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Re: Dalai Lama to Jayanti Kirpalani ... its not "working".

15 Nov 2008

These people are such a fake! They exaggerate everything to get into the news. Hey, they even made it to the Washington Post.


Re: BKs back best-selling, bed-sharing Brahma Kumari Subirana

15 Nov 2008

Gosh, talking about money making business! Look at the price of this book: Not sure if this appropriate for this topic's trend but It is obvious the Brahma Kumaris is a business. Be the first to rate it?

Re: The Brahma Kumaris make your penis shrink

12 Nov 2008

I could not refrain myself from posting this article that just came out. I figure we need to be fair in reporting all research done that pertains to the formal comportment of the members of this cult. Excess amount of coffee is consumed by many of the members of this cult. Voilà ... http://www.glamo...

Re: BK Controversies

11 Nov 2008


Re: The Sixth Element - more BKWSU co-prosperity?

10 Nov 2008

Talking about the Baharain Center ... here is some information I just received: Clear Thinking - Bro. BK Mike George - 8/11/08 Weekly Reflections from the Bahrain Meditation Center The Rules of the Game – Part I During the last two weeks we have been exploring and exposing our escape routes into the...

Re: Brahma Kumaris teach "Secret to Abundance" in Luxury Hotels

10 Nov 2008

Kirplani is visiting the Philippines for the fifth time this week to speak on “The Secret Laws of Abundance” in a public program to be held on Nov. 10, 7 p.m., at the ballroom of the Mandarin Hotel in Makati. Good grief! Visiting the Philippines for the "fifth time" this week! This is jus...

Re: Congratulations to Obama

10 Nov 2008

The center from which I came claims that BKs should not be in karmas with politics, therefore Brahmins are not to vote. However, when I talked to one of the students from USA, she was surprised when I commented about that. She was told differently. She was told to vote Democrat. Apparently they chan...

Re: Enrique Simó Kadletz - mas BKWSU co-prosperidad?

09 Nov 2008

People in the system seem to feel obliged to run after her, to cook and clean for her while she promotes her own self and secures her future. I was one of those people in the system. That is exactly what I did during the many years I wasted with this cult. That is what everyone else under any of th...

Re: Enrique Simó Kadletz - mas BKWSU co-prosperidad?

09 Nov 2008

Let us be careful not to mess around with this Miriam ... she is one of Janki's protected favorite!

Re: Film of "God" speaking to the BKs through & leaving the medi

09 Nov 2008

Gosh, I am so glad I am not part of this scheme any more! Poor people entangled in this web of illusion! And to think not too much is done by governments to avoid or control these kinds of cultish groups.

Re: Is it against 'The Principles for BKs to sell The Knowledge?

06 Nov 2008

Of course the BK's sell The Knowledge! I was told to tell the students who requested copies of the Murli that they can receive it from the regional office for $150 a year. Yet, one needs to be on their good side or else they can also deny one from even buying it.

Re: The Sixth Element - More BKWSU co-prosperity?

01 Nov 2008

I don't know about you guys, but I met that girl in Madhuban a few years ago and she was wearing a sari.

Look at the image of the closed eyes (Kazemaru from Japan) and Baba's Rock in Madhuban.

Re: Warning: Muggers in Mount Abu

21 Oct 2008

Indeed, I wish I could write this in huge fonts for the whole world to know: BE ALERT OF THESE MUGGERS! They seize and drag their preys into their waters where they drown and devour them at leisure.


18 Oct 2008

This note is for the administrator of this forum. I just read this post about "triple ex-BK jokes" and it did not impress me very well. If I were a person whose intention was to find out in more details about the BKWSU, I would not take seriously what anyone was stating in this forum. Thu...

Re: Teenager faces prosecution for calling Scientology a "cult"

28 Aug 2008

Brahma Kumaris is a cult, indeed!

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