be offline for some time or face technical issue over the next few days.

Thank you

Re: Statistics: One Million page views, one thousand members

11 Oct 2015

Update October 2015
Members: 2368
Peak daily bandwidth: 9,500 MB
Average daily bandwitdh: 3,000 MB

Unfortunately, the current hosting account does not keep detailed statistics.

Screen shot 2015-10-11 at 11.01.31.jpg
Monthly bandwidth comparison
Screen shot 2015-10-11 at 11.01.31.jpg (55.24 KiB) Viewed 17515 times

Hindi speakers/writers wanted for Hindi/Indian language site

31 Mar 2015

Hindi speakers/writers/translators are wanted for a new Hindi/Indian language section for this website, exposing the Truth about BK Meditation and the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University to Indians in their own languages. If anyone is interested in coordinating a campaign in India with the aim...

Re: BKWSU Australia; $25 millions assets, $1m per year and .

11 Mar 2015

A public email, sent to many high ranking BKs, was received from an Australian BK who was apparently told by the god of the BKs that he was "the instrument to bring the end of the world sooner". FYI AS ALWAYS PLEASE FORGIVE ME & INFORM ME IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO RECIEVE MY SERVICE EFFORT...

Re: Brahma Kumari followers on Facebook

04 Oct 2014

Member 'clearofBK' edited previously as ' clearernow ' and ' moreclearnow '. See topic: Clearernow Moreclearnow . Clearernow aka Moreclearnow's second account has now also been deactivated until they offer to provide a practical service to either other BKs or this forum. A deactivation is not the s...

A question from the wife of a BK adherent

01 May 2014

A question to the site Admin received from the wife of a BK adherent ...
****** wrote:
I would like to know how I can get my husband to know the real truth about the BK, that they are a cult and out to break his relations with his family.

"High Alert Regarding a anti brahmakumaris site"

14 Sep 2013

Brahma_Kumaris_secrecy.jpg The following email was received from a concerned BK supporter who seemed to have mixed up their email address and sent to us a report meant for BKWSU leaders. A useful example of the typical response of Brahma Kumari supporters to this website. In a fight against the pri...

Re: बीके हत्या की जांच किडनैप BK Kidnap murder investigation

18 Jul 2013

See comment here; Clearernow Moreclearnow

For the sake of our readers, would contributors please attempt to keep 'on topic' as much as possible and where they wish to discuss other matters, start a new topic.

Thank you.

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