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I came here as a firm BK believer of more than 20 years of BK life. I had seen a lot of the dark side of the BK organization but believed that God was behind it and that he would eventually put it right.
I had come here to check out an information given by a friend. I was shocked learning the details. I was interested to know more about the truth. At that point of my BK life I had had enough of the secrecy, the cover ups and the hypocrisy and I thought it was enough of burying my head in the sand.
I browsed quickly through the Forum and found some of the views a bit extreme. I thought I would join into the discussions and express the views of a firm yet moderate BK. I quickly found out that we had been lied to about a most fundamental aspect of the BK history, that is the coming of God Shiva in Dada Lekraj in 1936, and that there was no concept of Shiva in the BK teaching until 1950 or so. That was an eye opener and enough evidence for me to allow myself to question my beliefs.
I am very grateful to all those here who contributed to this important turn around in my life.
Yes, I wish to remain entirely anonymous

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