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I am tangentially associated with the BKs. I got the "Gyan" in Feb/Mar 2016. Of a total class of about 50 at the start of week 1, about 6 to 9 remained at the end of week 6. I stayed through the course and listened to the opinions provided. I moved to San Francisco and visit the SF BK center each weekend. I am not very strongly attached to the BKs but my wife has found some solace among the Sisters there and is trying to work out some personal grief. My 5 your old regularly accompanies her/us to the center.

Through all this, I have tried to maintain equanimity towards BK doctrine and the Murlis... but as time passes, I am realizing that my motives (to live a loving, warm full life and help my fellow beings as much as I can) may not be "Shrimat" certified. I am also worried about any influence conscious or subconscious that BKism might be having on my young daughter.
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