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The Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University (BKWSU) refuse public access to the channelled messages from God, called ‘Murlis’ or ‘Vanis’, that make up their core teachings. Instead these are kept hidden behind obscure, password-protected and encypted websites. Recently not just non-BKs but often loyal followers are often refused offsite access to them. Emailing Murlis to associates is discouraged.

Until a set of complete versions can be documented, here are presented summarized versions of what the BKWSU now calls “Avyakt Murlis”. ‘Avyakt’ means angelic and ‘murli’ means flute, as in the ‘flute of Krishna’. These channelled messages are speeches given by “Avyakt BapDada” to the “students” of the BKWSU at its headquarters in Mount Abu, Rajasthan. Further notes as to how and why these have been summarized can be found here and it is hoped that this collection will be added to and completed shortly.

Sakar and Avyakt Murlis

Originally, and perhaps more accurately, called “Avyakt Vanis” or ‘angelic versions’ these are considered to be God’s actual words, and not just Godly inspired. Some dispute amongst BKs exists as to whether these are the words of God, the channelled entity known as Shiva by the BKWSU, or merely the words of their deceased founder who is now believed to be perfect and the highest angel.

Prior to his death, it is believed that God Shiva spoke directly through the medium of Lekhraj Kripalani and the messages were called “Sakar Murlis”. Copies of a growing number of these original messages, different in nature and content are; here, for comparison.

Who is Avyakt BapDada?

“Avyakt BapDada” is the name given to what the BKWSU believed is the combined form of their deceased founder, Lehkraj Kirpalani, or “Brahma Baba” as they now call him, and the spiritual entity that he named as “Shiva”, claimed to be the ‘Supreme Soul’ or “God”. “Bap and Dada” equating to the Father of the BKWSU and the God Father. Whereas Kirpalani was the original medium for spiritual entity called Shiva, he (or they) speak since 1969 via trance channelling through the physical body (“chariot”) of a senior sister, and primary trance medium of the BKWSU, called Hirday Mohini or “Dadi Gulzar”, as happening pictured above.

BK Beliefs

Finally, in order to understand these writings, some background on the beliefs of the BKWSU will be helpful. It is not necessary to accept all these beliefs to find benefit in the teachings.

Key BKWSU beliefs include:

    • we are not bodies but divine eternal souls who take on a series of bodies temporarily, i.e. reincarnation.
    • there is divine justice through the universal law of karma.
    • God has come to give the BKs (“students” or members of the BKWSU) divine instructions (Shrimat) through their founder Lekhraj Kirpalani, a.k.a. “Brahma Baba”.
    • time repeats in a 5000 year cycle or kalpa.
    • all religions of the world are branches of the world tree of which the Hindu culture, rooted in the original deity religion, is the trunk. The BKs are the roots and God a.k.a. Shiva is the seed.
    • we are now at the end of a cycle, i.e. the end of the Iron Age. The world will shortly go through a process of physical destruction through natural and man made catastrophe, including Nuclear War between Russia and America, in which most of the human race will die (leave their bodies). Following which the planet will be transformed into a fresh new perfect world, the start of the Golden Age of the next cycle. A heaven on earth. This new Cycle then repeats downwards through Golden, Silver, Copper and Iron Ages, as humanity become increasingly mired in material things and loses sight of its original spirituality and inherent virtue. The BKs believe we are now living in “hell on earth”.
    • the merging of the old Iron Age into the next Golden Age is a short period called the Confluence Age or Diamond Age. At this time (i.e. now) there is an acceleration of spirituality through certain souls (BKs only) to bring about the purification and cleansing of the world which is required to transform the old decadent hellish Iron Aged world into the new heavenly Golden Aged world.
    • at the end of each cycle (i.e. very soon) all outstanding karmic debts are settled by Dharamraj (“the King of Righteousness”), in other words Judgement Day. Each soul is thus purified and returns to the soul world (a.k.a Paramdham), awaiting their first rebirth in the next cycle.
    • only BKs will incarnate at the start of the new cycle (i.e. Golden Ageed heaven on earth, i.e. paradise). All other souls take their first births later on in the cycle. The religious founder such as Christ and Mohammed been excluded from heavenly experience.
    • the role of BKs now is to reveal God and God’s teachings to the world and thus prepare the rest of humanity spiritually for the coming Destruction/transformation.
    • every BK has to surrender to God Shiva. Through study and “churning” of BK knowledge, yoga with Shiva (BK Raja Yoga meditation – taught by the BKWSU), inculcation of virtues and by serving others they will become angelic and God-like (and thus fit to reincarnate in the coming paradise). The BKs aim to become, in this life, so perfect that they do not suffer any purgatory at Dharamraj.

Trance Mediumship
Mediumship is practised in a number of forms by the BKWSU. As understood, the process of trance mediumship happens in the following manner;

    • a date is set in advance and the spirit or spirits depending on one’s belief is called.
    • the medium BK Gulzar is prepared, bathed and dressed in new clothes.
    • many thousands of BK assemble and the medium is lead onto a throne, or guddhi, on the stage.
    • the medium goes into trance and says she loses consciousness entirely and leaves her body to be suspended without hearing or sensing the channelling.
    • the channelled spirit enters her body with a jerk, the features of her face, voice and movements change.
    • the Avyakt message is spoken and groups of BKs met and given encouragement.
    • the spirit is sometimes fed.
    • after speaking the spirit, or spirits, leave with another jerk and the medium returns to her own body and full consciousness but not knowing anything of the time that passed.

Whilst speaking, the messages are broadcast via securely encrypted audio-video channels to BK centers, recorded, transcripted and translated. They are then distributed to BKWSU centers world-wide. “God” speaks a middle class Hindi with a few English words.

At other times, BKWSU trance mediums will allegedly leave their bodies to spiritual travel to the “Angelic” or “Subtle Regions” to meet with the deceased Lekhraj Kripalani and take instructions over service plans or be generally inspired. Trance messaging used to be a widespread practise and each Thursday morning the local center-in-charge would go into trance to receive a vision whilst offering food to Shiva in an simple ritual. Mostly, this practise has been stoped due to, it is understood, problems arising from individuals adding their own interpretations. In the early history of the BKWSU, trance messengers called ‘sandeshputris’ were used widely to establish and clarify elements of the knowledge and God Shiva spoke through a number of different individual including, it is said Lekhraj Kripalanis partner Sevak Ram.